I’d imagine that if you’ve visited my blog for awhile, you’ve noticed that I enjoy and frequently photograph my boys in our trees.  Within the woods that surround our home.  It is natural that I would, considering they are their playground and such a part of our lives.

I was so honored to be recognized for this by Click magazine and to be asked to be featured in their September/October issue in the form of a photo essay.  All about my photographs in the woods.  Considering photography is huge to me and the woods have been everything to Matt since he was a young boy, and are now a fundamental part of my boys’ everyday lives … this was quite a treat for me and I’m so grateful.  <3

I don’t put my work out there for many others than you all here and a few images now and again on my Facebook page … so this kind of recognition is just, quite honestly, more than I could ever imagine.  Or deserve.  Or put into words how humbled, and grateful I am for the opportunity.  <3

Thank you for visiting, and if you’re interested in checking out CLICK it is available HERE and at Barnes and Noble stores. 

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Sometimes it is almost comical how quickly God gives us a chance to practice what we’re praying for.  Just as I was finishing up writing my post on Tuesday, sharing my prayer for a positive attitude and enjoying the peace and quiet, out came Cooper.  He was in a tizzy because Gage had already finished his Brain Quest assignments and he was only half way through and was pretty clearly about to lose it.  I felt the desire to encourage him to go back inside and stick with it and power through his summer school lessons (it was review from last year afterall and he really shouldn’t need my help).

But a voice in my heart overpowered my head and I invited him to sit with me while I worked, if he figured that would help him.  Of course, he joined me.  Soon followed by his brothers.  And we shared our morning together, Coop doing his lessons, Gage reading the Action Bible, and Kaden smashing rocks in the dry creekbed.  And Charlie, just being overjoyed that we were all outside with him  

And me saying my usual, “Coop, stay on task.” …. “Coop, what’s your next one?” …. “Coop, be careful.” …

And thankfully, the positive attitude won and he got his work done.  

And this little almost-kindergartener busied himself smashing apart rocks to see their sediment and particles.   

And this big puppy busied himself trying to get this long branch down onto the lawn…. 

All the while, we had positive, happy attitudes.  God wasted no time showing me what’s possible through the power of prayer and humbly admiting to Him that we can’t do this alone.  So pray on!  :)

Thanks for visiting … I hope you have a great day.  <3

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  • Mom - Amen! Great photos! I feel like I’m right there with you. Nothing quite like “doing school” in your jammies. :)
    XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

I had this list of things in my mind that I really really wanted to get done during my break from the Workshop and before school starts up.  The list was not long … in fact, I can only think of two things on that right now that were on that list:  clean out the boys’ closets and this … get caught up on ordering my prints.

Simple:  4×6 prints of most of the images I’ve edited.  In the past, I’ve shared that I do this every couple of months.  This go around?  It’s been since December.  2015 has been sitting on my computer begging to be printed and for whatever reason, I’ve pushed it off.  It has bothered me … knowing they were there was a cross between a dripping faucet and a friend I know I need to call and check in on.  Something that felt like a nagging burden, yet equally as much as something I knew I needed and wanted to do.  Why is this so hard to keep up on??

Really, it’s not.  With the right organizational process and utilizing the awesome exporting options in Lightroom, it doesn’t have to be daunting.  This task that I’ve dreaded and put off for 8 months was wrapped up in a matter of several hours over the course of a few days.  Because I keep my images separated into their own subfolders for the month, and then within those individual folders I have my ‘toedit’, ‘print’ and ‘web’ folders, it is easy peasy to copy the print folder and then paste it into a ‘JanuaryFebruaryPrint’ folder on my external harddrive.  I go through that for each individual subfolder for each month.  Hmm … roughly 400+ images for January and February.

Next, I import them back into Lightroom … this part has saved me so much time!!  I then export them back out into that same folder on my EHD but resize them to 4x6s!  When I upload them to print, the process goes SO much faster because they are not the normal Hercules size of the D800 files!  I do not sharpen the images when I do this step … I’ve found it to actually make the images a little too crisp.  😉

I order my 4x6s from Color Inc Pro Lab as Express Prints.  To do this, you do need to set up an account and use their ROES program, but it is easy and worth it.  If you don’t want to do that, I’d suggest their sister company, Unit Prints.

I’m sharing this with you right now because

A) I have a feeling you haven’t printed your images in while…. 😉


B) Color Inc is having a SITE WIDE sale right now for 25% off of your order!!  I typically wait to place my orders until they have sales because, well, obviously when I’m ordering 400 prints for just 2 months, the price is up there and the discount helps! :)

And besides loving the quality of their prints, I also LOVE that they let you know when they are having certain sales!  Do most companies do that??  I watch for their site wide sales OR their 20 cent Express Print sales.

I’m going to be honest… I have a love/dislike relationship with receiving these packages.  I love that the images are printed and off of my computer so that if my computer crashes tomorrow I wouldn’t hide in the fetal position in my closet because I lost all of my photos.

Dislike because, again, this is a lot of photos and only ONE of the orders that I placed.  I have another one coming for March-May.  And I don’t just put these in a box; they go into albums.  And that is a process I wish I could say I adore and dive into with gusto.  I have to remind myself though, that just like printing the images, it just takes a little bit of motivation and a little chunk of time to just sit down and get it done.  And it’ll be all good.


That being said, in the process of ordering these 4x6s, I also designed and ordered 2 Blurb books for our 4th of July camping trip at the Beach House and another combo-book that covers 3 trips we took this summer.  And then?  Because that process was so easy, I designed a third Blurb book for the rest of our June-August images.  Hah!  I haven’t ordered it yet because I’m just unsure of whether I can handle the gap in prints within my regular albums AND because I have 4 albums going: One of each boy and then a family one.  Having one Blurb book for all those images would mess up my game.

Anyway!  Enough of me taking your time and keeping you from gettin’ on it with ordering your prints.  😉  Have fun!

Thanks for visiting!  I’m happy to answer questions about any of this stuff if you have some! <3

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  • Jessie Nelson - What awesome timing you have. I was just contemplating prints vs. digital books today. I know we’ll have plenty of digital books floating around from special events and vacations, but I really would like my children to have actual prints from their childhood. There’s just something cool and exciting and versatile about a print. My question to you is what kind of album do you stick your photos in? Do you use plastic sheets with 4×6 inserts? Lightly glue to plain 12×12 cardstock? There are sooo many options!ReplyCancel

    • Lacey - Hi Jessie! Thanks for asking! I use American Craft 3-D ring binders and then page protector inserts that are sectioned into 4×6 slots. I like to get ones that have all horizontal, all vertical and some that have a mix of both. :) American Craft, We R Memory Keepers, Doodlebug and Project Life offers these.ReplyCancel

  • Mom - This is a very informative post, but it also cracks me up. Guess I need to plan another trip to your house to sit on the floor with you and insert photos into your various photo binders!! :)
    XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

  • Carol - Thanks Lacey for sharing your print lab recommendation and your blog post about printing. I’m guessing it will light a little fire under a lot of us to get our photos printed!!ReplyCancel

I sure am going to miss this place …. this morning office.  Where I have spent each morning for the past month or so, watching the sun rise.  I used to start my mornings on the front porch until I clued into the fact that the sun was coming up through the trees on the other side of the house… so I moved my office back here.  This is where I read my Bible and devotional, usually where I work on Clickin Moms for a bit, and write these blog posts.

But I know the day is coming when the temps will dip and the rain will fall and I’ll be back on the floor of the living room by my space heater doing these things instead.  That’s not a bad option, either, but I am going to miss watching the start of a new day creep slowly into existence here from my morning office.  

New days, different days, are coming.  I was thinking we were going to start school this week, but just wasn’t ready for that change quite yet.  Mentally, I just wasn’t there.  Maybe that is because I picked and received our curriculum mid-summer and it has been already put away in their appropriate cubbies … but not yet browsed through and prepared for.  Or maybe it is because these summer days have been so very sweet and I don’t want to let go of them yet.  I suppose that’s one of the beauties of homeschooling; I got to make the choice for our family to not have to let go, quite yet.

Or probably because I’m not quite ready for the hugeness of teaching a 5th grader, 3rd grader and a kindergartener.  Or for the challenges that our quaint summer curriculum has occasionally reminded me of that are such a frequent presence in our regular homeschooling day. The emotional flair ups when a concept doesn’t get grasped right away or if the assignment seems just too difficult.  And my impatience and sometimes irrational response when I know they can do the material but are full of self-doubt.

I’m anxious about the new days coming because of the anxiety of days past.  I’m holding onto those, and they are creating fear and self-doubt in me for what’s to come.  SO not helpful.  And I know that is a big part of why I did not jump into starting school when I thought I might.  I realized that I had to have a period of prayer and positive focus on the upcoming year, to right my attitude.  And of course to get familiar with our lessons and curriculum.  That’s what this week is about.  Last week was about enjoying my mom being here, enjoying the last bits of summer break and getting a truck-load of pictures ordered so I’m officially “caught up” (more on that later).

This week is about prayer and a positive attitude toward our coming homeschool year.  Prayer and a positive attitude.

I just watched the sun rise and now it is shining through the trees on another new day.  Even though the air is a little cool, the sun is warming my face and I am praying against anxieties about the changes in the days to come.  About the days when I can’t sit in my morning office or when our homeschool routine kicks into gear.  Turning dwelling and anxiety into an opportunity for a positive, intentional, productive attitude.

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  • Mom - I know you don’t like to be in the spotlight. But in this photo, I see God shining his loving light on you, my sweet daughter.
    XO to you
    XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

  • Carol - So envious of your gorgeous summer office! It looks like the perfect place to invite God in to come and sit a spell with you.ReplyCancel

And onto our final full day in Sisters.  It went too fast…

Off to breakfast …

… Cooper and ‘Ball’.  The super bouncy ball I told you about, that we got on day one?  Turned out to be a goofy, fun, random, highlight of our trip.  It is amazing how many games kids can make up with such a simple little play-thing.  The ball even had a name: “Ball-fun-for-All”.  😉  

I’m going to miss the days when my boys were little enough, and tolerant enough of each other, to share the hide-a-bed.  Yep, all 3 of them.

This is what these big boys had been excited about since we visited Sisters last summer … a long trail ride with their Dad.  8 miles they went!

While Kaden and I stayed back and toodled around the resort and neighborhood on his bike and a ‘cruiser’ that I borrowed from the resort.  And if you can believe it, while we were riding around the neighborhood, we ran into a friend of mine from college whom I hadn’t seen in 14 years.  Her family was on their last stop visiting her mom, after a 5-week road trip.  What are the chances??  It was amazing to see her and meet her kiddos!  

Later that evening (after more swimming), we ate dinner in town and then walked to get ice cream … 

Back to the room … where I got into one photo …

Before heading back out again for a little bike ride.  This time, photography friends, Big Curty (the 70-200) came along.  This gave the boys a little more freedom to ride further ahead of Matt and me, since we were just walking again.

But it only helped a little.  They still went off too far ahead at times and left us in their dust.  

Thankfully, they are only the right bit of adventurous and came back when they felt they’d gone too far.  😉  

Along the trail we found a little double jump that someone had created and there was no need to go any further on the ride … 

You can imagine how much he loves this shot.  😉  He even requested a print of it, only he wants it in B&W.  :) 

Evidently, my ‘cruiser’ bike looked like so much fun that Matt wanted to try one out, too.  We checked them out again and headed out to the paved roads for a bit more biking.  This was the first time all 5 of us have ever riden bikes together and it was a riot.  We found a round-about driveway leading to lots that were for sale and ended up riding in circles for at least a 1/2 hour.  Yet again, I ached that I didn’t have my camera, but had too much fun being a part of the riding to ride back and get it.:)

So after we got back to the room, I did run up to get it, just so I could get a few shots of the goofiness that is “Matt on a Cruiser”.

This next one is totally blurry, probably because I was laughing, but I don’t care.  😉  

Long day of riding for this guy and we were all glad to crash in the room and watch a movie.  

The next morning, our final day, we packed up, checked out, and asked permission to still use the pool. “Of course!” they said.  :) So the boys did their laps around the pool as their sunscreen dried and then swam their hearts out before making the couple hour drive home.  

So our trip was pretty much swimming, biking, and running.  Sounds like a triathalon!  Hah!  If a triathalon is this fun and this relaxing, I might give one a try.  😉

Thank you for visiting, and sticking with me as I recount and document our little family vacation!  <3

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  • Angela O - I adore family vacations! And your photos are stunning. Really.ReplyCancel

  • Carol - A good, no great time was had by all it looks like! I’ve never done a triathlon but I’m guessing they aren’t anywhere near as fun as your family vacation. :-)
    Love, love all of your photos. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel