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1. I came to realize this morning that I have begun putting blogging on some sort of a pedestal – maybe comparable to a job responsibility or something.  This fact came to me at 5:30am when Matt woke me up and I said “Oh, thanks… I have to get up and do Five on Friday…”  🙂

Then, I felt silly about feeling that responsibility, recognizing that this isn’t a job…

But THEN… I remembered that the more I post on my blog (photography business blog, mind you), the more Google will recommend me to its friends… in the form of people searching for newborn photographers in my area.  So now I can abolish any goofiness I may feel regarding my desire to blog every. day.


2. Do you watch Friday Night Lights?  I have loved it since it started.  I can’t quite put my finger on why I love it but I think it may be a combination of the emotional, raw quality of the filming and the fact that it is a show Matt wants to watch with me.

At any rate, next week is the last episode.  And that makes me very, very sad.  If you do watch it, do you think the Lions will win State?  Do you think Coach Taylor will stay in Texas?  I’m so sad.

3. Guess what I’m learnin’ to do this weekend?

Crochet! I purchased some wonderful patterns on Etsy.com at BubblegirlKnits and SpeckledFrog and I can’t wait to learn…

And last night Matt gifted me an hour and a half  away from our sick-house,  to go to our local yarn store so I could pick out some fun yarn to make into NEWBORN HATS!   There, I met a very nice gal who helped fuel what I’m sure is to become a very useful, and addictive, hobby.

I couldn’t help but get the best for my teeny tiny clients… Baby Alpaca fur anyone??  How about some handspun Banana Silk?

4. I sure miss my 3 hour break in the day, courtesy of nap-time.  The other day I had all three boys down for a nap and I wanted to sing Hallelujah!!!  I put Kaden down, then read G&C a story and got them down.

I bustled around the house picking up odds and ends so that I could enjoy my Mama-time, guilt free.  I opened the front door, stepped out on the the porch and breathed in the fresh-air.

I was just about to sit down to soak in the beautiful day and to read PW Cooks when Kaden woke up.  He was just too snotty to sleep.  So, he joined me on  the front porch and climbed up and down the steps for an hour.

5.  This goes without saying, I’m sure, especially to any Mama reading  this post.  But, it is HARD to be a sick Mama with sick Kids.  I’ve narrowed it down to 3 main reasons why this is:

  • They want to be carried everywhere.  But, so do I.  And that just doesn’t work out positively for any of us.
  • It is really a challenge to get a sick baby down for a nap, when I can’t stop coughing.  I can only choke and gag on the tickle in my throat for so long before I have to let loose.  Kaden doesn’t appreciate that much, and just like a yawn is contagious, so is coughing.  As soon as I start, he does, too.
  • I lost my voice and my ears were plugged.  The boys’ lost their voices and their ears were plugged.  Lost voices leads to quiet talking (which I usually encourage!) but pairing that with plugged ears… equals no one can hear each other.   And that leads to repeating and that leads to losing voices even more.  Not to mention major frustration for all parties involved.

But, on a positive note… my stomach muscles feel like I’ve done about a thousand sit-ups, thanks to all of my coughing.  Its all about finding the silver-lining…

I pray you have a HEALTHY weekend!  See ya’ll on the other side (ie. Monday).

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  • Melissa - Love the yarn Lace! I am glad that you made it down there…FUN! I hope you all feel better soon:-)ReplyCancel

  • Mom - What beautiful yarn! It’ll be a pleasure using them to teach you how to crochet this weekend.

    Tell GCK that Grammie will see them this afternoon. Yippee!


  • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita - Hope everyone is soon feeling better! Have a good weekend, and enjoy learning to crochet. And yes, I love FNL too!ReplyCancel

  • Kjersten - So fun, I have been asked to be in a Pray and Crochet group. I was a little worried about starting a new hobby. But now that you are I think I will!! Fun!ReplyCancel

  • Liz Fraijo - That yarn is GORGEOUS! I love to crochet! I am lousy at reading patterns, but I love just free crocheting to my little heart’s content 🙂

    I know exactly how you feel about television shows. The TV is rarely on in this house, but if there’s something that Jeremy wants to watch, I seem to enjoy it just because it’s something we do together. A little pathetic, I know 😉

    And oh do I understand the mama sickness. This last stomach flu was all me, but a few months ago Sierra and I were throwing up together. I’d hold her hair, and then . . . well, I’d be sick too. Sorry about all that info, lol!ReplyCancel

  • Debbie - Beautiful yarn Lacey!! I love to knit & crochet and collect fibers! 🙂 Welcome to a new addiction!!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Rezika Zurch - I’m gonna add this to my list of something I Wanna learn! I can’t wait to see what you do!ReplyCancel

  • Shannon Wilkinson - That yarn color is amazing! Love the richness in the hues.ReplyCancel