Because this blog is such a reflection of my life, I feel strange when I realize that I haven’t shared about something that is a big deal to me!  Especially if it is something I’ve shared about in the past, but have neglected to keep you updated on.  Almost like, realizing I haven’t taken photos of one of my boys in awhile… I feel the need to and then post and say, “He’s still here!”.  😉

        So it goes with my Bible Journaling.  I love it, still.  Rarely does a day go by that I don’t do something in my Bible, hopefully at least reading it, then also sketching out a passage, inking it, coloring it, reviewing ones I’ve written.  It is still such a part of my day, and because I found so much inspiration from those who’d shared their word-art and journaling online when I first started out, I like to keep on sharing mine here to maybe fan the flame of someone else who’s felt the spark of interest toward Bible Journaling.  ♥

        In addition to scripture, I’ve penned in a few favorite quotes I’ve come across such as this one.  However, I began to feel a bit off about doing this, so I recently purchased a seperate journal to write these quotes in.

        I took a bunch of photos to share, and then realized it was nearly 100 images, so I’ll be spreading out these posts.  😉  I’d love to hear if you’re Bible Journaling, or if you have any questions about it.

        I’d also love your opinion on color or no color??  I enjoy penning in the verses so much that I haven’t been taking the time to color them and now feel sort of fond of the simplicity of B&W.  What do you think?

        Thank you for reading!  I hope your week has been great so far!

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        Stand tall.  That’s it … that’s all.  ♥

        Each day this little nugget demonstrates, and sparks, genuine joy. I have days when I struggle to find it, but without even trying he brings it. Joy. And gives it freely and abundantly away.

        Happy Monday.  🙂

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        • Mom - Ahhhh….thank you for starting my week off with a smile.
          XO to sweet Tado from Grammie
          XOXO to G&C too 🙂ReplyCancel

          • Lacey - 🙂 Can you believe how grown up his big-boy smile is?? I hardly remember him with baby-teeth. I’m glad you enjoyed these!ReplyCancel

        • Alice C. - Oh my! That light!! <3ReplyCancel

          • Lacey - Oh, Alice! Isn’t fall light the best?? I just love its warmth so much. 🙂ReplyCancel

        • Carol - Beautiful as always! So fun to see the spotlight on this little guy.ReplyCancel

          • Lacey - Thank you, Carol. 🙂 He is so fun for me to photograph, though we didn’t get a lot of variety because he was loving just hanging out on that rock! 🙂ReplyCancel

        • Iris - Beautiful images of your sweet son. The light is fabulous too.ReplyCancel

          • Lacey - Thank you, Iris! I just can never get enough of the light this time of year. <3ReplyCancel

        • Michelle - Stunning pictures and oh what gorgeous light!ReplyCancel

        I pulled this meal together back when Matt and the boys were prepping for hunting, upon Matt’s request for “make-ahead, easy to heat up, protein and veggie full meals.”  Since I was making them several of said meals, I kept them pretty simple and mostly just pulled from our list of ‘favorite’ meals.  But he also asked for one with sausage, peppers and potatoes, which I had no recipe for.  So, I just kept it simple with, guess what … Smoked Sausage, Peppers, and Potatoes!  Hah!

        Here’s the run-down of the prep in photos … and the simplest (and quite delicious) recipe follows …



        Smoked Sausage, Peppers and Potato Hash


        1 lb or so, smoked sausage

        4 medium-large red potatoes, or one small per person

        2 peppers, red, green, what have you.

        1 small onion

        Seasoning salt

        2/3 cup water

        1 – 1 1/2 tsp Pizza Seasoning


        salt + pepper


        1. Wash and prick with a fork several times, your red potatoes.  2. Microwave these on your baked potato setting, but for only the time of 2 potatoes.  This gets them nicely cooked, but still solid enough to be cut and crisped up in the skillet.  Just be sure to let them cool for a bit before dicing.   3. Wash the peppers …… and then dice them and a small onion into bite sized chunks. Mine were about 1/2 to an inch.  4.  In a large skillet, heat up a bit of butter and a scoop of refined coconut oil … or just butter … or just oil.  5. Saute the veggies until they are tender crisp and put them into a bowl …  5.  Meanwhile, once cooled, cube the potatoes into bite-sized pieces.   6.  Add a bit more oil to the skillet, add the potatoes, sprinkle them with seasoning salt, and fry the cubed potatoes.  To save time, you could cook these along side the veggies in their own skillet, but I chose to save on how many skillets I had to wash, so just did it in the same one.   Your goal here is to crisp up the outside of the potatoes.  7.  Add these to the bowl of veggies when done.  8.  Meanwhile, slice up your smoked sausages.  I used venison ones, but pork, turkey, whatever kind, would probably be great!  9.  Don’t add more oil to the pan … pan-fry the sausage over med-high heat to brown them up.  10.  Add all the veggies and potatoes back into the skillet, mix around.  11.  Add pizza seasoning to the water, then pour it into the pan, over all of the hash.  Bring to a simmer, turn the heat to med-low and cover… let simmer while you cook your eggs.
        2. I love to cook my scrambled eggs by just melting some butter in the skillet, then adding the eggs, unwisked to the skillet.  Add salt and pepper … then, I let them set up a bit until the edges just barely start turning white, then poke the yokes and stir.  I gently turn them over several times, stir a few times, just carefully working them.   I find that this keeps them from getting dry and rubbery.  🙂
        3.  This meal is fabulous just plated up, but also in a burrito with cheese!  Left overs of the hash get better a day later so feel free to increase the mixings if you’d like!

        This meal has become a staple for us and I make it nearly every week!  I hope you enjoy!

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        • Mom - Yum! Yes, I can vouch for how yummy this meal is 🙂
          XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

        • Erica - Yummy! And look at them gunz!!!ReplyCancel

          • Lacey - Hah! Thank you. 😉 And yes! It is really great, and super good as left overs in burritos!ReplyCancel

        When I learned that my recently updated breakout, Photographing Your Everyday is still one of Click&Co Store’s best-selling breakouts after 4 years I was completely thrilled and surprised.  Surprised, because … well… FOUR years!  And thrilled …  for a reason you may not assume.  Even though my breakout covers in great depth my entire process of shooting, from choosing what to photograph, to how I do all the way to how I edit and design my albums …  this breakout was never really about me, and still isn’t.  It isn’t about numbers of sales or getting my name out there.  It has always been about helping others who share my passion for documenting our lives … our real-deal lives … with photography.  I want to help them … you … establish an approach, a workflow, for easily, beautifully, and thoroughly accomplishing this.  I feel passionate about both the moments of our everyday and the beauty that they hold and about encouraging photographers to recognize what an opportunity these moments are for capturing in their images.

        Alone, these moments may not seem all that significant.  But woven together they create the beautiful, intricate and incredibly unique tapestry of our life.  I love this reminder from Laura Ingalls Wilder:trueway3


        Surely, they don’t always feel beautiful or enjoyable … or photo-worthy.  But the motivation behind my breakout and my ongoing message to fellow photographers is just simply; they are.  I love connecting with others who seek to capture this and base their purpose of photography on doing so.  This is why it thrills me to know that my breakout is still speaking this message to photographers, and I certainly hope that my blog is as well.  And this is also why it totally excites me when I receive an email, message or comment that encourages and ignites a conversation on this topic.  Just the other day, a sweet blog reader named Alicia contacted me with this question …

        You said that you began your blog to kind of document your life for your family and share your photos.  I shoot every day life and also have times where I do more lifestyle/portraiture shoots. I was wondering if you could share what you have found helpful in documenting life for/about your kiddos. Do you write them letters each month? I saw that you had a section for letters to them, but just started reading so haven’t seen everything….Do you do photo shoots once a year? Every season? What have you found that works for you? Obviously, every family will be different and unique, but I am just curious because I am also interested in documenting family life and am looking into all the different ways to do that. 🙂

        … and I thought it would be fun to share my response here!

        So!  Yes, I did start this blog about 5 1/2 years ago to share our images and my stories from motherhood.  My boys weren’t then, and still really aren’t my blog audience, though they do love looking at old posts and reading my retelling of their stories.  My audience then, and still is, just people who appreciate hearing from another who is experiencing what they are, experiencing what they hope to, and who have already experienced it.  Also, people who just enjoy photography.  😉 How I specifically document life and keep the images for my family is in Blurb books.  I used to be a devoted, traditional scrapbooker but overtime needed a quicker method and also one that could highlight the images more than the artistic touches of the layout itself.  Now, my albums are a 180 from my scrapbook pages because they are digital and contain no frills!  🙂  When I see them flipping through the pages of these books, seeing the images and then retelling the stories from how they recall them, I feel like the abundance of images I’ve taken is worth it.

        In those albums, I don’t include much for journaling, so I really strive to have my images tell the stories themselves as much as possible.  And this is then my advice for documenting life for your children … think through what makes up your day.  Do this before you have your camera in hand.  And don’t just grab your camera when you see something that looks photo worthy.  I talk about this a lot in my breakout, so trust me, I could go on and on!  😉  But I encourage you to think through your routines, what goes on in your everyday life … think this through as their mom.  Then, as their photographer, think through how you can photograph these activities.  Sometimes, it’ll be naturally as the event is unfolding.  Does your younger child always stand at the window watching for brother to come home on the bus?  Envision how you can capture that… prepare.  And other times, you can set up these activities in a way that is beneficial for photos such as when and were there is ideal light, or an appealing background.   Does your child still love to put on his costume from 3 years ago, but it now hits him at the knee rather than the ankle?  Mine does!  And I’m working on figuring out how to take a photo that documents this.  It is perhaps possible to snap one photo and call the story told, but I really tend to move around my subjects, around and through the action …. observe, consider, and snap, observe, consider, and snap … capturing the scene, up-close details, and specific elements all while paying attention to my preferences as a photographer.  This is what tells the story in a way, I feel, that is adequate without words.

        I basically stick  strictly to lifestyle and documentary photography with my children because it is these photos that I use to tell the stories of their childhood.  (Mind you, I’m showing their activities and everyday life and telling their stories obviously from my perspective.)  The only times I do traditional portrait sessions with them anymore is around their birthdays, and honestly, they are hard for me!  🙂  I’m not great at posing … my boys are super cooperative with them, thankfully but I think that’s because I so rarely do them! 😉   When they were really little and I was working on starting a business and just figuring out my camera, I did photograph them in this way more often but still … none of those are my favorites because they tell me so very little about them.  Every once in awhile, though, I’ll snag a ‘portrait- like’ shot of them in amongst my everyday shooting.  But even they will tell you that I prefer no eye contact and that ‘just do what you’re doing’ is my photography instruction.  🙂

        And, no … I do not write them a letter each month anymore.  The category of Letters to Our Sons was a blog circle I was a part of for a period of time and now that you mentioned it I realize I should have my older two go back and read these letters now!  🙂

        I encourage you, Alicia, and anyone else interested in documenting life in photos, to realize what a gift it is to your family, and to you, to do this.  The opportunities for challenging, artistic, meaningful images within your everyday life are endless and no one can tell these stories better than you.   ♥

        I also wanted to let you all know that in honor of being one of the best-selling breakouts, Click&Co Store is offering my breakout:  Photographing Your Everyday, as part of a 48-hour flash sale!  Until Wednesday at midnight it is 50% off!  No code is needed and you can follow THIS LINK!  I wrote it 4 years ago, but just updated all of the photos, the format, and the contents a few months ago to more accurately teach how I NOW document life … I hope you enjoy!

        (And what’s a blog post without a few photos?)

        Just giving the goat babies some extra nutrients!  🙂

         Thank you for visiting, and for being along on this journey with me!  ♥

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        • Kimberly - I’m so excited to take your breakout!!! I’ve been wanting to take it for months now and it couldn’t be better timing to go for it. As a homeschool mama of 3 boys myself, I’m constantly encouraged by you and blessed by your heart to help others along their journey weather it’s in parenting, homeschooling, or photography. 💗ReplyCancel

        • Megan Presley - I got my dslr camera over two years ago. I did a 365 project my first year – and kept it in auto until October. 😕
          I learned a good bit the rest of that year, but a far cry from what I wish I knew! But I also have varying pulls and interests and a lack of time to devote to pictures. I ended up getting in a big rut and now only pull my camera out when I know I’ll want to take something. I tried to keep up with my blog by posting activities and things we did a a family – just showing off my kiddos to some friends and family. I got so far behind and couldn’t catch up that I just gave it all up and called it quits. I hastill given me more time to read and sew, but I would like to do it all (don’t we all??)!
          Thanks for sharing so much and truly showing how much you want someone like me to be able to take quality pictures of my kids! I’ve enjoyed following your family adventures for the last couple years and am hoping your breakout will give me some new inspiration too!ReplyCancel

        • Mom - My heart swells with pride that you are successfully, yet humbly, using the gifts that God has given you in words and ability.
          XO to you
          XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

        I’ve been debating for some time now about stepping away from a responsibility I’ve been committed to for several years.  I’ve asked Matt time and again what he thinks I should do, but I think he knows me well enough that it does little good to just flat out tell me which way to go.   Wishy-washy is my middle name and his support for one choice brings out all of my support for the other.

        So instead, he just asked, “What would you do with all that extra time?”

        I didn’t have a ready answer … there is nothing, honestly, that I’m longing to have more time for.   His question did get me thinking quite a bit, then, about how I do currently spend my time.

        I try to save time in how I go about doing things … the way I pay bills, plan our meals, grocery shop, dole out chores for quick clean sweeps of our home (wipes go to one boy, Swiffer duster to another and Swiffer sweeper to another, toilets to me), multi-task (reading my beloved-blogs only when I’m on the elliptical or drying my hair, for instance), cooking crock-pot and one-skillet meals, etc.   But this isn’t in order to fit more and more of this same stuff into the day.

        It’s to do quickly what has to be done, so that I can save time … which can then be spent on what I want to do and get to do.  And in an essence, those things that I really actually need to do.

        Like homeschool slowly, at my boys’ pace.  And sit on the front porch and Bible journal.  And watch one of them build the paper-airplane he designed.  And help one search and search for that critical Lego piece.  And play game after game of Dominoes.

        For a lover-of-productivity like myself, these activities could begin to feel like time wasters.  I used to feel this pull toward accomplishing more and more in my days because I had this toxic belief that I had to prove that being a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom isn’t easy.  Like I had to prove that my days are packed with to-do’s and work and demands and that I’m not sitting around having bon bons and goofing off and just doing whatever I want all day.

        Well, actually?  That’s partly true!  Today?  We did school, I fit in several ‘must do’s’ of of that to-do list, but then?  I worked out at 2:15, had ice cream with the boys at 3, and played Mancala more times than I counted.  They are building Legos and I’m blogging.  When I finish, I’ll start dinner.  And after, we’ll probably watch a show together and play more games since it is raining a ginormous amount.  I worked, I accomplished quickly, but then, I played with, rested with, visited with, laughed with my boys.  With some discipline and conflict management splatted here and there.  There is no wasting in this; by my definition, there is time well spent.

        Was our day left flawfless?  No way … the showers are begging to be cleaned, dust accumulates faster than I could ever dream of keeping up with, I forgot to pull out rolls to rise and bake in time for dinner, and I’m pretty sure I never even brushed my hair.  There is always something else that needs to be, that could be, done.  I guess I figure that nurturing the relationships and our souls and our well-being deserves a solid, meaningful chunk of our day.

        I’m just finishing up reading a book about living simply and I applauded the author along the way for coming to the realization of what a gift it is to live this way.  And here is just how I figure it, living simply, works best for me: choosing carefully what to give my time to, then saving time by quickly and orderly working on what has to be done, so that I can spend more time on those things that I want, and get, to enjoy in my life.   And that is most definitely playing Dominoes, taking a crazy walk in the pouring rain, counting the seconds between the lightning and thunder, and having a sweet special treat in the middle of the day.

        Because I do, honestly, think we’re given plenty of time in our day.  If time feels like it is lacking, it’s generally just a matter of not spending it wisely.  ♥

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        • Alice C. - Such a great perspective, Lacey! <3 I think I know what commitment you're talking about and I've had similar struggles!ReplyCancel

        • Megan - Oh, to live simply! Thank you for the reminder! I’ve put off too many times playing games with my kids or reading them another chapter in our read aloud book. I want to get back to that and put other things on the back burner. It’s a struggle here though….but one I’m willing to work on!ReplyCancel

        • Mom - Very well said, sweet girl.
          It looks like Doot brought all of his bedding and bed-friends downstairs for games and cuddling 🙂 Just wondering why Milo isn’t playing dominoes too!
          XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

        • Tara - Oh, this is so my heart right now. I long to spend more time building bridges between my children and I, but too often I focus on the lists of things to do, in reality they are so much less important. Why can’t I remember this?!ReplyCancel