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This Love is Legit

I laid him here for a moment and he started to be interested in his toes and I thought he may have been on the verge ofView full post »

Connor’s Newborn Session {with Erin Tole Photography}

I’m very excited to share these images with you… truly. As I said yesterday it was such a wonderfulView full post »

A Gift Recommendation that Keeps Giving! (Kiwi Crates)

Everyone loves surprising their kiddo with a gift that is on their wish-list that they’ve thoughtfully added andView full post »

Gender Reveal (Our Baby’s Story)

This baby is a …..   BOY! I admit, finding out we are having our 4th boy was a teeny bit anti-climacticView full post »

A Reminder to Spend it Where it Matters (Time)

My mind has been on ‘time’ a lot lately.  It could perhaps be because Kaden is very focused on it, wearingView full post »

HE>i (Finding Peace during this Pregnancy)

It’s 3:24am and I’ve been awake for the past hour.  First because of a cat scratching at my door, lettingView full post »

This Too Shall Pass

Sometimes, when my emotions run deep and take over and a smile is as hard to lift as a stack of bricks … when theView full post »

Planting the Seed for Serving {The Molalla River Trail Race}

Volunteering with our boys is quickly growing to be something I seriously enjoy.  I love watching them joyfully serveView full post »

They Told Me to Get My Camera

I was washing the morning’s dishes and the light caught my eye.   The light that comes through the trees justView full post »

Basking in the Blessings of the Rain

As I shared yesterday, Kaden and I had some one-on-one time recently while Matt and the older 2 were gone on a huntingView full post »

4th of July at the Beach House 2016 (Part 2)

All year long, the boys tell me that they can’t wait to wake up at the Beach House.  They say they just loveView full post »

The Pop-Up Trailer Transformation!

Something shocking and exciting happened back in May.  Matt joined me in my thought that camper-trailer camping wouldView full post »