These updates sure do make the weeks go by quickly it seems!  It could also be that our days lately have been pretty full between appointments and baseball and school.  Strangely though, I find myself saying, “Wow, another update already?” and in the next breath being surprised that we’re only at 30 weeks.

        Due Date?

        July 4, 2017

        Baby’s Size?

        Apparently about 16 inches long and about 3 pounds, and some how comparing the baby’s size to a cabbage is supposed to give us a better idea of his size.  😉  That messes me up.  I have a hard enough time picturing that he’s a little dude in there, and the image of a cabbage isn’t helping.


        I had my OB appointment this week, which I am going to every other week now.  It was a really positive appointment!  My gestational diabetes test came back fine and my blood work had improved since it was taken in December, which is apparently rare during pregnancy.  Blood pressure was also great and she said at that time his head was down.  Totally contrary to what I posted HERE, the MA and Doctor both discussed my weight with me so I found out that I’ve gained 20 pounds and none over the past 2 weeks.

        This week?

        As for the baby this week, not much feels like it has changed!  He’s still moving a ton and throughout the day we get a kick out of watching him jolt around in my belly making the whole thing bonk and shift and contort.  I just don’t get how he can be so protected in there, yet seem so incredibly close to the surface.

        This week we also got our 2 new baby goats, Cooper was sick, we had more and more rain and I planned out the remaining 18 days of our school year.  I may find the rain incredibly depressing but seeing the ending of our school year so close on the horizon makes up for that!

        Aches and pains?

        I am finding myself not flipping and flopping at night so much, so now spend a long time on my left hip and wake up feeling it!  Also, my calves are starting to really get cramped easy, but thankfully stretching them out feels super good.


        We’re nearing the week that Kaden was born prematurely so I’m fighting the urge to be anxious about the possibility of repeating that experience.  I know that we’re doing what we can to help prevent that from happening, and also that, regardless, God is in control and my hope and comfort should always come from that alone.  This is a reminder that I pass through my mind many, many times a day.  As is the prayer that Baby Boy would stay put until his tiny body is good and ready to be born!

        Thank you for visiting … have a fabulous weekend!

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        • Mom - Sweet photos, sweetpea. Good job, Doot. Kind, loving Charlie.
          XOXOXOXO to GCKC from GrammieReplyCancel

        Last night we added 2 more little goat babies to our family!  They are just the cutest and were instantly super comfortable running around with the boys.  The big boy goats seem to be okay with them, though they aren’t currently ‘living’ together quite yet.  We’re letting them be neighbors for a while and then we’ll merge the crew together.  These guys are only 4 weeks old, so are still taking bottles and I’m not sure there is much cuter than giving a baby animal a bottle.  ♥

        We don’t have names for them quite yet so if you have any one-syllable names that go well with Jack and Sven, do share!  🙂 

        How adorable, right??  ♥

        Thanks for visiting!  Have a great Thursday!

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        After what an emotionally taxing start we had to this pregnancy, it is a wonder that I’d be anything but overjoyed with how it has progressed.  I should be rejoicing in the changes my body is making to accommodate my growing boy … as any pregnant mama should.

        It is one thing to know something logically in your head, but sometimes another to actually live it out, right?  Dealing with the changes in my figure is one of those things for me.  After spending 3 years trying to get back in shape and physically healthier than I possibly ever had been before, the softening and bulging I’m now seeing hasn’t been easy.  It sounds incredibly vane and shallow to have these thoughts go through my head, and again, I know this.  But stick with me … I’ve had to take some pretty intentional steps toward overcoming … or at least quieting/shushing/blocking out … those thoughts and in case I’m not the only one out there who’s struggled with this, I thought I’d share.  I’m certainly no expert but sometimes just chatting through the real-deal experience with a fellow mama can be even more helpful.  Or so I’ve found.  😉

        1.I remind myself of what I don’t have control over.  My widening hips, bulging tummy (obviously!), swelling shot locations … no control.  If varicose veins, ankle swelling, and/or stretch marks appear, I’ll probably research them a bit to see if there is anything I can do for them, but likely those too are just par for the course.  I have to remind myself of this.  Literally.  I also don’t have control over the months that I spent laying on the couch, sick and sad and exhausted.  I’m bummed a lot of that happened for many reasons, but I certainly can’t dwell on how it led to a loss in muscle tone and stamina.

        2. I remind myself what I do have control over.  Once I came to a point in my pregnancy when I felt good … physically … I began a few prenatal workouts.  I stuck with Moms Into Fitness (which I’ve loved for years) with the Slim & Fit program, and another called Fit & Sleek Pregnancy.  How much these have effected my figure, I’ll never know, but I can tell day to day how they impact me mentally and physically just during the day.  If I don’t work out in the morning, I am more sluggish and more likely to eat more poorly that day.  My mind isn’t as clear and contrary to what you may expect, my body just feels achier.  Mind you, these are not intense workouts.  They are 15 minute segments focusing on different areas and I’ll usually do 2 each morning, varying from cardio, arms, legs, barre, core, stretching, etc.  And also, throughout the day, I get up and move more often.  Or try to.  My body is pretty forward in telling me when I need to take it easy, so I listen.  But generally, staying active with chores, some work outside and a walk later in the day is totally doable and necessary.

        3. Eating choices.  Of course, we have control over what we eat.  Before, during and after pregnancy.  I’ve had to tell myself that just because I’m pregnant does not mean I can fill the ‘need’ for that extra 300 calories with junk.  And no, I don’t make it habit of standing in the kitchen eating ice cream.  Though, while I was doing this, it was the reminder of two things: 1)  don’t be too hard on yourself for giving in every once in a while and 2) if you’re going to have a dessert, make it count and enjoy it.  Don’t stuff your face frantically at the sink before anyone can catch you in the act.  Dish yourself up a serving, relax with some quiet time and enjoy it.  On the flip side, I’ve made an effort to pick my snacks and meals carefully, focusing on portions, protein, healthy fats and vegetables.  I’m not kidding when I say this has had to be very intentional for me … I have to think about it and talk myself through it.  “No, Lacey, you will not feel great if you have those Oreos, but you will feel a lot better if you have a handful of almonds and a few chocolate chips.”  I talk to myself and it helps.  🙂  It has also helped to just not have a lot of indulgent options in our house.  I had to refuse to bring home to left-over cake from our Easter celebration, and throw out the last several pieces of my favorite chocolate-cherry cake so that I didn’t polish them off.  Eating that stuff honestly does not make me feel well and that’s getting down to the foundation of all of this.

        4.  Drinking more water.  I’m grateful that I’ve had a natural gravitation toward water consumption and a pull away from drinking coffee.   I can rarely get through one cup of coffee in the morning before it starts to taste awful and then the rest of the day, it’s just water, and maybe a drink of iced tea or orange juice.  Pregnant or not, this is so instrumental in being healthier.  And that is continuing to get to the foundation of all of this, too …

        5.  Getting ‘ready’ each day.  This may be silly compared to the practicality of the points above, but showering, wearing clothing that fits, doing my make-up and hair each day really does help me not get down about my feelings of frumpiness.

        6.  Not focusing on the number.   I’ve asked my doctor not to tell me my weight or what I’ve gained, unless it is an issue.   If I’m gaining too much, or not enough (though that’s never been a problem for me!), I of course want her to tell me, but otherwise let’s not discuss it.

        7.  Believing my husband.  Believing him when he says he loves my pregnant-ness.  This goes wayyyy back to the very true advice to not base your relationship with someone based on their looks, figure, or your physical attraction to the outer package.  And certainly not to marry someone based on them.  Because all that changes over time and pregnancy is definitely an example of when love and attraction has to go well beyond the exterior.  That goes without saying, right?  Matt has been amazing at continuing to express his attraction to me when I feel way less than attractive, but I have had to really chose to believe and trust him.  He’s never in all our life together given me any reason to not trust him, so now is not the time to let my insecurities get the best of me and let doubt sneak in.

        8.  Thank God.  I do thank God that he gave us women bodies that can handle this miraculous process, and focusing on the unbelievably complex process that is taking place inside me is a surefire way to take my mind off the seemingly negative side-effects and placing it where it should be.  On being equally amazed as I am grateful.  I pray for how to handle my insecurities and frustrations, as much as I pray for God to guide me toward the right foods and activity level for this intense, yet natural, experience of pregnancy.

        9.  Realizing what is important.  Here’s the foundation that I’ve had to embrace … the motivation for everything I do for my body and put into my body should be for the baby and my health.  Pregnancy is not the time to make excuses to eat whatever the body craves or to give in to inactivity.  However, pregnancy IS best time get into the habit of listening carefully to your body.  Listen honestly to what your activity level should and shouldn’t be.  Be honest with yourself over how good that healthy food option makes you feel after you eat it, versus how pooey eating that heaping helping of a hot-fudge sundae makes you feel.  This is truly what I’ve had to do … what I keep having to do.  This is an ongoing process, pregnant or not, and daily I tell myself that, “It is a balance, should not become an obsession, and remains about health (mine and this little dude’s) not appearance.”  Period.


        I have no doubt that I’m going to have to talk myself through this issue and these reminders post-natal as well, and I do think that all of these points will remain applicable.  They are always worth embracing because keeping healthy, realistic intentions for our bodies before, during, and after pregnancy is definitely worth our time and effort.   ♥


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        • Stephanie George - So hard to let go (a little) when we have worked so hard to get in shape after pregnancy. But remind yourself that this is a very short time. You are being conscious about your decisions. The blessing of being a mother is such a gift, and we are supposed to get a little round and have some extra fluff here and there, just as we are meant to be a loving, nurturing support for our children. Yes, getting back to where you were will be a challenge, but certainly not one you can’t overcome. Give yourself some grace, and know that during this time, your “older” boys are also seeing what it means to be a mother, to carry a child and how your body is changing. They will remember this when they are husbands and know that it’s a gift, a beautiful thing and something that only a woman can do. How miraculous.ReplyCancel

        • Mom - I certainly agree with Stephanie ‘s wise comments. Lacey, thank you for your honest and helpful post. I need to take it to heart too.
          XOXOXOXO to GCKC from GrammieReplyCancel

        My boys have always enjoyed art of the drawing of pictures kind.  Maybe with a little watercolor painting thrown in here and there.  Taking photos when I let them …  they like that also, but they may not so much look at it as art.  And if you call carving sticks art, they do love that.  Otherwise?  Sculptures and actually studying the plethora of art-forms out there just hasn’t so much been our thing.

        But this is art spoken with their love language.  Spoken exclusively with Lego.

        This collection created by Nathan Sawaya is on display at OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) and is there through May 29.  It is worth checking out, particularly if you have kiddos that love Lego!  I’d suggest making sure you take the time to read the information provided by the artist about each sculpture because learning his inspiration or about the piece he was replicating was pretty fascinating.

        Also, a few notes about how I went about photographing the exhibit:

        1. I told my boys I’d be taking photos of them observing the art.  I always find that giving fair warning of a time when I may need to give a bit of instruction with the photo-taking is appreciated and helpful.
        2. The first thing I did when entering the exhibit area was spot meter to +2 1/3 off of the white table that the first art piece was on, and also set a custom white balance off of it as well.  I figured the lighting would be the same on the majority of the displays so taking care of this right away allowed me to basically set it and forget it.  😉 I used +2 1/3 rather than the typical +2 for white because I knew that would be necessary to help bring up the exposure on the child looking at the structure.
        3. On exhibits with crazy color casts, I just didn’t worry about that until post processing.  I knew I couldn’t eliminate that in camera or even completely in post.
        4. The fall off of light was awesome, which explains the blacked out backgrounds.  Metering for the light on the sculpture combined with the lack of light in the surroundings created this look and I didn’t have to do anything in most of the images to enhance it.
        5. I made sure to take the photo once I noticed my boy was close enough to be receiving the light on their face.  The majority of these just took a simple statement or question like, “Ooh, wait there for a second, Bud” or “Sweet boy, can you move a tiny bit closer?” or “Can you read that description and tell me about the piece?”.  Since we were there with friends I really tried to be as undistruptive to their fun and natural observation as possible.  But they know how fun it is for me to take these photos and they enjoy the results too so don’t mind going along with specific instructions or requests that I may have.   I just genuinely strive to not overdo it and relied heavily on just observing for photo ops and grabbing them when they naturally happened.  That is always more enjoyable for all of us.  😉
        6. I used the 35 1.4 for all of these … whenever in question of what lens to bring, that is my go to.  It is fast to focus, opens wide, sharp, and a perfect focal length for an indoor setting.

        After visiting the exhibit we went on to explore the rest of the areas in OMSI and the boys rediscovered how much they love this place.  It had been a few years since we’d been and with new eyes they took it all in, especially with the hands-on challenges.  I didn’t take any more photos during our time since I’ve done so ad nauseam previously and felt more like just letting them be but if you’re interested in seeing a bit more about OMSI or just to get ideas about photographing your kiddos in a place like this, you can check out a few post HERE, HERE, and HERE.

        Happy Monday … I hope your day is fabulous and your week gets off to a great start!

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        • Kasey White - My boys would LOVE this exhibit! They love Legos and they love coming up with new creative things to build. This exhibit would give them inspiration for months! And, thank you for all of the tips for shooting at an exhibit like this! So helpful!ReplyCancel

        • Sharra - These are amazing. So fun to see how you can rock any lighting scenario.ReplyCancel

        • Mom - Absolutely incredible…both the photos and the Lego exhibit.
          XOXOXOXO to GCKC from GrammieReplyCancel

        29 Weeks!  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get merge together this week’s belly photos with family photos.  It was totally unintentional that we all coordinated so well on Easter… so unintentional in fact, that I didn’t even notice until we got home from church and finally saw the 5 of us together.   With a happy attitude and promise that it would only take a few minutes, I grabbed my gear and told them to meet me outside.  😉 

        My intention was just a family photo, but when a chance is there to get a shot with my favorite guy, I never pass it up.  ♥

        Measurement around?

        Still about 39 inches, bare skin.  I think I must have measured around my shirt last week because I definitely feel like I’ve grown!

        Baby’s size?

        Probably about 15.7 inches long or so and about 3 pounds … a little larger than the typical 29 weeker.  We visited OMSI this week and viewed their baby exhibit and got to actually see a baby at 29 weeks gestation.  None of us could quite believe our little guy looks like that but I think it has helped all of us picture him a little more accurately now.


        Progesterone Shot and Glucose Testing, which I have yet to hear back the results for.

        This week’s activities?

        We celebrated Easter and Matt, Gage and Cooper went to the annual 3-D shoot up in Washington that they do each April.  Kaden had the option to go, but opted to stay home with me knowing it would likely be his last chance to have a few days of Mama/Tado time.  It is unreal how quiet the house is with just him, and I wonder if this is what it will be like when Baby Boy is 7 and it is pretty much just him and me?

        On that note…

        I can’t shake the feeling that Baby Boy will need a sibling close to his age.  Just throwing that out there!


        I’m still just loving maternity tanks from Target (Liz Lange) paired with a Lucy cardigan.  After resurrecting a maxi skirt to wear on Easter, though, I’m pretty sure I could live in these for the rest of my pregnancy!  So super comfy!

        I did purchase some nursing bras and tanks from Target when Gage and I rolled through there last weekend (on search for jeans for Kaden that didn’t have holes in them).  Can you believe that I never had any actual nursing tops with any of my boys, even though I nursed for an average of about 20 months for each of them??  I guess it didn’t seem quite as necessary to be discrete when they were all so little, but now that they are older I do feel the need to go at it a bit more modestly.

        I’m super excited to have a sleeping nursing bra, too, by the way.

        I’ll be pairing those tops and bras with these fabulous nursing pads that my sister-in-law designed and created!


        Not so well … still lots of flipping and flopping and the middle of the night run to the bathroom has begun.  Putting a little pillow between my knees does definitely help with the hip pain, though.

        Belly button in or out?


        Yes!  I cleaned out and organized our storage room yesterday and it felt so good!

        Totally flat!  Sort of comically so!

        Surprised by?

        I have YET to have anyone ask me if this pregnancy was planned.  I have a planned response and everything, but no one has given me a chance to use it!  😉

        Humored by?

        EVERYONE’s reaction when I tell them we’re having another boy.  I love how everyone lets out a laugh … because it is of delight!  Then it is followed up by something really encouraging about what it takes to be a boy-mom or of how they know someone who ended up with 7+ boys or something like that.  These conversations have been really fun for me.  🙂

        Thank you for visiting and keeping up with our adventure with this newest Little Guy! ♥

        Also, for anyone wondering, Gage, Matt, and the tripod took these images with the 105mm 2.8 Macro.   I’d prefer to use the 70-200 for portraits but am too nervous to put it on my tripod.  So, out of my other long focal length lenses, the 105 is my sharpest which led me to go with it!

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        • Mom - Absolutely beautiful photos! Have you ever thought of becoming a maternity photographer?? I bet you’d be great! Just teasing 🙂 …..and then there’s always newborn photography too 🙂 🙂
          XOXOXOXO to GCKC from GrammieReplyCancel

        • Erica - Thanks for the fun update! We are all delighted here.
          Thank you for the honorable mention also! And…. maybe a 5th? Oh this is a fun post. 🙂ReplyCancel

        • Carol - Stunning photos! I wondered what lens you used because the background almost looks like a painting. I shoot Canon and have the 100mm but have never used it for shots like yours. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your photos and knowledge!!ReplyCancel