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How To Homeschool Boys Who’d Rather Be Building Forts All Day

As I geared up for our home school year to start, I listened to many lectures online to get me inspired and my mind inView full post »

How I’m (Still) Using Spiral Notebooks in our Home School

I find inspiration in a lot of places and for a lot of things, from recipes to photography to parenting to organizationView full post »

Our 2017-2018 Home School Curriculum (7th, 5th, and 2nd Grades)

I decided it was time to mix things up a little bit with our Home School curriculum.  Nothing too drastic … weView full post »

Starting our Eighth Year of Homeschooling and What’s Changed …

We’ve begun.   Our 8th year of homeschooling started this week and while so much feels very familiar and the sameView full post »

Homeschool Baseball League

The boys are well into their second year with our local homeschool baseball league and it is even better than lastView full post »

Why I’m Fine to Use Calculators in our Homeschool

… and particularly for my little guy who doesn’t particularly love math.  I’m not telling youView full post »

The Art of the Brick {Art Spoken in Their Language}

My boys have always enjoyed art of the drawing of pictures kind.  Maybe with a little watercolor painting thrown inView full post »

A ‘Take Your Children to Work’ Day!

Matt’s job takes him all over the place and basically leaves the boys pointing at every substation we drive byView full post »

Focusing on Successes Rather than Struggles in our Homeschool …

As I’m sure every parent does, I often find myself wondering if what I’m doing for my boys is the *best*View full post »

A Day in Our Life (Homeschooling an 11, 9, and 7-year-old)

The day before I decided to record our day’s events I’d had a conversations with my best friend about howView full post »

How This Morning Started {A Morning in the Life}

I sleep through his coffee brewing, showering, head shaving , work dressing, and finally rouse to him leaning over meView full post »

THIS Has Greatly Impacted our Homeschool

You will likely not guess WHAT has greatly impacted our homeschool.  Unless maybe you’re a homeschooling mama whoView full post »