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Our Tiny Nursery

I’m so excited to finally show you Connor’s nursery!  The space has, for the most part, been finished forView full post »

Week 37 Baby Update!

As you may have guessed by my absence this week here on the blog, Littlest Dude is no longer in this big-ol belly ofView full post »

36 Week Baby Update

It got real now, here during our 36th week.  Appointments are picking up, contractions, baby’s growth … allView full post »

Week 35 Baby Update

35 Weeks … last week, when we hit 34, I had this feeling that we were nearing the end of this pregnancy.  AlmostView full post »

Week 34 Baby Update

34 Weeks felt like a milestone week to hit.  On Sunday, the first day of each of my gestational weeks, I was nostalgicView full post »

33 Week Baby Update

When I first set out to do this weekly maternity series I made a little list of image ideas.  On that list wasView full post »

Savoring It (32 Week Update)

When I was in this moment, enjoying my coffee and Bible reading on the front porch before the boys woke up IView full post »

31 Week Baby Update

I have been grateful for so many things during this pregnancy, from simply getting to experience all of this again toView full post »

Week 30 Update

These updates sure do make the weeks go by quickly it seems!  It could also be that our days lately have been prettyView full post »

9 Ways I’m Dealing with Body Image Challenges During Pregnancy

After what an emotionally taxing start we had to this pregnancy, it is a wonder that I’d be anything butView full post »

Week 29 Baby Update

29 Weeks!  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get merge together this week’s belly photos with familyView full post »

28 Week Baby Update

Happy Friday, Friends!  Another week has passed so here we are with another baby update … er, pregnancy update, IView full post »