He wasn’t on the ‘verge’ of crawling for long.  His first ‘crawl’ was in Gage’s room, moving after the Miposaur robot his big brothers were playing with.   Excited shouts and claps and cheers erupted from the room upstairs and they all exclaimed, “Mom!  Connor’s CRAWLING!!”  I took the steps 2 by 2, racing to witness the event and join in the celebration … acting almost as if this was sure to be a one time occurrence.  As the dinosaur would cross the room, Connor would maneuver, to the best of his ability, after it.  His determination was precious and as we cheered him on, it was clear he understood that what he was doing was a big deal.

Within a day, he crawling around like it was old news.  I still couldn’t get over his little body scuttling along the floor, his coordination improving by the hour.  The boys would help him practice by enticing him to crawl forward toward toys and then move them further ahead so he’d keep going.  He just went and went … crawling from here to there.  His complete dependence on putting truth to the claim  that ‘it goes by so fast’.  He was just born, after all, right??  

I recall thinking many months ago, “It’ll be so nice when the day comes that he can sit up, but not crawl … when I can just set him down, know he’s sturdy, but stationary.”  That came and went in, like, a week it seems.  Gone are the days of not having to worry about what a little one is getting into.

Cats, beware. You are not safe, and neither is your food!

Thank you for visiting … I hope you’re enjoying your week!  All of these photos were taken with the Nikon D800 and 35mm 1.4.

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As I type this, I can’t believe it was just so recently that I could say that Connor was on the ‘verge’ of crawling.  He’s changing so quickly that I can’t keep up with them in my blog posts!  Here’s a look at when he was still somewhat stationary … getting a kick out of the bright sun spot on the kitchen floor.  😉 

It was such a big deal that he was up on his knees! 

But … that didn’t last long …

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  • Mom - Watch out world…here comes Connor!
    XOXOXOXO to GCKC from GrammieReplyCancel

Happy Valentine’s Day!  ♥

I also wanted to let you know that after almost 8 years of blogging, with a nudge from a sweet friend (thank you, Kari!) I finally figured out how to give you the option to subscribe by email!  Meaning, if you’d like, you can have my blog post emailed directly to you as soon as it posts.  I tried it out myself so I could see what you’d see and the email body looked just like the post … text, images, even the suggested post links at the bottom!

If you’d like to subscribe in this way, just scroll to the bottom of the blog and enter your email where it says ‘Subscribe by Email’.  You’ll receive an email confirmation to verify your request and then easy peasy, you’ll receive the posts without having to take the effort to remember to stop by.  😉  I love convenient things like this!  I also finally updated the RSS feed so you can easily subscribe that way.  8 years later and I’m just now figuring this out!

Of course, you are more than welcome to do that (just stop by) too.  ♥

And, you can also subscribe through blog readers such as Feedly (which is what I do) to organize all your favorite blogs together in one comfy place.  Whatever floats your boat!

Subscribing makes it all the easier to keep up on the growth and current shenanigans of this little man …

(And in black and white… because I suffer from decision fatigue!) 

I hope you have a fabulous, loving Valentine’s!  ♥  And thank you for subscribing if you do!

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Win-Win-Win, all around so far with this trampoline.  Now the boys have discovered that it is fun to bring Connor into it, zip up the enclosure and let him play.  They even bring in their school work and do it while he hangs out and enjoys being outside … while staying clean and safe!

So, so good.

I just simply love so much when the big boys include Connor in their activities.  It doesn’t get much better.

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Honestly, some days I feel just a tad bit done with the hair pulling.  With the yelling in my ear, neediness, fussing, and needle-like finger nails squeezing my neck skin or the back of my arms.  I feel done with needing to always have sharp-attention and attempting to mind-read.  With the drool on my shirt and with the deep desire to spend more than 10 minutes straight on one particular thing without being pulled away by his needs.  Redirecting him from the cat food or out from under the chair in which he’s stuck.  Being climbed on, sucked on, pulled on, grabbed at and cried to.  I feel a bit done with all the challenges that come with having a baby.  Maybe not ‘done’ … but overwhelmed.  No mama anywhere would be surprised at me saying it can be a quite overwhelming at times.

These overwhelming feelings come standard with any baby.

The answer to coping with that, for me, is often to step away for a moment.  Thankfully, my big boys are always willing and able to hang out with Connor for long enough for me to just clear my head, refocus, and basically, fix my attitude.

But more and more often, the answer is not to get away.

It is to come in closer

It is to smoosh my lips into his perfectly plump cheeks and hold the kiss there longer than usual.

It is to cradle him, tip him back and bury my face into his precious neck and slurp up his goodness.   Then smooch him on the nose followed by the chin.

It is to wiggle my finger into his armpit and tickle until his laughter erupts.

It is to rub my hand over his spiky, peach fuzz, faux-hawk hair.

It is to lift his shirt and blow a bunch of rasberries on his tummy.

To pretend to nibble on his feet and toes until his tiny body is shaking with belly laughs.  

It is to untangle his fingers from my hair and kiss each little finger, one by one, let him grip my hand and then kiss his preciously dimpled knuckles too.

To nurse him in a quiet, calm room where I can just gaze at him and trace his ear with my finger, tenderly playing with his earlobe.  

It is to lay on my stomach by him on the floor so I can watch super intentionally the way he purses his lips and lifts his eyebrows up and down while he examines a toy.

It is to hold him tight to feel his heartbeat against my chest, his breath against my face and to breathe in slowly… in and out, in and out, while I block everything else out but him.

The answer to the overwhelming feelings of having a baby is not to get away.  The answer is to reconnect with the overwhelming feelings of love I have for this precious tiny human by overwhelming myself with his amazingness.

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  • Kari Patterson - Oh, Lacey! I love this so much! This is so inspiring for me, and will be good for me to remember as I enter into this same phase. 😉 I love that our lives have quieted down enough that we can actually do this! Love you so much.ReplyCancel

  • Mom - This is a beautiful post, both in photos and in message. I’ve viewed it many times, and probably will some more!
    XOXOXOXO to GCKC from GrammieReplyCancel

  • Chesha Oliver - Lacey!! These pictures are just as beautiful as your words to accompany them. Who did you get to take them? One of your boys or a timer/Tripp’s?

    Your boys and that adventures are always a joy to look at, and I’ve admired your posts for years but I’m especially smitten right now with all the Conner details you capture. ❤️ReplyCancel

    • Lacey - Hi Chesha! Thank you very much. 🙂 These were taken using the Interval Timer that is part of my camera. I love that feature and use it most of the time for the selfies I have of Connor and myself. Occasionally one of my older boys will take the photo for me, though, if they aren’t occupied with something else.ReplyCancel