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Happy Birthday, to My 12-Year-Old

I was welcomed into motherhood 12-years-ago by this boy.  As all do he came as a precious baby and in a blink of an eyeView full post »

On Sharing Our Passions with Our Kids

Wouldn’t you agree that there’s not much more exciting that seeing your child make a discovery forView full post »

Full Times Ahead {And A Walk to the Top of the World}

The week ahead is an exciting one … the weeks ahead are full.  The months?  Those appear to be too, according toView full post »

Getting Back Out There, Refreshed

It is hard to put into words how good it feels to get back to something that is good and familiar.  It just rushes backView full post »

A Snowy Morning Adventure

Happy first day of spring!  How about some snow photos??  😀 What a sweet surprise it is for little kiddos toView full post »

At the Park in the Rain (and Loving It!)

I had to run to town for my weekly progesterone shot, with no other need to make the trip.  That doesn’t sit wellView full post »

A Day in Our Life (Homeschooling an 11, 9, and 7-year-old)

The day before I decided to record our day’s events I’d had a conversations with my best friend about howView full post »

Why I Love Spot Metering (and Shooting in Manual Mode)

As a lifestyle photographer, we’re dealing with all sorts of lighting situations in our everyday moments.  OftenView full post »

Rediscovering a New Passion for Photography

A few weeks ago, I came upon the boys looking at a photobook in the school room.  They’d been having a debateView full post »

Creating a New (Small and Organized!) Crafting Space

When Matt and I built our home, he was so gracious and supported my desire for a dedicated scrapbooking space.  We hadView full post »

A Reminder to Spend it Where it Matters (Time)

My mind has been on ‘time’ a lot lately.  It could perhaps be because Kaden is very focused on it, wearingView full post »

Appreciating What They Do

As my belly grows and the vague recollection of what it entails to have a newborn again means in our day to day lifeView full post »