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Too Beautiful to Pass Up …

Anymore, I rarely feel the pull toward taking photos simply for the beautiful scene I’m seeing.  I used toView full post »

I Have a Confession to Make…

Shh… I don’t want my boys to know … Sometimes?  I hide out in Connor’s roomView full post »

Wordless Wednesday

… except, go ahead, and kiss your computer screen.  😉  You kind of wanted, too, right?? Happy Wednesday!  YouView full post »

Grace for the Day … Taste and See!

When my baby starts to not sleep well at night, I see it as an option for one of two things.  One – to be superView full post »

A New Toy for the Littlest Guy

It may have just been my lack of understanding of how this littlest guy could be content laying on the floor looking upView full post »

It’s So Much More Than Just Kicking a Ball

And oh, I’m trying to enjoy it.  I’m trying.  But what once was so relaxing (relaxing because I got to sitView full post »

How To Homeschool Boys Who’d Rather Be Building Forts All Day

As I geared up for our home school year to start, I listened to many lectures online to get me inspired and my mind inView full post »

Goat Lovin’ (Just A Normal Part of Their Day)

I genuinely love that playing with goats is a normal part of my boys’ everyday… But I’m sure whoView full post »

Brief Snippets of Life

Just a little glimpse of the here and now. Of firewood… these are boys who jump at the chance to help their dadView full post »

One Infant Essential I’ve Never Done Without

Oh, baby gear … I tried very hard this time around to be super choosy when it came to which baby items IView full post »

Wordless Wednesday

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My Favorite Sight (Breastfeeding Success!)

Nursing did not start out easy for us.  I thought it did, but I was wrong and we ended up with jaundice and no gainingView full post »