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Of all the dreams they’ve shared, owning a dirt bike was at the top of each of their lists.  Fortunately forView full post »

Priceless Help {Life with a Newborn}

I simply can’t imagine having gotten through these past 3 weeks without the priceless help of my mom.  She cameView full post »

Jaundice, Weight Loss and Pumping {Life with a Newborn}

It is not a good feeling to have your baby’s doctor look at you and say, “No weight gain in a week …View full post »

My State Champion!

So, I suppose my title is a spoiler as to how Gage did at the 4-H State Archery competition.  No suspense here! GageView full post »

Life As Usual …

I don’t give my kids enough credit for their adaptability.  I’m not very adaptable… change and I areView full post »

Just Today {Life with a Newborn}

“Just Today”.  Just focus on today.  That’s been my mantra it seems since Connor was born.  So muchView full post »

Our Fresh 48, Part 2

Our time in the hospital was really quite nice.  Connor was born at Silverton Hospital and between our spacious roomView full post »

Introducing, Connor Matthew (Fresh 48)

Here he is, friends.  This little nugget who filled my heart with joy and anxiety before he even entered the world. View full post »

It Can’t Be Pregnancy All the Time …

At nearly 38 weeks pregnant and 3cm dilated, it is a bit hard to think of anything other than when this baby is goingView full post »

One Last Hurrah (Take 3)

Here are some final shots from our Memorial Day camping trip/archery 3-D shoot… The event went through MondayView full post »

One Last Hurrah (Part 2)

More from our Memorial Day Camping/Traditional Archery weekend … I’m not sure what it is about waking up inView full post »

Their Morning, Their Way

The other morning, I was on the back patio reading about boys.  I figure if I’m having another one I shouldView full post »