Our final morning in Sisters started much like the other.  Sleeping in and appreciating how well the black-out shades work… the rest of us slowly came to, but this guy was determined to snooze as long as he possibly could.  Er, as long as his brothers wouldn’t mess with him.

So Cooper (my earliest riser) and I decided to head to breakfast and bring it back to the room for everyone.  This next shot is proof that lots of my ‘visions’ for images don’t turn out.  I was trying to hold the camera up over us and focus on our hands.  Over and over again, never with any success.  Oh well. 

As soon as the big guys left for another bike ride, I packed up all of our stuff for easy car-loading when the time came, and Kaden and I quickly headed to the pool.  It was so great to have it just right across the lawn! 

Forward, and backward, he went, again enjoying having the entire place all to himself. 

Until his brothers got back from their ride. 

Chipmunks galore at this place.  The best part of that was hearing Kaden call them ‘Kipmunks’ all weekend.  ;) 

Matt packed up the car, and then relaxed by the pool with us …

Until relaxing was no fun anymore and throwing the boys in sounded way more fun. 

They agreed, and asked for it over and over and over again.

Until it was time to leave the pool … this is the face of a boy who didn’t want to say good-bye to the hot-pool.

So…. Matt gave us a little more time and zipped into town on his own for gas and coffee.

We finally left the pool, had one last stop at the hotel of feeding the llamas…

… before walking through the town one last time. 

… before saying good-bye to Sisters.

We’re already figuring out our trip for next year.  Pretty much for sure, it’ll be longer and include lots of swimming and maybe all of us on the bike rides.  And lots and lots of good memories.

Thank you, again, for coming along on our trip to Sisters! It is such a sweet little town and you should definitely check it out if you’re in the area!  ♥

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  • Karen P - I loved following your Sisters trip. It looks like a wonderful place, and somewhere that we plan on visiting next year. Your photos are always amazing and inspire me to keep recording the everyday through the lens. Thanks Lacey!ReplyCancel

  • Ali S. - I love sisters! It’s a great little town. My 5 year old loves hot tubs too. He asked me once if we could trade in his plastic swimming pool for a hot tub. Your pictures are great! the look of your oldest sons face as your husband throws him in the water is priceless. Great action shots.ReplyCancel

Day two in Sisters started out slow, just like a vacation morning should.

Breakfast at the hotel… We were too hungry and still too waking-up to consider taking the food back to our room.  So the curb in was…
… Until we learned of the little eating area right by where the food was served. 

Back to the room to find this little guy to play with…. 

Then Matt and the bigger boys headed out on a long (longer than expected!) bike ride, while the littlest boy and I hit the pool.
He was quite taken by the “hot pool”.  I think he likes that it was just his size! 
I liked that we pretty much had the entire place to ourselves! 
The guys finally got back from their ride and couldn’t get into the pool fast enough! 
After hours at the pool, we went into town for coffee (at the best coffee place ever… Sisters Coffee Co.) and frozen yogurt… 
Sitting around while Matt rode a bike with some really really fat tires… 
Back to the pool for a bit more play and relaxing..

… Before dinner at the Brewery. 
Dinner, and dessert.;)

Thanks for visiting! More to come! ♥

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Last weekend, we ventured a bit south to the adorable town of Sisters.  It is definitely a tourist town, but it still feels quaint and cozy.  The entire town has an old-west appearance which makes it all the more fun to visit.  It was a quick, trip … both in the stay and in the decision to make the trip in the first place.  We wanted to do one last thing all together as a family before hunting and school started, and when it came down to camping somewhere or staying in a hotel for once, we chose the hotel.  ;)  And I’m so glad we did.

I don’t know that these photos captured just how good this trip was for us.  I sort of no longer believe that a picture is worth a thousand words … or maybe just mine aren’t.  But the experience was worth that and more.  I was trying to figure out what exactly it was about this trip that made it what it was and while I know it was likely a combination of things, I think the best part was knowing my husband had SUCH a great time with his boys here.  Undistracted, in an area he loves, riding bikes, and going with the flow of the leisurely weekend.

We arrived early Friday evening and as we pulled into our hotel (The Ponderosa Lodge), spent some time watching a number of mama deer with each of their sets of twins…

We settled into our room and explored all the fun the room and its surroundings had to offer.  Like down-spouts…

… and llamas …

… and electric fireplaces …

… and just relaxed in there for a bit.

Then we took on the walk from our hotel into town to explore and search for dinner …

… and saw this guy along the way.  I spooked him as I took this shot and he nearly got hit running into the road.   My bad!

Checking in on the options for dinner as we walked …

… and playing a little pine-cone soccer on the way.

More searching our options, and taking a break to think about what sounded good.  ;)  Even though the town’s not very big, there are tons of restaurants and we appreciate seeing the reviews people make when only 2 dinners were on our agenda…

The big guys took off toward our choice, and the little one and I stayed back to check out a window display.  Then he ran to catch up …

… and ran…

… and ran …

… then got distracted again by the whirly-gigs.

No big surprise, we settled on pizza for dinner …

… but decided on trying something new for the toppings and my mouth waters just looking at this shot …

Back on the walk toward home … how cute is this town??

A big plan for the weekend was just swimming.  Swimming swimming and more swimming.  In a warm, clean pool.  ;)  We started right away when we got back from dinner and enjoyed having the pool all to ourselves…

… before settling in for the night.

I just can’t quite get enough of thinking about what a wonderful weekend this was for us.   ♥   Which is good, since I have a few more days worth of posts to share about it.  ;)  More throughout the week!

Photography friends… all of the photos from this trip were taken with my 35 1.4.  I really wanted to simplify the photo-taking process and try to tell the stories as best as I could, and this lens is awesome for that. :)

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  • Jo - I love that you took these all with a 35 1.4. I recently bought that lens and love it for helping to tell a story. Great pictures.ReplyCancel

Today is my 33rd birthday, and it feels like any other day.  It’s going on, like any other day.  And I feel wonderful about that.  I feel so blessed to say that I enjoy our typical Saturdays so much, that I didn’t want to change a single thing about it on my birthday.   I hear the boys playing outside, target shooting with their BB-guns.  I hear Matt working on the front porch step’s railing.  I heard the drier just click off and the wash machine finish it’s last spin.  And the clickity-click of my fingers on the keyboard.  Typical, sweet, Saturday.

No, our days are not all ‘lah-dee-dah’.  I woke with a cold (in August!?!) that felt like an elephant sitting on my face.  I’ve patched up one very bloodied knee from one of the boys and had to have the discussion with another grumpy boy about why, as a family, we have jobs to clean the house.  I cleaned the wash machine and nearly threw up when I saw what that thing is festering (front loaders are nasty!).  I see mass amounts of plants that need watering and cutting back and a to-do list a notebook-sheet-of-paper long.

But as of this 33rd year of my life, and 9.5 of that being a mama, and 11.5 of that being a home-maker and a wife … I finally feel so content in this role I’ve been given.  Even down to the not so pretty responsibilities that come with it.  I haven’t always felt that way … but have come to realize and appreciate that those not so pretty ones make the prettier ones … the hugs, the clean laundry, the adoring husband, the home, the full-night’s sleep, the healing body, the thank-you’s and I-love-you’s, the gift of nurturing someone else’s life …. that much prettier.   I feel like I’ve hit my stride.  I’m sure I’ll trip and fall every now and again, but finally feel like I have enough of a grasp on knowing God’ll get me through it all, that I’ll be able to get back up and re-gain that stride.

So on this 33rd birthday of mine, I feel incredibly grateful that I couldn’t ask for a better type of day than the ones I already get to have.  Everyday.  Not just on my day.  The phone calls, the texts, the emails are so amazing, but its even more amazing that they are coming from people who already pour their love into my life.  Our lives.  That’s wonderful blessing, right?  To give love, and to in turn feel loved, all year long.

Matt keeps asking me if I’m ‘good’ … if I’m having a good day.  He wants to be sure that as I go to sleep tonight, I don’t feel sad that my birthday is over and that it could have been more.  He asked me while I washed the dishes, while I through another load in, while I worked on the front porch while the sun came up.   And truly, yes,  I’m good.  The Lord’s blessings are great and plentiful.  And I know that when I do kiss another birthday good-bye tonight, I’ll just be doing so looking forward to the blessings, the responsibilities and tasks, that come along with being a stay-at-home, homeschooling mama, a wife to Matt, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an instructor, and best of all, a child of God.  It’s not all easy, or flawless, or ideal for everyone, but I’m thankful and I love it. 






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  • Courtney Wilson - I know exactly how you feel! Last mother’s day I wanted to do nothing but celebrate my wonderful children and that I get to be their mom. It’s not always pretty, but it’s always worth it.

    Happy birthday!ReplyCancel

  • valerie a. - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And oh–that first flower picture took. my. breath. away. Wow.ReplyCancel

  • Jolene - Hope you had a lovely birthday! I love the flower photos!ReplyCancel

  • Debbie - Happy Belated Birthday wishes to you Lacey!! Sounds like your day was wonderful!!ReplyCancel