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A Little Bit More Macro

I sure do appreciate how Macro makes me stop and take pause in appreciation of these sweet little details. View full post »

Happy Birthday to My Husband!

It is his birthday today, My Husband. “My Husband” is interchangeable with “My Rock” theseView full post »

Baseball Among the Hay Bales

The boys were so very excited when the hay got cut this year because it meant they then had a much larger, flatter andView full post »

For the Love of Front-packs

I laid him down to take him from the front-pack, but sweet boy was so zonked out that there he stayed.  At first IView full post »

Another Before and After … (Life with a Newborn)

I shared a before and after of maternity and then with Connor a few weeks ago, and then found that I unintentionallyView full post »

A Dream They Shared

Of all the dreams they’ve shared, owning a dirt bike was at the top of each of their lists.  Fortunately forView full post »

The Tiniest Details {Newborn Macro}

I’ve been focusing a lot on the big picture lately.  The big picture of what life is like now for our family andView full post »

At Two Weeks New …

Connor is now 3.5 weeks old which goes to show how fast these days are moving on by … I feel like I just tookView full post »

Priceless Help {Life with a Newborn}

I simply can’t imagine having gotten through these past 3 weeks without the priceless help of my mom.  She cameView full post »

Jaundice, Weight Loss and Pumping {Life with a Newborn}

It is not a good feeling to have your baby’s doctor look at you and say, “No weight gain in a week …View full post »

My Favorite Before and After {Mama + Connor}

I love this type of before and after … Before Baby … And after, with Baby … My Gage came throughView full post »

Sweet Baby, Remember Your First Home

To my sweet baby, Connor … to each of my boys, really … Remember your first home.  Remember that this wasView full post »