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A Day in Our Life (Homeschooling an 11, 9, and 7-year-old)

The day before I decided to record our day’s events I’d had a conversations with my best friend about howView full post »

How This Morning Started {A Morning in the Life}

I sleep through his coffee brewing, showering, head shaving , work dressing, and finally rouse to him leaning over meView full post »

THIS Has Greatly Impacted our Homeschool

You will likely not guess WHAT has greatly impacted our homeschool.  Unless maybe you’re a homeschooling mama whoView full post »

Before We Start School {Climb}

I always have a hard time saying no to “zero-period PE”.  We started using that term a few years ago, theView full post »

Simple over Deep.

I’ve been blogging a lot in my head lately.  Do you ever do this?  Think of a story or of a witty or wise thoughtView full post »

Tips for Documenting Your Children’s Sports

Last year I was so pleasantly surprised by how great of an experience the boys had during their first year playingView full post »

Homeschool’s Back in Session … Year 7, Here We Go.

Each year when I state how long it has been that we’ve been homeschooling, I’m honestly shocked.  But thisView full post »

Homeschool State Testing is Done and Summer is Here!

I wonder if everyone in the greater Pacific Northwest could hear my sigh of relief on Friday when both Gage and CooperView full post »

As Our Sixth Homeschool Year Winds Down … I’m Still Learning How to Do This.

Six years we’ve been homeschooling.  We started right off the bat with our oldest in Kinder and have kept rightView full post »

He Made Himself a Fishing Pole …

He’s been asking to go fishing for some time now.  Besides the fact that it is not fishing season, we’reView full post »

Hello, Baseball…

The boys decided they’d like to play baseball this year.  Of all the sports I do watch?  Baseball is not one ofView full post »

6 Reasons We Love to Homeschool

I’m sure I’m not alone that when I’m struggling a bit (or a lot) with something it is always helpfulView full post »