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Pet Love is So Simple and So Good

Just a few images of our critters… Each night, Milo tries to go to sleep on Kaden’s bed, but Kaden ushersView full post »

The Unexpected… poor Charlie.

Poor puppy Charlie.  🙁 On Friday I noticed a bump on his head and thought he either got stung or bonked by one of theView full post »

Just the Two of Them

Just two photos today, of two of my blondies.  The relationship between this boys and this dog is really all I’dView full post »

A Walk to Remember … Rescuing Charlie

Just two days ago, Cooper told me he wanted to be somebody’s hero.   Yesterday, he became our dog,View full post »

12 Tips on Bathing Your Dog… In Your Home!

We did not bathe our previous Golden Retriever enough because the process of doing it, in our home, overwhelmed meView full post »

There is Always Laughter …

It was a bit of an up and down, emotional week.  Everything is fine now, but tears were shed, lots of prayers went up,View full post »

Charlie Just Couldn’t Get Enough …

I’m fairly certain Charlie thought that the snow was created as one big play thing, just for him.  Even when itView full post »

This Boy and His Toys…

Charlie is the boy, and these are his toys  …  and they are SO very random and even more entertaining.   🙂 View full post »

What Do You Do with a Trouble-Making Puppy?

{Besides train him to be better behaved.}  Well, we bring him along in the car for fear and prevention of whatView full post »

The Funny Thing …

… about dogs is how oblivious they are about their size.  Little dogs always seem to think they are so muchView full post »

He’s Growing On Me…

Charlie has been a long time to grow on me.  About 6 months to be exact.  We went through the peeing in the house,View full post »

Napping Pup

I just couldn’t help myself… I had to photograph the details of this little guy while he napped. View full post »