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Week 30 Update

These updates sure do make the weeks go by quickly it seems!  It could also be that our days lately have been prettyView full post »

9 Ways I’m Dealing with Body Image Challenges During Pregnancy

After what an emotionally taxing start we had to this pregnancy, it is a wonder that I’d be anything butView full post »

Week 29 Baby Update

29 Weeks!  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get merge together this week’s belly photos with familyView full post »

28 Week Baby Update

Happy Friday, Friends!  Another week has passed so here we are with another baby update … er, pregnancy update, IView full post »

Week 27 Baby Update

Cooper joined me for this week’s baby-bump photos since this was his birthday week.  ♥  Just like both of hisView full post »

26 Week Baby Update

26-weeks … As I shared yesterday, we celebrated Gage’s 12th birthday.  And it felt fitting to include himView full post »

25 Week Baby Update

25 weeks … we haven’t known that we’ve been pregnant for this long but it still seems like foreverView full post »

24 Week Maternity Photos …

I figured it was about time to get going on some maternity photos, and what better backdrop to use??  🙂  We were at theView full post »

Gender Reveal (Our Baby’s Story)

This baby is a …..   BOY! I admit, finding out we are having our 4th boy was a teeny bit anti-climacticView full post »

Appreciating What They Do

As my belly grows and the vague recollection of what it entails to have a newborn again means in our day to day lifeView full post »

A Marker and Genetic Testing (Our Baby’s Story Continued)

And to continue … I went in for an appointment with the Fetal Medical Specialists at 17.5 weeks to discuss aView full post »