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Brief Snippets of Life

Just a little glimpse of the here and now. Of firewood… these are boys who jump at the chance to help their dadView full post »

It Can’t Be Pregnancy All the Time …

At nearly 38 weeks pregnant and 3cm dilated, it is a bit hard to think of anything other than when this baby is goingView full post »

I Quit (and Why)

I haven’t quit many things during my life and those that I have were after lots of consideration and with goodView full post »

Their Roots are Deeply Planted Here …

We’re raising our boys about 2 minutes from Matt’s childhood home.  His stomping ground is their stompingView full post »

A Reminder to Spend it Where it Matters (Time)

My mind has been on ‘time’ a lot lately.  It could perhaps be because Kaden is very focused on it, wearingView full post »

A Marker and Genetic Testing (Our Baby’s Story Continued)

And to continue … I went in for an appointment with the Fetal Medical Specialists at 17.5 weeks to discuss aView full post »

Pregnancy After Miscarriage (My Experience)

“Pregnancy after miscarriage is harder than the miscarriage itself.”  I expressed that feeling last week asView full post »

The Beginning of Our Baby’s Story…

Here’s the beginning of our Baby’s Story …. Back on November 8th, I ate a Magnum ice cream bar afterView full post »

This Too Shall Pass

Sometimes, when my emotions run deep and take over and a smile is as hard to lift as a stack of bricks … when theView full post »

Save Time to Spend Time.

I’ve been debating for some time now about stepping away from a responsibility I’ve been committed to forView full post »

Together, Not Against

The shrug the shoulders, slightly shaking the head, half whispered statement of “They’re just beingView full post »

Simple over Deep.

I’ve been blogging a lot in my head lately.  Do you ever do this?  Think of a story or of a witty or wise thoughtView full post »