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10 Tips for Photographing Disneyland and California Adventure

Approach photographing this trip more as a Mom/Dad-documenting-the-details-of-the-trip rather than as a trainedView full post »

Disneyland 2016 (Our Final Day)

Our final day … I’m sad to post this … but at some point, we have to move on from our vacations,View full post »

Disneyland 2016 {Magic Morning!}

Day Four … Thursday … we chose to use our ‘Magic Morning’ pass that allowed us into the park anView full post »

Disneyland 2016 {A Split Day!}

Day three started out back at California Adventure!  We planned on using our Magic Morning pass for Disneyland onView full post »

Disneyland 2016 {California Adventure, Part 2}

The rest of our time in California Adventure was spent, as you’d suspect, moving our group of 11 (6 of our + ourView full post »

Disneyland 2016 {California Adventure, Part 1}

Our second day of our trip was spent in California Adventure (CA).  In case you’re not familiar with the layoutView full post »

Disneyland 2016 {The Rest of Day 1}

The hustle and desire to do, and photograph, everything the first day of being in Disneyland is impossible to avoid. View full post »

Disneyland 2016 {Into the Park We Go!}

The morning of our first day in Disneyland started early.  I’m not sure I slept much at all, with a lot ofView full post »

Disneyland 2016 {Away We Go}

Are you ready for some Disneyland/California Adventure posts??  🙂  I am!  It is drizzly, typical Oregon weather hereView full post »