I felt like I could be done taking photos of the boys’ baseball games.  These days, I try not to over-do it on photos and know when the activity/outing has been documented ‘enough’.  I thought just documenting even one game was probably enough to get the gist of the season but I was wrong.  Because when the coach called Gage up to be catcher, I just had to snag a few shots of him in this unique responsibility.  😉 

And then, lookie who else was catcher at the next field over!

I’ve gotta say!  I was pretty much smitten with this little guy in catcher’s gear. And also a little amazed that they make catcher’s gear this little!

He was NOT about to let that boy get to home-plate without tagging him first.

And then as I walked back to the bigger boys’ game, I saw that Cooper was up to bat and had to get him on the photo-taking action as well.

And then … I realized I hadn’t taken any spectator photos yet.  So, just a few.  😉

And with that (maybe) I’m done with the baseball photos.  😀

But quite possibly, probably not.  😉

Happy Monday, friends.  I hope yours is a good one and gets your week off to a great start! ♥

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  • Merissa - Hi Lacey, Just wanted to say really great photos…(as usual) :) You are an inspiration to me with my three boys and our family album! I’m curious what lens you used for these photos? also, do you use Sigma lenses? after using the 35mm Art I find I really miss that sharpness when I go back to Nikon lenses. I hope you don’t mind my curiosity, I cant help but be curious about your process when I always love your art :) MerissaReplyCancel

    • Lacey - Hi Merissa! Thank you! For these shots I used the Nikon 85 1.4D. It is a handy one for using outdoors because of the reach … and it is a little more discrete than my longer focal length lenses. 😉 I do have 2 Sigma lenses and purchased them because of all the praise I’d been hearing from others who use the 35 1.4 ART. My 35 is Nikon, but I was wanting a few wider options so went with Sigma on those. Like you, I adore the sharpness of my Nikons, though. 😉 My 35 is by far my most used lens and it’s clarity, accuracy and sharpness is amazing … which, makes me think that in the future, if I do ever purchase another lens, I’ll stick with Nikons. <3 And I don't mind you asking one bit! I love chatting about photography and gear is one of my favorite topics! ;)ReplyCancel

Matt came home from work the other day to find me needing some alone time.  I think he just looked at me and knew.  It was just one of those days, I suppose, where I felt everything was a struggle from putting one foot in front of the other to getting through all of our school lessons.  I don’t even recall what my issues really were on that day, thankfully … I do remember that I was struggling and that he was happy to scootch on out the door with the boys to find some tadpoles (still called ‘tad-a-poles’ by the long-haired one 😉 ).


Turns out I didn’t want any alone time after all… I wanted fresh-air, a walk, and a science lesson not taught from a book.  So I tagged along on their walk and while I don’t remember exactly what caused my pooey mood earlier in that day, I do remember what fixed it.

In these little puddles where hundreds of tadpoles of varying development.  Gage went right to the shallowest puddle and began scooping them out and moving them to the deeper ones…

Kaden searched for ones that were already developing their little legs …

And we scooped up a good amount into a plastic container to bring back to the pond… I watched my tender-hearted boy have a very hard time leaving the little tadpoles in the evaporating puddles, knowing they’d soon dry up.  He would have stayed there until all were in the deepest puddle, but this was a lesson in population control and about doing what you can to help but not totally alter what happens naturally in nature.

We did find some little bittiest frogs, too, that I just wished we could have brought all the way up to the house so they could live in my bathtub, but Matt said no.

They found their new home in the pond and though we’ll never know if any survived their transition into a new home it was a good effort…

… a good science lesson, a good family outing and a perfect way to make me completely forget why I wanted alone time only an hour before.  ♥  Amazing what a walk and a few tadpoles can do!

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Here’s just a little snippet of our life to give you a bit of a fuller picture of how things are around here … this is Matt, getting hay for his sheep.  By simply (I should use that word lightly here) cutting it out of an area of the pasture that the tractor can’t get to, turning it himself, and then hulling it up to the house. 

“Hulling” it, in this instance, one pitch-fork full at a time.  He has a truck, but this works too so why not? 

To be honest with you, he’d done this once before in the afternoon while the boys and I were at the pond and as I saw him walking I wished I’d had my camera.  So later in the evening I asked if he needed a bit more hay.  😀  He’s so good to me … he willingly made the trek again and I go to photograph him along the way.

He’d do just about anything for me, and I’m mighty blessed to have him.

As are these sheep.  He takes such good care of them, and they love their hay so much that they wear it.

Okay, only Baby Kevin wears it.  The rest just eat it.  😉

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  • Mom - Happy puppy and happy sheep! Way to go, Matt!
    XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

Between 5:45 and 6:15, he comes thundering down the stairs.  Ready for the day.  I have this vision that most kiddos move slowly in the morning, taking time to wake up, remaining rather calm for a period of time.  Easing into the day.  But not this one.  Not my middle boy.

I also have this vision that I should have a good chunk of mama-time in the morning before I have to start my gig of being a mama for the rest of the day.  So … I used to fight it and honestly when I hear those feet tearing down the steps I have to say a prayer to receive his wakefulness with joy.  I’m usually already up doing my workout, but sometimes I’m not and this is especially when I have to take a deep breath and say a quicker prayer before he finds me.

While his brothers are still in dreamland for another couple hours, he’s already well into his day having played with the dog, fed the cats, read several chapters in his book, gone outside and come inside about half-a-dozen times and asked me a plethora of questions that he must have dreamed up while he slept.  Some mornings we go over math-facts or water the plants … one morning, we got a head start on washing the outside of the windows!   Right now he’s opening the bills that have sat on my desk for a few weeks, sorting and piling them accordingly… I’m learning to share my quiet morning time and to make the most of it.  😉  I’m also determined to dig in my heals about this being quiet time and that no electronics get turned on.  It turns out that this time with my early riser is a time of character building for the both of us.  He is rarely without his brothers so this gives him time to grow as an individual and think for himself.  And it gives me time to grow in my patience and humility, as well as time management and considering what is always most important.  That being nurturing my relationships with my boys and training them up right…. not having alone time.

On this particular morning, he used his early-rising to get a chore done that his dad had laid out for him of piling up the scotch broom.  Well before breakfast he had the job done, and we made sure to talk about what a great feeling it is to have a big chore out of the way right off the bat.  😉 

I figure that these early mornings with my Cooper will either continue to be a blessing of growth for the two of us, or …. OR … he’ll get tired of being put to work while his brothers still sleep and will stay in bed longer.  😉  Either way, we’ll keep moving forward one morning at a time, trying to make the most of this season we’re in.  ♥

Thank you for visiting!

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  • Carol - Envious of someone who can get up that early and be fully engaged in his morning! Does he go to bed early or just doesn’t require as much sleep? You are such a good mama to appreciate the one on one time and not think of it so much as a burden!ReplyCancel

    • Lacey - Hi Carol! It has definitely not been easy for me to appreciate this time … especially when he slams the door every time he goes in and out, regardless of my reminders. 😉 And no, he doesn’t go to bed early. It has been a challenge to get them into bed before 9pm lately. He falls asleep the minute his head hits the pillow and I guess sleeps soundly enough to wake up early and well rested!ReplyCancel

  • Erica - Oh that last picture!!! I love the “flip-book” style of these photos. Perhaps this early rising is a way he gets that quiet start to the morning too (like his momma) even if he himself is full of vigor. Oh to have their boundless energy! See you all soon! xoxoReplyCancel

    • Lacey - Yes! I like that thought, Erica … that he perhaps needs this quiet start to the day, too. Quiet by his definition, though. 😉 I’m thinking God is telling me that Cooper NEEDS this special alone time (alone with me or actually alone on his own). So, I’m trying to be positive about it! :)ReplyCancel

  • Mom - I’m glad I was already awake when your early-riser came in to visit with me on Saturday morning. We talked about plans for the day and he didn’t mind me quizzing him on multiplication facts. What a guy!
    XO to Cooper from GrammieReplyCancel

Happy Monday … we’re getting a slow start to our week this morning after having house-guests this weekend, several days of drizzly-dreary weather and the seemingly never ending battle of gooky-nasal-congestion for a few of the boys.   So how about a never-failing pick-me-up… these cats and their goofy antics.

Today, it is their new-found play-place/hang-out.  Naturally, the bird feeder…

One after the other, they took turns scampering up the post, scaring out the one currently occupying it.  Only to take over the spot until the next decided it was his or her turn…

This went on and on …. long enough for me to go inside and grab my camera and capture the whole rotation as they went round and round again.  😉  I could not have orchestrated these images if I tried, trust me.   These are lovey, put-up-with-pretty-much-anything-cats … until they are outside.  Then it is their world and we’re just living in it.  So they played this game all on their own, entertaining us all the while.

Thankfully we do have several other feeders that these guys can’t climb into because I’m thinking this one will be out of commission for awhile.  😉

I hope your Monday gets off to a great start! 

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  • Mom - Silly kitties! I hope they don’t acquire a taste for birds!
    XOXOXO to GCK from
    hugs to MMG & CReplyCancel