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A Reminder to Spend it Where it Matters (Time)

My mind has been on ‘time’ a lot lately.  It could perhaps be because Kaden is very focused on it, wearingView full post »

How This Morning Started {A Morning in the Life}

I sleep through his coffee brewing, showering, head shaving , work dressing, and finally rouse to him leaning over meView full post »

Appreciating What They Do

As my belly grows and the vague recollection of what it entails to have a newborn again means in our day to day lifeView full post »

A Marker and Genetic Testing (Our Baby’s Story Continued)

And to continue … I went in for an appointment with the Fetal Medical Specialists at 17.5 weeks to discuss aView full post »

They Bring the Wonder Back

I love how my boys, or children in general, bring the wonder back to things that we grow out of appreciating.  Like theView full post »

Pregnancy After Miscarriage (My Experience)

“Pregnancy after miscarriage is harder than the miscarriage itself.”  I expressed that feeling last week asView full post »

The Beginning of Our Baby’s Story…

Here’s the beginning of our Baby’s Story …. Back on November 8th, I ate a Magnum ice cream bar afterView full post »

This Too Shall Pass

Sometimes, when my emotions run deep and take over and a smile is as hard to lift as a stack of bricks … when theView full post »

They Told Me to Get My Camera

I was washing the morning’s dishes and the light caught my eye.   The light that comes through the trees justView full post »

Around Here, Lately

Recently, we were spending the better part of our afternoons outside, in the hayfield, playing baseball.  I’d hitView full post »

An Accidental Photo I Love

I took this photo as I prepped my camera to take a few of these shots.  It was one that caught my eye as a photographerView full post »

Pet Love is So Simple and So Good

Just a few images of our critters… Each night, Milo tries to go to sleep on Kaden’s bed, but Kaden ushersView full post »