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The Gift of the Age Gap

As I prepared for our school day, setting out and sorting lessons and plans, Connor was over it and needed someView full post »

Connor, at 3 Months

Happy 3 Month Birthday, Con-Man! You … Still love to lay on the floor and look at the ceiling fan. Sleep well atView full post »

His Most Loved Entertainment

Oh, ceiling fan … what would we do without you??   You Might Also Like:ToesBeing TogetherAnd Then, the GoldenView full post »

Wordless Wednesday

Taking inspiration from my friend Melissa Gibson, I think I’ll start posting a “Wordless Wednesday”View full post »

Not In This Alone…

As I prayed with the boys, Connor’s cries began from downstairs and pulled my attention immediately away.  AView full post »

The Photo, One Year in the Making

If I waited until they were all showered, spiffy and in coordinating outfits, this image may never have happened.  IView full post »

Connor, at 2 Months …

This sweet baby boy is now 2 months old.   10 weeks to be more exact.  Most people may say, “Already?  Where didView full post »

It Starts Young, Apparently …

The fascination with technology … flashy colors and images … … it starts young, apparently! ♥ YouView full post »

Happy Anniversary to My Parents

…. I couldn’t ask for better parents … … or better grandparents for my boys.  I love them forView full post »

Gorgeous Light at Naptime …

Going into having a new baby to photograph, I told myself that I would try really hard not to be redundant with whichView full post »

My Sweet Birthday Treat …

My big boys left yesterday for vacation with their Mimi (my mother-in-law) so it is now just me and the Littlest GuyView full post »

Tummy Time …

Someone loves tummy time … … a little too much.  😉 You Might Also Like:Our Christmas Before Christmas...View full post »