Not your typical walk, right?  I never thought I’d say I went for a walk with goats, but this is a part of our life now like it is the most normal thing in the world.  Who ever would have thought that goats walk along with their people just like dogs do??

        For the most part, anyway.  Dogs aren’t tempted by all the yumminess to eat along the way.  But then again, goats aren’t tempted to chase every sent and squirrel along the way, either!

        Matt got these two little baby goats with the intention of training them up to be pack goats.  Basically, to bring them along on hunting and camping trips so they can help carry some of the load.  They won’t be ready for that responsibility for several years when their bones are ready for the weight and their bodies reach full size (about 200 pounds) so for the time being they are working on walking along, following Matt, obeying and being comfortable out and about.  So far, there hasn’t been much training needed because they come by all of this pretty naturally!

        The trickiest part of it all is actually the boys’ and my desire to interact with them and touch them while we walk.  They need to make sure to know they are ‘working’ though and not playing with us so we have to do our best to refrain.  😉

        Getting them comfortable with climbing on things is a good sized part of their ‘training’ too …

        Get a move on, Sven! 

        As we’ve learned, Sven is better at leading on the leash, and Jack is more willing to simply follow.

        There you have it.  A walk with 2 goat babies, 3 kiddos and a dog.  Just one more unique, yet simply fun activity of our everyday country-livin’ life.

        And in case you didn’t figure it out, Charlie adores his goat friends. 

        And they, fortunately seem to be pretty okay with him, too.  ♥

        Thank you for visiting, friends.  It means so much to me that you visit my blog, read my randomness and view my images.  ♥

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        • Carol - I didn’t know there was such a thing as pack goats! Thanks for sharing the info and photos! I think it would be really hard not to want to play with them. They are so cute!ReplyCancel

        Hello!  I fully meant to get this posted this morning but something about 100+ degree weather and a ballooning forearm thanks to a wretched bee-sting that I got yesterday (while driving!) really threw me for a loop today.  My forearm is currently larger than my bicep and itches and burns so badly that I want to dunk it in an ice bin.  Cortaid, Benadryl spray, essential oils, baking soda with water … nothing helps.  I finally took an antihistamine which started to give a touch of relief about 20 minutes before it made me sleep for 2 hours.  I woke up, put the boys to bed, am now typing this and hope I don’t fall back asleep while doing so.

        Anyhow, here are more images from our final full day in Sunriver, starting with a few of the grand-babes with their Mimi.

        We decided to finish the day with a long bike ride, though I started out walking with my camera.  I thought I had a chance of keeping up with the group, but not so much.

        Stopping to look for golf balls while I caught up…

        Off they went.  Turned out, walking was glorious.  Holding up the group, though, was not.

        So the boys kept riding back to check on me…

        And then speed back up to the group.

        Matt’s sister passed her bike off to me so she and Olivia could ride back home and, so … so you can picture it, I was riding a bike with Big Curty.  My 70-200.  It actually settled nicely on my back and wasn’t an issue at all.

        What was an issue was all the photos I wanted to stop to take.

        Eventually Gage, Kaden and I got too far behind Mimi and Cooper so they kept on going without us, while Matt came back to make sure we were okay.  And then!  We came upon these beauties.

        And when this big guy decided it was time for him to receive the attention, the others went along their way. 

        What should have been maybe a 45 minute ride turned out to be over 2 hours, so we arrived home as the sun had faded.  Mimi brought out one last surprise for the kids and they promptly went to the edge of the golf course to have some fun!

        Since the littles couldn’t get theirs to work, Matt got to have some fun, too.  🙂

        We were all up bright and early the next morning, packing up to head back home.  All except this guy who was apparently pretty sure he was going to stay longer. 

        It was a fabulous, memorable trip … one I know the boys are already longing to revisit!  ♥

        Have a fabulous weekend!  Thank you for reading!

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        Continued from yesterday … we found our way to the music and a huge party for the people staying at the resort.  And I suppose for anyone else who wander that way such as us.  We didn’t get involved in the festivities at all but just stayed on the outskirts and watched the people and listened to the music.  And watched the sky turn absolutely crazy shades of colors.  The color in these images looks so wonky to me, but with the sky the colors it was, the light was insane and there was just no way around it!

        The next day we were able to surprise the kiddos with a visit to the water park and were excited to mix it up a little for the day.

        I really wish I knew what was going on here …


        And then I tucked my camera away and joined in on the fun.

        Back to the room and then quickly out for a walk to get ice cream in town … a special treat on our last day!

        And then to the coffee shop for a special last day drink for me!

        Still a bit more tomorrow!  ♥

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        • Mom - Beautiful sunset; nice bubble, Doot; happy smiles at the waterpark; and yummy-looking ice cream. What a fun post! 🙂
          XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

        More from our time in Sunriver with Matt’s mom, sister and little girl, whom Kaden was quite attached at the hip with!  These little cousins are a fun little pair.  ♥

        I feel like I should tell you that I took this shot from my bike, and then promptly nearly fell off the left side of the path.  SO… I had to rethink shooting while riding.

        … until I felt daring and gave it a go once again, only this time I just focused and snapped without looking through the viewfinder.  MUCH safer approach!  And yes, I had a basket on the front of my bike, which is brilliant.

        We stopped briefly at the Nature Center where we learned about the Great Horned Owl.  Even better though, she informed us that the Great Grey Owl, which we have living at our house, does not hunt cats.  Big sigh of relief!

        The long 15-minute wait for sunscreen to dry….

        And then into the pool.  This guy decided he was done with cautiously wading into the water at the steps and it was time to start jumping!

        Back to the room for some rest …

        My mother-in-law and sister-in-law went out to meet a friend in town so we got to spend the evening with my niece which doesn’t happen nearly enough.  ♥

        We started with a walk, but then decided to grab the bikes and ride down to where we heard live music and lots of hooping and hollering and laughing going on.

        We arrived to where all the activity was and we’ll see that tomorrow!  🙂

        Thank you for visiting!  Have a wonderful Wednesday! ♥

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        • Mom - What a lovely, fun place to vacation. Photos of Kaden and Olivia are so cute 🙂
          XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

        I really enjoy when my boys get to retrace some of the steps of Matt’s and my childhoods.  I get sentimental about our trips to the Beach House because I’ve gone there all through my life.  I get sentimental when they swim at the pool where I spent my summers and when they swim in the lake and river Matt frequented with his friends.  I suppose it intertwines their lives with ours even more, giving them a chance to be a part of the life we had long before their life began.

        That is why their recent trip to Sunriver was so special.  Matt vacationed there each summer when he was a boy, all the way into High School and I was so excited for them to spend time enjoying it the way he once had.  The boys and their cousin, Olivia, drove over with Matt’s mom (whom they call, Mimi) on Friday and then Matt’s sister joined them Wednesday, and he and I came bright and early Thursday morning.

        By ‘bright and early’, I mean, as the sun was coming up.  It was a gorgeous time to make the drive … even though I’m usually still sleeping when we hit the road!

        The moment we pulled up, we were greeted with tearful but joyful “I’ve missed you SO much” hugs and then they got right down to business showing us all that they’d been up to.  Starting with the tree Kaden and Olivia had deemed “their fort”.

        And then the water balloons that were quite the hit …

        … they showed us our bedroom and the squishy balls Mimi had gifted them …

        They hadn’t had their bikes during their time with just Mimi so were pretty anxious to go for a ride when we arrived with them.  I tried to bring my camera on the ride but ended up leaving it behind.

        And honestly, my attitude soured a bit because I couldn’t bring it.  Sad, right?  At one point on the ride I admitted to Matt that I can’t seem to enjoy an activity as much if I can’t document it with my camera… I don’t like that it has come to that, but that’s a post for another day.  Turned out, the ride was wonderful and it was like watching long-lost friends reuinted as the boys zipped along on their bikes.  🙂

        Back to the house, they zoned out while we ate a quick breakfast and prepped to go to the pool.

        Evidently, by the time we got there, the boys were pretty spent with swimming and had moved on to poolside game-time.

        But, I’d brought them new goggles that they were eager to try out so to the water they went, and off with the floatie for Kaden!  He had been so excited for us to arrive so I could work on teaching him to swim without it so the moment he hit the water it was lesson time.  And he did great! 

        While Matt and the boys went for a longer ride that afternoon, I spent some time on the workshop

        … then onto prepping for a BBQ dinner …


        … with some pistachio eating …

        … and espresso grinding …

        … and fig trying …


        After dinner we walked over to the little Sunriver town center …

        Well, most of us walked, but this one couldn’t be parted from his bike quite yet…

        Perhaps my favorite shot from the trip …

        They were eager to show us this rock/gem/mineral/whathaveyou store where they were hoping to purchase their souvenirs from, and it cracked me up when the owners greeted the boys saying, “Oh!  So good to see you again!”.

        Doot got his souvenir of gold flakes and we wandered back home. 

        Home in time to go do some mandatory golfball-searching out on the course after all the players were done for the day.

        And Matt introduced Gage to the best places to search if you’re really committed to finding as many as you can.  😉

        And, Gage was really committed!

        And that was the end of day of day one.  ♥

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        • Mom - What fun for GCK to spend time with their Mimi at Sunriver! Love the action photos…Go Tades!
          XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel