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A Few Photos to Make You Smile

Flying goats always make me smile.  Always.  And who doesn’t need a good, genuine reason to smile?  These guysView full post »

They Bring the Wonder Back

I love how my boys, or children in general, bring the wonder back to things that we grow out of appreciating.  Like theView full post »

Refreshing for My Soul (Playing in the Snow)

How about a little break from pregnancy talk?  We had a great bout with snow a few weeks back and the boys ventured outView full post »

I Asked Him What He Wanted Me To Photograph

My get-up-and-go-drive to photograph our life has been waning.  Decreasing.  Struggling.  Maybe it is just a season, asView full post »

Happiest Birthday, Cooper-Duper

My precious, complex, deep-hearted, hysterical boy, Cooper, just turned 9.  Most of the time we as parents say “IView full post »

It’s Birthday Time … Happy Day to the One Who Made Me a Mama!

This is birthday week for us here at our house … Gage and Cooper had the same due date but both came early andView full post »

Looking Back – Some Favorites of 2015

February 1st.  Not too late to share a “favorites from 2015” post is it? I’ve said this before soView full post »

We’re Loving Our Blurb Books!

Over the summer I felt a big push to get caught up on printing all of my photos.  Not all the photos I take, but thoseView full post »

4th of July at the Beach House 2015 {Part 2}

More and more images! Like I mentioned yesterday,  there was a lot of play on the water and seeing as that wasView full post »

The Ebb and Flow of Photography {Embracing the ‘Ebb’}

Many posts ago, I was mentioning how I was shooting a lot.  Like, too much.  And that I was hoping that the ebb wasView full post »

Authenticity in Photography (and Life) is Where It Is At.

In the process of homeschooling and raising my boys, I have taught them many things.  I’ve helped open their eyesView full post »

*Sigh*… my NEED to take photos …

Sometimes, the light is too pretty to not take photos. Even when all that is going on is the boysView full post »