As Kaden encouraged me to push him higher on ‘Brother’s swing’ and then asked me to teach him how to pump so he could do it on his own, I remembered THESE photos I took of him 2 years ago.  

I’m constantly amazed at the big guy things he’s doing now, but how much I still view him as my Little Tado … my Littlest Guy, my baby.

All I can say, is I’m so glad I get to be this boy’s mama.  Snuggling him everyday, hearing his special little voice, comforting when he cries or sharing in his joys … all good things.  Watching him grow, though … that can be so hard.  Even though he’s only 4, I know that  each day is one day closer to him not fitting on my lap anymore, or finding assurance just by receiving my hugs.  But I keep reminding myself that getting to be the one to help prepare him to soar into this life is such an honor and one of the biggest blessings of motherhood.  I sure can’t stop him from growing up, so I just have to soak him up and nurture that growth, as much as possible. :)

Thanks for visiting, as always!  Photography friends, I photographed these by locking focus on the ground, directly below him and then carefully recomposed my camera upward to where he’d be swinging.  Sort of like locking focus on the bottom of a wall, and then recomposing to then photograph the top of the wall.  ;)  It is all about the focal plane. :)

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  • Mom - Sweet…sweet….Easter candy sweet!! Tades is such a cuddle-bug and so precious. Your thoughts and images are perfect.
    XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

Just a Few Little Stories to Be Told

Occasionally, I’ll take only one or two photos to capture a little story from our day.  Shocking, I know.  ;)  But then a blog post of just that photo is tough because I have piles of others to share.  I know, I know … I don’t have to share them all. Old habits die hard.  Instead, I thought I’d share a few of those images, and stories, with you today, cuddled together in one post.

1) …..This image pretty much tells its own story, except that A) He was annoyed with the mess that his brothers left and B) he did this all on his own.   And I think that those two little facts make me love it even more!  My Littlest Guy … a cleaner after my own heart.

2)  …. My Oldest Boy has become rather interested in stars and constellations and was super excited to stay up late enough to stand out under the clear blue, darkening sky and watch the stars emerge.  I don’t ever do that … go outside after the sun goes down… so this made me thankful that he wanted to and encouraged all of us to sit with him.  A sky filled with stars is something to behold.

3) … yesterday was Charlie’s First Birthday.  He spent quite a bit of it barking at a new pile of firewood the boys stacked the day before.  He was so furious with it.  Either he knows something we don’t know,  or my pup has poor eyesight.  Or, he’s just looney-tunes.

… I went out there with him to show him it was okay, and as soon as he was accepting of the woodpile …..

… he turned on Matt’s old truck, barking at it like it was attacking …

…. and then felt like the pile was in on it, too, and felt like he needed to continue barking at it as well.

… Back and forth he went,  through out the day.  Goofy dog.

4) … Two days ago, I spontaneously decided to do a Day in The Life, where I photographed our day, step-by-step, event-by-event.  Here was my first shot of the day … something about that sunshine rising made me think it would be a good day to document.  Lots (I mean, lots) more on that to come.  

It makes me feel happy to get caught up with sharing random images and stories.   I suppose it is a bit odd if I feel sad for the photos that don’t get to be shared…. oh well.  Thanks for visiting, and for sharing in these little stories with me!



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  • Mom - Sweet Tado and Doot! Silly Charlie :) Your images and descriptions were great, but I wish I could have been there, too, to watch that crazy one-yr-old pup. Your link to “Picking Charlie” was fun to look at again :)
    XOXOXO to GCK from Grammie
    Hugs to the birthday puppyReplyCancel

Gifts, Bowling, and Frozen Yogurt | A Day for Our Middlest Boy.

I imagine it is a little tough being the middle son, especially the middle son who’s birthday is 5 days after his big brother’s.  Even though we had a joint party for G&C, we still wanted to do something special for Coop’s birthday so we asked him what would be a fun little day out for him.  He wanted to start with Egg’s Benedict for breakfast, then gifts, then play with his gifts, then chicken nuggets and fries for lunch, then bowling, then frozen yogurt…

Mind-you, this was our first time going bowling … actually, I’m pretty sure I was the only one that had been bowling before.  ;)  We dove right in, by-passing the lessons on form, so it took a bit for the boys to start having fun.  Thank goodness for those bumpers.

They didn’t ask to bowl a second game (surprisingly!) since they knew that Frozen Yogurt was next on the docket, and just the next street over. ;)

They are all business when there is Frozen Yogurt in front of them…  no messin’ around.

And then they dove into mine.

… he wanted to end his special day with pizza for dinner, and then a bike ride.  Oh, and then watch Napoleon Dynamite before bed.  :)  We checked everything off of our list, plus added in a whole bunch of hugs, kisses, “I love you’s” and “Happy Birthday’s!”, giving our Middlest Boy a very memorable 7th Birthday.  And hopefully a day when he felt just how special we all think he is. :)

Thanks for visiting!  I took all of these images with my 35 1.4, and more and more it is becoming my exclusive in-door lens.  I still wouldn’t call it my ‘favorite’, but it is definitely my most practical. ;)


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  • Mom - What a precious middlest boy! My, oh my, what a treasure is Cooper. This is an hilarious post. I laughed at the whole bowling sequence. What a nice way to start my day… I’m sure I’ll end my day smiling as well.
    XO to Coop from Grammie
    XOXO to G&K too :) ReplyCancel

    • Lacey - I’m glad it makes you smile. :) They talked a lot about what a good Wii bowler you are while we were there. :) They quickly found out, this was nothing like Wii bowling!ReplyCancel

A Day in the Life {at OMSI}

It was the middle of our Spring Break week and we knew we had to do something a bit different.  A little learning/playing/friend adventure was in order and thankfully our BFs (and fellow homeschoolers) were feeling the same way.  The perfect destination always seems to be OMSI, especially when the weather was iffy as it was.  Plus, the membership my big brother gave us for Christmas makes visiting even more of the perfect option. ;)

The amount of play and learning and exploration there is to do at OMSI is endless, and with all the fun to be had there, I’m not sure if much conscious learning takes place for my boys.  It is a LOT to take in, but in such a good way … and that only means that more-frequent visits, with special time and attention given to certain rooms/concepts/areas of focus, are needed.   Which is fine by me, and I’m pretty sure that would be music to the ears for these kiddos, too. :)

Thank you, again, Uncle Boe for the membership! xoxo  Its the gift that keeps on giving! :)


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  • Mom - I just love this post. Just looking at their faces, so full of wonder and imagination…soaking it all in. And that little Tado, doing all the big kid stuff! Ahhhhh…..
    XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

Soaking Up all the Sun, and Time Together, that We Can.

Living where we do, and with the job that Matt has now, and those he’s had previously, he has always faced long commutes… and therefore, long work days.  If we lived closer to a city, or highway, his commutes would obviously be shorter, but as it is, everything *major* is at least 45 minutes from us, and his drives have been as long as 1 1/2 hours.  But he’s always said, that if this can be his home, he’s totally willing to do those drives.  Right now, with him working longer hours and having an hour+ drive we’re seeing him a lot less, but have to count our blessings for his job, for this place he gets to come home to… And for the later sunsets and beautiful weather we’ve had since all he wants to do when he gets home is be outside.

With our evenings being pushed back quite a bit we eat dinner as quickly as possible and then we spend every minute possible outside, right up until sunset.

It of course comes down to quality, not quantity, of time we spend together these days.  As we soak up every last bit of these beautiful spring evenings, we’re just soaking up every little bit of Dad-time we have, too.  ♥

Thank you for visiting!

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  • Mom - I’m happy that you make the most of every moment you can. I know that your weekends are very special and filled with family-time. I had to chuckle when I noticed Tado’s “hiking” boots. No wonder he’s on Matt’s shoulders! Cute :)
    XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

    • Lacey - :) You would have really liked seeing him going to swim lessons in those boots. Boots and swim trunks. LOL … he wears those things everywhere!ReplyCancel

  • Mom - He’s a country boy in cowboy boots!ReplyCancel

  • Valerie A. - Wow. I just LOVE that second picture from the top of Cooper. The lighting, composition, framing, his expression and look back. It is just moving! All gorgeous pictures, as always, Lacey!ReplyCancel