This summer has looked a little different than most from our past, but there has still been lots of fun swimming at the lake and for that we are all very thankful!  It means doing something familiar … it means time with friends … and it means beating the heat…

        With summer winding down and things finally settling in with Connor, I may be a bit more absent from this space while I try to make the most of what little time left we have before diving back into school.  I hope you’re making the most of yours!  ♥

        Happy Friday, and I hope you enjoy your weekend …

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        We have no real schedule or routine for Connor yet during the day, but it has seemed that his bedtime routine has fallen right when it overlaps brothers’.  It feels like a special treat when Connor and I can join them for the prayers and end of the day conversations that I always so looked forward to … 

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        At 5.5 weeks old, we retired the Moses Basket that all of my boys have spent their first days in …

        … and introduced Connor to the simplicity of his sweet little mini crib.  So far, so good…. er, good enough.  ♥  In getting over jaundice, this Littlest Guy has shorted his sleep times.  I’ll try to count this as a blessing though since it does mean the jaundice is gone …

        Photography friends … I  tried out my ‘Quiet Mode’ on my camera for these … quite a handy little feature!

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        • Mom - Connor’s little room has such wonderful lighting…just heavenly. And that Angel-face!
          XOXOXOXO to GCKC from GrammieReplyCancel

        … seem to happen on the changing table.  I remember this with my other boys too … their first coos, eye contact and smiles all happened on the changing table.  This guy is no different. Happy Monday, Friends.  ♥

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        • Carol - He is just the cutest little thing!! I can’t believe how wide-eyed and alert he is! The first photo looks like he’s joining right in the conversation!ReplyCancel

          • Lacey - That turning point, of him becoming much more alert and a bit responsive, has been so fun, Carol! 🙂ReplyCancel

        • Mom - I can almost hear him cooing! Can’t wait to visit with sweet Connor in person.
          XOXOXOXO to GCKC from GrammieReplyCancel

        I’m very excited to share these images with you… truly.

        As I said yesterday it was such a wonderful experience to work with Erin Tole and have her capture these images of Connor.  I cherish each one of them.

        Now to figure out what to do with these all of these special photos!

        Thank you for visiting… enjoy your weekend.  ♥

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        • Sarah - Incredible set! Adorable and precious images to treasure forever!ReplyCancel

        • Megan - These are lovely pictures!ReplyCancel