The boys and I (Matt wasn’t able to come (thank you very much crazy work schedule) ) went to Gig Harbor this past weekend to attend my cousin’s wedding.  She and I are only 6-months apart in age, so grew up quite close and that made this event all the more sentimental for me.  <3

The wedding was intimate and personal and down-right-lovely.  Breanne and so many others poured so much attention and thought into each detail … but at the same time, the wedding and reception was extremely relaxed and easy-flowing.  At least, it seemed like that to me. ;)

I couldn’t even handle how cute it was that Breanne’s dog, Brody, followed her down the aisle!  So fitting. :)

Breannie + Pierre…

The professional photographer didn’t stay for the reception, so I snuck in and went to it with my camera.  I’m by no means a ‘wedding’ photographer, but it was sure fun to photograph elements of a wedding!

My parents.  ♥

Then I handed the camera over to Gage …

Me and my cousin, Kjersten (the Bride’s sister).

My mom and sister-in-law, Erica.

My brother, Bart, and Erica.

Me and the Bride, Breanne.  ♥

The kiddos ate first …

Then it was our turn.  Breanne is quite the foodie, so this dinner that she and others (including her new Mother-in-Law) prepared was phenomenal!

Breanne, explaining the food …

The ever present, most perfect puppy ever, Ginger.

Digging out the clams for the waiting kiddos …

Breanne and Pierre’s pup, Brody. :)  I may have been encouraging him to do this. :D

Is there anything cuter than big guys drinking coffee out of dainty, antique tea-cups and crystal??

Cake time!

Yep, I think she knew what was coming …

Breanne’s new step-daughter, June …

Silly Lilly. :D

As the evening started to seem to wind down, the kiddos went to it with s’mores …

And then proceeded to keep running around the yard until we drug them inside to watch a bit of a movie while we took everything inside to be washed and cleaned up.  I loved that about this wedding.  It was comfortable.  It was apparent how many people love these two and just wanted to be a part of their day, both in help and in celebration.  It was a gorgeous wedding for two beautifully wonderful people.

Congratulations, Breannie + Pierre!  ♥

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  • Julie B. - What a lovely wedding! Kinda makes me want to get married all over again. (To my husband, of course. lol!) The groom cake is adorable.ReplyCancel

We’ve been here.  Just around, together.  Relaxing.  Spending hours off of the computer, off of electronics.  Spending hours at the pond, picking blueberries, floating on the water, having playdates, and soaking in summer.

I’ve been spending a lot of time without my camera in hand because the weight of photos I’ve taken over the past 6 months and have yet to print has gotten really heavy.  My camera has began feeling like a big burden …. photography in general has.  It has saddened me a little, but turns out, it is kind of nice to just take a break and slow down.     And hope that when I do pick up my camera I’m more thoughtful about it … deciding realistically if I need another set of photos of this or 10 photos of that.  

I hadn’t photographed my boys playing at the pond yet this summer, so I forced myself to go for it with some photos.   Though, go figure … Gage wasn’t even down at the pond with us!

To have a little fun with it, I started with the 24 1.4 …

And then switched to the 85 1.4 …

And then to make it even more fun, I tried out some B&W conversions … these are all the Casablanca preset from the Clickin Moms’ Cinema Set . 

Fishing for koi and crawdaddies …

So… we’re around, but then kind of not.  I’m not so much around the internet world or the photography world right now because I’ve had a hard time merging them with reality.  Both leave me in a bit of a fantasy world while real life is swirling around me.  It is so good to look up and away from the camera, the computer, the digital file, the one-dimensional and breathe in moments instead of stressing about freezing them.

It is hard to stay away completely, though … I’m just trying to get a better, healthier grasp on it all. :)

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  • Mom - I’m sure it helped cooling off at the pond!
    Yes, I missed “your posts” last week, but then I saw you “in person” over the weekend! :)
    XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

  • Colleen - Ok…that picture you led with was awesome…but then I look at all of these and could never pick one. What beautiful photos you have here!!! And even better that you have recorded only some of it, and spent the rest of your time living it. Hoping I too will find a good balance of this some day!! But in the meantime I love seeing your pics you do choose to take and post. Gorgeous stuff!!!ReplyCancel

  • Carol - When something you love becomes a burden then it is definitely time to take a break. There is nothing wrong with putting the camera down and just being.
    (although we all miss your photos!) These pond photos are again exquisitely beautiful. Is your pond man-made or natural? Great place for your boys to play with nature.ReplyCancel

Finally, part 5. :)

My boys graduated from the kayaks, to the stand-up paddle board…  

This was so fun to watch and capture with the Fisheye, especially because we finally had really clear water along the shore.

Crazy sky, huh?  Thankfully, it wasn’t from a fire (that we know of) … just the weird after effect (we figure) of all the smoke and haze from the fireworks let off the previous night.  And nope, I didn’t enhance the colors in Photoshop. ;)

Cooper had his turn on the paddle-board, and to my delight, headed out in the direction of the pretty ‘tan’ side of the water….

… before moving over into the blue side!

Back on dry land …

Matt began packing up the trailer and I realized I’d only walked down the beach one time.  I grabbed a handful of kiddos for one last sea-glass search.

Honestly, it wouldn’t have felt like a completed trip without seeing them walk on drift wood and climb on these rocks …

I feel sad all over again just looking at this last image I took, thinking about this being the last time I stood on this beach during this trip, and possibly until we return next year.  Yet another amazing trip to the Beach House to celebrate family, faith, freedom and the 4th of July.

Thanks for reliving it all with me over this past weeks’ shares!  ♥

Matt and I (and Charlie) headed home shortly after this walk, leaving the boys with my mom to enjoy a few more days with their cousins at the beach and then on my parents’ house for the rest of the week.  It took me a good few days to get out of the ‘after vacation funk’ and into enjoying my quiet time at home.   Eventually I got there, and now, with a Nerf gun war going on around me, I’m missing it just a little bit!  Hah!  


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Part 4, here we go!

Me, my brothers and our cousins …

My cousins, Anna, Noah, and Leah, down from Alaska…

Me and my guys …

My brother, Bart, and his wife, Erica, and boys, Gideon and Hank…

Me and my dad.  <3

More crabbing success!

And stand-up paddle-boarding success…

And my whole family …

And then my cousin, Kjersten and her family!

Then the big picnic was over, just like that …

But the fun wasn’t over … we moved on to hotdogs and s’mores on the fire …

Ooh, by the way …. Gage took these two images ….

Crab, please …

… and lots of other goodies …

Back to gaming.  This one is called Dalmuti and it was a good time. :)

And while we played some fireworks started on the beach which quickly drew the kiddo’s attention pretty immediately!

So as the sun went down, we stocked up for the campfire…


… and lit some sparklers. 

In the past few years, we’ve left the firework displays to our beach neighbors.  But this year, we had a pretty good one all on our own!

But the neighbors had us seriously oohing and awing, too …

With that, we said good-night to the 4th of July …

… and still a little bit more tomorrow!  <3

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    XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

Part 3, y’all!

A timeless beach activity … searching for little crabs under the rocks…

This suprised me … 1, that they both were okay going out all on their own, and 2, that I was okay with them going out all on their own.  But they loved it, and I loved that. ;)

We are gamers in the most traditional sense of the word.

Sweet kiddos!  My boys + my cousins’ kiddos and one of my cousins … Lilly, Coop, Doot, Sarah, Noah, Ava, Tado, Silas, and Taylor.  Not-a-single issue among them the whole time … and thanks to Noah’s entertainment and watchful eye, us adults were able to get in lots of visiting, relaxing and game-playing.  And very little worrying!

Lotsa lotsa crab eating … thanks to the guy on the end, Michael!

They did this back and forth, back and forth, hollering and laughing all the way.

ooh, sweet puppy.  Just before he climbed the hill, all on his own, to take a little nap.

Hi, Lilly. :)

Onto the s’mores and my cousin-in-law, Lydia’s, brilliant ideas for them … square marshmallows and chocolate graham crackers.  Yes, please.

Contrary to what this image suggests, they slept great.  I got up once in the early morning to try to pull them back onto the cushion but they were so asleep that I just pretty much left um.

Back on the water and onto the island.

And since it was the day of the big 4th of July picnic lots more people showed up, including my Uncle Lenny, who brought their dog, Bailey.  Who is Charlie’s niece, or something like that.  They got along so well!

I was awful at getting images during the picnic, and got just one of dessert.  :)

After all the eating slowed down, I took these two littles out on the kayak …

And got back in time for some hand-jive.  I should offer an award for anyone who can guess what Ryan and Lydia were talking about here. :D

The pair of these kiddos sure make each other laugh, and anyone around them who is listening to their laughter, laugh!

That’s service right there …. unloading the little bitty kiddos onto the beach, and picking up the next round of boaters.

My cousin, Jason …

Noah, giving his 2 aunties a ride back from the boat (my Auntie Christine, and my mom).

Cooper, working on the never ending job of clearing the Sound of its seaweed.

I can’t even begin to imagine Charlie’s joy over how happy Bailey was to play with him.

Possibly as happy as I was to be at the Beach House, but maybe even more. :)

More tomorrow!

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