I’m so excited to finally show you Connor’s nursery!  The space has, for the most part, been finished for several months now and the finishing touches came in a few weeks ago with the curtains.  I had so much fun dreaming up this sweet room and seeing it come together.  The entire process was such a delight and every time I walk into this tiny room I feel an immediate calm come over me.   And yes, the room is tiny …

        6 feet by 9 feet counts as tiny, right?  🙂

        This room is directly attached to our bedroom and used to be my scrapbook room.  I condensed and consolidated all of the scrapbook/craft items and created a small work space in our basement so that this room could be all Connor’s.  So far, with him home for a bit over a week now, I am loving how this close proximity is working out!

        Onto the room… first, I painted the room a french grey color.

        I purchased these sweet watercolor prints as digital files from We Lived Happily Ever After on Etsy, printed them at ColorInc, and put them in Sondrum frames from Ikea

        Gosh, I love pillows!  My mom made the one in the crib and on the glider and the two on the ground were purchased from Home Goods (as was the throw blanket you can see hanging on the glider) …

        The rugs are both from Ikea … the white is the Tejn Rug and the other is the Hulsig (which is a steal at only $12.99!) …

        I love how this wall collection came together!  The ‘hi’, ‘hello’ and ‘hi. I love you.’ signs all came from Hobby Lobby online, ‘believe’ was on clearance at Target and C is just a wooden letter from Michaels that I painted white.  ‘Oh My Deer’ and ‘Be Strong’ were also digital prints I purchased from Etsy and are displayed in a Silverhojden and Haverdal frames from Ikea.

        Also seen here: the changing pad is simply off of Amazon, the cover is by Danha (on Amazon), a Hiccapop Wipe Warmer, stuffed toy from Ikea, lamp base and shade from Target, and the monitor.

        For the changing table/dresser, I went with a Hemnes 8-Drawer dresser from Ikea, and it couldn’t be more perfect for our needs and the space available.

        In the dresser, I used a few different organizer units for diapers and clothes, including the SKUBB box set

        This mini crib is the perfect fit as well!  I didn’t even know there was such a thing but this little guy is the width of a standard pack-in-play and actually converts to a twin sized bed!  I purchased it … guess where … on Amazon!  It is a Dream On Me Aden Convertible Mini Crib, with a Dream On Me 5″ mattress.  The fitted sheet is actually standard size so my mom had to make it smaller, but it is from Living Textiles.  And my mom also made the crib skirt!  I purchased the material from Carousel Designs, and went with a very simple two panel design for the skirt.  That left enough fabric left from the 2 yards I purchased for my mom to also make 2 pillows.  🙂 

        (The elephant came from, I think, Ikea years and years ago… )

        After much contemplation over what to use for window coverings, I ended up deciding to just use curtains and I’m so glad I did!  I love the look and how this color works so well in the room.   We purchased 2 panels and split them in 2 so that each covering wasn’t too bulky in this small area.  Both the curtain panels and rods were purchased at Target.

        This kitty, loves this room.  I think because he’s so well color-coordinated. 

        Also … another feature in Connor’s nursery that he and I are both loving is this white noise machine by Dohm.  I remember from my days of photographing newborns that they just love white noise, and sure enough, Connor is super soothed by the sound this little device puts out. 

        Sweet, right?

        I was a little nervous about having the nursery so close to our room, thinking it would be super disruptive to Matt’s sleep if Connor is crying, but so far so good!  My hope is he can use this room for as long as he’s nursing, if not longer!

        Also, just 2 things have been adjusted since Little Dude arrived.  I had to move the pillows on the floor because this is where we put his Rock-n-Play Sleeper and I also added in a small, narrow side table where the Boppy is in the above photo.

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        As you may have guessed by my absence this week here on the blog, Littlest Dude is no longer in this big-ol belly of mine.  ♥

        So while it feels a little backwards to now share these 37 week maternity images, it also feels wrong not to.  I wanted to complete the project my sweet oldest boy and I set out on (add that to the long list of statements making me cry right now).  He was so dedicated to this project, these weekly maternity sessions, and I cherish that and the time we spent together even more than the documentation of my growing baby belly.  I will look at the collection of images and remember that as much as I will these last 11 Weeks of pregnancy with our 4th little boy.

        So, I promise to be introducing you to Littlest guy on Monday (or you can pop over to my Facebook page and get a sweet little glimpse of him there), but until then here are a few more photos taken during the last week of my pregnancy …


        37 weeks … full term.  That is an amazing feeling!


        I believe I ended at 150, about 29 pounds gained.


        Matt attended my weekly OB appointment, and my doctor told us that I was already 3cm.  Full disclosure here, she said my cervix was very stretchy, so once regular contractions kicked in labor and delivery would come soon after so I was to be super conscious of what my body was doing.  This was on Thursday, and she told me to keep her super informed because she was heading to the coast for the weekend and would make the 2 hour drive back as soon as contractions started.  I sooo didn’t want to have to interrupt her family trip, but she assured me that this is life for her and her family, so I was to let her know!  This news (of dilation) confirmed for Matt that he wouldn’t be heading out of town on Sunday (Father’s Day) to work.  Thank goodness!  😉

        Afterward, we went to my Non-Stress Test at the hospital, where Little Dude passed just fine.  They were so busy at the hospital with labors that they had me in the nursery and jokingly told me that that night would not be ideal to go into labor because I may not get a room!  As if I wasn’t anxious enough about when he’d be born (for the convenience of my doctor, photographer, family, etc) I never considered whether there would be room in Labor and Delivery …


        This last week of pregnancy actually felt great, considering.  I felt the end was nearing so like I said in the previous post I was focusing on time with the boys and that took my mind off of aches that come at this point.  Which, really weren’t all that bad … if I remember correctly.  Funny how memories of something so recent can sort of just vanish once your mind is shifted so dramatically to something else!

        I can’t say that I was feeling overly ready for this pregnancy to be over, but I was ready for the anticipation and wonder of when he’d arrive to be over.  I either had to have him, or stop thinking about it (stressing about it!).  I desperately wanted to get past the weekend because my doctor was going to be out of town and then I was planning on taking a castor oil shake on Tuesday to get things going.  Once Sunday morning came around and I knew my doctor would be back from her trip, suppose I let the stress go and began feeling a slight bit of peace that any day, Little Dude would be arriving.

        With that came lots of emotions for me about this pregnancy as a whole, remembering the ups and downs of it, and the likelihood that this will be my final one.  The feeling that I wasn’t ready to have it be over was a bit overwhelming.


        After the appointment when she told me I was 3 cm, the instinct to prep and nest seriously hit!  So mostly I hustled through finishing up odds and ends like the cards and scrapbook pages for the boys’ baseball team, leaving instructions for the boys about responsibilities when I went into labor, grocery shopping and a bit of meal planning, getting caught up on my maternity book and editing photos, reordering the correct size of Matt’s father’s day gift, taking the boys out to lunch, date night with Matt, cleaning, etc.

        That feels like a lifetime ago now…

        Thank you for continuing to visit and come along with us on this journey!  ♥  

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        • Kasey White - Congratulations! I immediately had to check out your FB page to see your sweet baby boy’s photo! He is precious and I love his name (I have a Connor, so I think it is a perfect name!). I am so impressed by your oldest son’s photography! I know you help him with settings, but he does such a great job! I need tips to help teach my oldest how to begin to take photos. I think it would be such a great hobby for him. I cannot wait to see more photos of your sweet baby! Congratulations again!ReplyCancel

        • Carol - Congratulations to you and your family! I saw that beautiful baby on Facebook. Can’t wait to see more as he grows. Your son is sure taking after his mama with those gorgeous photos!! How fun to have him be able to capture this time for you.ReplyCancel

        At nearly 38 weeks pregnant and 3cm dilated, it is a bit hard to think of anything other than when this baby is going to be born.  But my aunt gave me the reminder to soak in this last bit of time as a family of 5, so with a very conscious effort, I’ve been doing just that.  There is still life going on for these boys outside of anticipating a new little brother and though they are going about their day to day pretty regularly, I need to open my eyes to take it in … my thoughts can’t be “pregnancy!!” all the time (as hard as that is!).

        Kaden is having a blast being a 7-year-old boy climbing trees, chasing chickens, swinging on his swing, playing fetch with Charlie and playing Monster Legends on my tablet whenever he gets the chance.  😉 

        Gage is gearing up for his first experience at the 4-H State Shooting competition, where he’ll be competing in the traditional archery category… and playing baseball, creating science experiments/tricks, mowing the lawns and doing anything and everything he can to help me.  He’s seriously growing up before my eyes…

        Cooper has found a love for pitching in baseball!  So practice practice practice it is, and thankfully Matt is up for being his catcher … Like his brothers, he just wants to be outside all the time, and would be in the pond swimming at all times if it were warm enough yet. 

        We got out for a fun adventure to a trampoline park with our besties the other day, too.  It would be easy to give in and stay home nesting and getting every.last.thing.done, but dates like this and going out to lunch together can’t be put on the sidelines just yet.  ♥So here we are, trying to slowly and intentionally enjoy and make the most of this time together.  I’d be naive to think that things aren’t about to change soon, but obviously one thing that never will is the commitment and desire I have to make sure these three boys have a fabulous summer (childhood!) and that they always know their mama will see to it that they are cared for, nurtured and given the attention they need.  ♥

        Thank you for visiting and I hope you had a fabulous weekend! ♥

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        • Carol - Looks like a good time was had by all! How did you get the shots at the Trampoline Place to look so good? Usually those places have such awful lighting.

          Prayers for your continued happy pregnancy and safe labor and delivery!ReplyCancel

        Here are some final shots from our Memorial Day camping trip/archery 3-D shoot…

        The event went through Monday morning, but as the rest of our group was at the raffle drawing Sunday night, Matt and I agreed that it would be best if we packed up that night and headed back home.  I was beginning to feel anxious to be closer to the hospital (silly, in hindsight since I’m still very pregnant 2 weeks later) and there was the draw of having all of Monday to enjoy at home together.  It took some convincing for one little boy to get on board with leaving before originally planned but he came around and we made it home by 11pm.

        I think it took my body to recover from such an active weekend (See Here), but I wouldn’t change the weekend for anything.  Times like this, sharing a loved hobby/sport with our entire family, is such a gift and every archery shoot we go on turns out to be up there with our favorite memories.

        Enjoy your weekend, Friends!  Thank you for stopping by! ♥


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        • Penelope - I would love for my sons to take up archery. What bow brand is shown here? Thanks! Ps you look great!ReplyCancel

          • Lacey - Thank you, Penelope! <3 My husband actually made all of these bows that the boys and I are using. :) He took it up as a hobby, then a business, then stepped away from both... :)ReplyCancel

        • Chesha Oliver - You have such a beautiful life, Lacey! And I love how you capture it. Thinking of and praying for you in this home stretch. ❤️ReplyCancel

          • Lacey - Awe, thank you very much Chesha! I really appreciate your prayers! <3ReplyCancel

        More from our Memorial Day Camping/Traditional Archery weekend …

        I’m not sure what it is about waking up in a camping trailer, but I … we … love it. 

        Maybe because it is usually followed right by hot chocolate and hot coffee made my Papa! 

        And a cast-iron breakfast burrito made by Dad.

        And also because waking up in a camper means that it is the start of a day of adventuring outside, all day long.

        The boys participated in a ‘hay scramble’ where donated coins were tossed out into these piles of hay for them to find.  They stuck with it until the end and came out with quite a haul!

        Back to camp for a seated version of monkey-in-the-middle…

        And then dinner …

        … before more shooting …

        I can’t quite grasp that our first 3-D shoot was back when this dude spent the entire time on Matt’s back in a carrier.  Now, he’s leading the way from target to target, course to course….

        There were points when I felt a little crazy to be there being this pregnant.  But I felt the best when I was walking around on the courses, so I figured it was fine.  The comments from other attendees were fun … lots about having the baby on the course, carrying a basketball, and predicting that is is a boy.

        My favorite shot of the weekend, of my favorite guy …

        Back to camp again for Oregon Trail …

        … and some real-deal monkey-in-the-middle …

        And a little bit more to come … ♥

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        • Megan - You look great! Love the shot of you shooting! This whole event looks so neat. Glad y’all had a great trip!ReplyCancel