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Bible Journaling Entries #5

Hello!  Here is another chunk of images sharing some recent Bible Journaling entries.  By recent, I mean stretchingView full post »

Bible Journal Entries #4

Because this blog is such a reflection of my life, I feel strange when I realize that I haven’t shared aboutView full post »

Bible Journal Entries #3

I’m just still pluggin’ along on being totally enamored with Bible Journaling.  Still look forward to theView full post »

Nestled into the Corner of My Room…

The other morning as I got ready for the day, the boys made use of my bed as a crash pad for jumps and flips. View full post »

More Bible Journaling Entries!

Happy Monday, friends.  How was your weekend?  Mine was so much better than last since we didn’t have to spendView full post »

My Start with Bible Journaling

Over the past several months I have searched the web high and low to see all I can see about Bible Journaling.  I thinkView full post »

Ukuleles, Essential Oils and Bible Journaling …

Someone asked me the go-to question recently … “What’s new with you?”  I gave the go-to answerView full post »