So, despite what my posts lately may suggest, life isn’t all baby-toes and baby-snuggles (though, those are highlights!).  Lots has been going on around here and I’ve been negligent to keep up on sharing here about anything other than the littlest dude. So.


        We’re obviously prepping for Christmas.  I have been for quite some time now … yes, since before Halloween!  Actually, I purchased the boys’ first gifts back in July … I love a lot about Christmas but buying gifts for my people has got to be at the top of my list.  We decorated just before Thanksgiving, I’ve been enjoying every moment of wrapping the gifts and slowly, intentionally, taking in the season.

        These four are all growing and changing by the day it seems.  Keeping me on my exhausted toes, that’s for sure. 

        This one is demonstrating for me what sleep regression is.  Most nights this past week I’ve been up with him every hour.  I’m slowly starting to research sleep training, but I know it is going to tell me that I have to stop letting him fall asleep in my arms and even though I’d love to sleep longer at night, I’m having a hard time throwing in the towel on our precious naptime routine. 

        My dad spent a week in the hospital being treated for an infection, which he continues to battle now that he’s at home.  It is times like this that I am SO thankful that my parents have each other, and times like this that I ache that I live a state away.

        We got a new car!  It was the most painless car-buying situation ever … actually, the only hard part was leaving the world of the SUV and swallowing down the reality pill.  We outgrew what we had and discovered the brilliance that is the Toyota Sienna.  Regardless of how perfect the set-up is of this car, I choke on the words “I drive a mini-van.”  I’m sorry, I just do!  I strongly-strongly like this vehicle though and am holding out hope that some day soon, Connor will too.

        We no longer have chickens …

        I have to be done Christmas shopping.  I have to.  It is so hard though … especially at 3:25 am when I’m up for the 4th time and I sit in the quite dark with my phone.

        I just unsubscribed to all Gap and Athleta emails.  Because at 4:40 when I’m up for the 5th time, they call out to me in the quiet dark as my phone keeps me company … they beckon and I’m such a sucker!

        Christmas Cookie baking is about to get real over here.  I’m starting with these:   Peppermint Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting  and then will make these later this week:   Frosted Peppermint Brownie Cookies 

        I have stopped working out.  Which could get me in trouble due to the above ↑.  Thankfully I’m not stressed about it, I feel certain I’ll get back to it at some point, but right now it was hurting my diastasis recti tummy, other things seemed more pressing for how I’d spend my time, and I lost a bit of my luster for it.  It seems odd to leave it at that since I’ve posted about how important fitness has become to me over the past few years, but it just is what it is.  I’m focusing more on making good choices on what I eat, getting out for walks, and knowing that someday I’ll be back in a season when taking the time for a work-out is in my best interest.

        I just gouged my leg with my toe-nail.  Mama needs a pedicure.

        The boys switched rooms … well, Gage and Kaden swapped so Doot now has his own room and Kaden and Cooper share.  It has been interesting … so good and a little challenging at the same time.  It was time for a change, and to be totally honest with you, I’m shocked I was so okay with it.  I’m sure the chance it gave me to go through everything in their rooms and seriously down-size was a big reason the swap got my support!

        With soccer being done and having no responsibilities away from home, I’ve been able to focus so much on the bare minimum which also happens to be the most important.  Little distractions, little conflict of priorities, little other, and lots of just US.  And it has been really, really good.


        Well … there you have a bit of an update on life as I currently know it.  And since Connor’s still napping, Matt’s on a bike ride, the boys are outside playing football and I have chilled Peppermint Sugar Cookie dough calling my name, I’m off to bake while Christmas music fills the air.  Tis the season!

        Thanks for visiting and sticking with me and our stories.  I appreciate you so!


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        • Mom - Thanks for the update! Most were reminders for me…I didn’t know, though, about your break from workouts. I’m excited to see your new car, and pray that Connor will start to “enjoy the ride.”
          XOXOXOXO to GCKC from GrammieReplyCancel

        Ahh, he found his feet.  Something about this accomplishment is so exciting and comforting to me.  Like, now that he found his toes he’ll never be bored.

        Really though, in finding his feet, he’s discovered the means by which he’ll travel the world.  What will carry him through life and explore and experience the vastness of God’s creation … what will lift him up mountains, meander him along beaches, propel him through work days, and stabalize him to stand tall.

        These feet, they are a big deal.  Someday they will take him through the day to day and on to enjoy amazing places, conquer big feats and serve where he is needed.  His sweet little feet that have never even touched dirt yet … oh the places they will go.

        But today, at 5 months young, they are simply his favorite toy.

        I hope you have a wonderful day!  Thank you, as always, for visiting.

        Photography friends, the light source for these was a table lamp, laying on its side on my nightstand, pointed through the lamp shade at Connor.  It was about 3 feet from him and provided awesome shadows!  

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        I laid him here for a moment and he started to be interested in his toes and I thought he may have been on the verge of ‘finding’ them.  So I grabbed my camera because, you know … a baby finding his toes is a big deal.  😉

        But then biggest brother came in and he was much more interesting than toes!

        I mean, Connor loves his mama and all … he kind of has to.  And yes, he’s pretty fond of his daddy, too … even already saying ‘dadadada’.

        But his obvious love for his big brothers legit and watching him so his affection is just awesome.  ♥

        Have a wonderful Monday!  Thanks for visiting!

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        ConMan is now 5 months and full of joy, sweetness, and personality.  Currently he …

        • says ‘dadadadada’
        • rolls from tummy to back
        • reaches for toys
        • takes out pacie and ‘examines’ it
        • laughs and smiles a lot
        • really does not like car-rides
        • found his toes!
        • splashes a lot in his little bath-tub
        • started eating homemade apple sauce and bananas right at 5 months
        • is working through some sleep regression … oiy.
        • still sleeps best when swaddled
        • is easily entertained by his brothers
        • isn’t overly content for extended periods of time doing any one thing.  Meaning, he goes from thing, to thing, to thing, etc…
        • plays in a jumperoo, bouncin’ and bouncin’!
        • has been ‘baby-sat’ once by his brothers!
        • naps 3 times a day
        • does not frequently poo
        • tries to keep his eyes on Mama
        • is just a dreamy little guy

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        It took him awhile …  mostly it took him being turned outward … but he now enjoys the front pack quite a bit.  He never quite took to facing me, and clearly loves the freedom it gives him to just hang out and be able to see all that is around us, when he’s facing out like a big guy.  😉  So, this is what our family walks, and any outside time, look like for him and me now.

        He is still kinda little to fit this direction and have his face clear the padding so we have him sit on the newborn insert cushion to give him just the boost he needs.  Works like a charm!

        He and I agree, it is a whole new world (for our walks anyway) now that he’s facing outward in the front pack!

        Happy Monday, friends … I hope your Thanksgivings were amazing!  ♥

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        • Vanessa - Hello Lacey,
          5 months already !!!
          Which lens does your boy use for these adorable portraits ?
          Thanxs and take care of you 🙂ReplyCancel