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4th of July at the Beach House 2015 {Part 2}

More and more images! Like I mentioned yesterday,  there was a lot of play on the water and seeing as that wasView full post »

The Ebb and Flow of Photography {Embracing the ‘Ebb’}

Many posts ago, I was mentioning how I was shooting a lot.  Like, too much.  And that I was hoping that the ebb wasView full post »

Authenticity in Photography (and Life) is Where It Is At.

In the process of homeschooling and raising my boys, I have taught them many things.  I’ve helped open their eyesView full post »

*Sigh*… my NEED to take photos …

Sometimes, the light is too pretty to not take photos. Even when all that is going on is the boysView full post »

A Little Bit of Everything

Every now and again, one of these random hodge-podge posts comes around.  🙂  A post of a bunch of random images just toView full post »

10 Photography “Mistakes” I Made When Just Starting Out

Five years ago, I got bit hard by the photography bug.  Like anyone starting a new hobby I didn’t know exactlyView full post »

How I Study (and Use) Light and Shadows …

Happy Monday, friends! First of all:  2/3 of my littles are suffering from some sort of stomach flu.  The biggest guyView full post »

The Rest {And a Happy Change of Scenery}

I do enjoy photographing my family in our environment, but nothing pops me out of the ruts I trip into than goingView full post »

How To Make A Portrait Session {Day} Happen With Your Own Kids

I shared some of the images from our Fall portraits HERE and HERE and those are really all I had set out to capture. View full post »

My Boys, and a Day of Fall Portraits

Each fall, it seems, I take these guys out for a round of portraits.  I really try to only do this once a year so theyView full post »

A Cornucopia … or Smorgishborg?… of Images

For some reason when I think of Thanksgiving, ‘cornucopia’ comes to mind.  I have no idea why, or if theView full post »

Silver Falls State Park + Photographing Waterfalls With a Slow Shutter Speed

Over Veteran’s Day weekend, my mom had a few days off of work and made a last minute trip down to our place.  WeView full post »