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Getting Back Out There, Refreshed

It is hard to put into words how good it feels to get back to something that is good and familiar.  It just rushes backView full post »

A Snowy Morning Adventure

Happy first day of spring!  How about some snow photos??  😀 What a sweet surprise it is for little kiddos toView full post »

A Few Photos to Make You Smile

Flying goats always make me smile.  Always.  And who doesn’t need a good, genuine reason to smile?  These guysView full post »

They Bring the Wonder Back

I love how my boys, or children in general, bring the wonder back to things that we grow out of appreciating.  Like theView full post »

They Told Me to Get My Camera

I was washing the morning’s dishes and the light caught my eye.   The light that comes through the trees justView full post »

Stand Tall

Stand tall.  That’s it … that’s all.  ♥ Each day this little nugget demonstrates, and sparks, genuineView full post »

Before We Start School {Climb}

I always have a hard time saying no to “zero-period PE”.  We started using that term a few years ago, theView full post »

Basking in the Blessings of the Rain

As I shared yesterday, Kaden and I had some one-on-one time recently while Matt and the older 2 were gone on a huntingView full post »

This Fact is Simple and True

There have been many moments … days … in the past 11 years that I’ve collapsed under the weight ofView full post »

More Goat Love!

Kaden has taken such a liking to these goats and often ventures out to play with them each day.  I love to watch outView full post »

Stepping Away From Summer … not quite yet.

Everything seems to be declaring that it is now fall.  I’ve worn sweatshirts the past several days.  I’veView full post »

Silver Falls State Park (Exploring Oregon)

Over the years this has come to be one of my favorite places to hike, though I have yet to visit without one or moreView full post »