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At Two Weeks New …

Connor is now 3.5 weeks old which goes to show how fast these days are moving on by … I feel like I just tookView full post »

Week 27 Baby Update

Cooper joined me for this week’s baby-bump photos since this was his birthday week.  ♥  Just like both of hisView full post »

26 Week Baby Update

26-weeks … As I shared yesterday, we celebrated Gage’s 12th birthday.  And it felt fitting to include himView full post »

Full Times Ahead {And A Walk to the Top of the World}

The week ahead is an exciting one … the weeks ahead are full.  The months?  Those appear to be too, according toView full post »

25 Week Baby Update

25 weeks … we haven’t known that we’ve been pregnant for this long but it still seems like foreverView full post »

24 Week Maternity Photos …

I figured it was about time to get going on some maternity photos, and what better backdrop to use??  🙂  We were at theView full post »

Bringing Your Child’s Art to Life (Budsie!)

Could this idea be any more fun … turning your child’s art into a plush toy that will forever reflect theirView full post »

The Rest {And a Happy Change of Scenery}

I do enjoy photographing my family in our environment, but nothing pops me out of the ruts I trip into than goingView full post »

How To Make A Portrait Session {Day} Happen With Your Own Kids

I shared some of the images from our Fall portraits HERE and HERE and those are really all I had set out to capture. View full post »

My Boys, and a Day of Fall Portraits

Each fall, it seems, I take these guys out for a round of portraits.  I really try to only do this once a year so theyView full post »

The Progression of a Smile (And How to Get a Real One)

Each Sunday morning, Matt heads to church with the older boys so they can serve as greeters at the first service.  ThisView full post »

Their Last Swim Lesson {And Soaking Up the Sun}

It is crazy to me how even though the days are getting longer, I feel like I get so much less done.  The sun isView full post »