This spot in my house is quite over-used for photos, I admit … but I continue to love it.  It is Gage’s ‘spot’ for doing school and the other day as I observed him sitting here, I remembered that I have a framed image of him in this spot, hanging on my “wall ‘o photos” going up our stairs.  So I ignored the voice in my head telling me that I over-use this spot and took a few photos anyway.  

And when he finished up his school work, we turned to Yahtzee.  This boy … he loves video games.  He’s beat Super Mario Bros more times than I even know and he whizzes through levels of whatever-other-games they have, too.  But he sure has a love of classic board games, too.

Which I’m grateful for, because I do too.

And, did you notice the Christmas Lights in the background?  Going on and off??  Weird, huh?  LEDs are strange little buggers.

Thank you, again, Interval Timer and tripod for proving my presence in my children’s lives.

Seriously, the internal interval timer is invaluable to my photography.  Just as invaluable as my gaming time with Doot is to our relationship. :)


Have a fabulous weekend! 



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We have been watching God’s healing hand at work and I continue to be amazed at what He has given our body’s the ability to recover from.  My sons from this illness that left this guy with a fever for 6 days and his brothers for 3.  A deer in the woods we have watched recover from a wound.  Someone we love dearly miraculously growing out of a life threatening allergy.  A co-worker of my husband sustaining life-threatening injuries in a work-related accident but is now in the process of healing.  My cousin from a repeat brain surgery.

From the common cold virus to a brain tumor, God can heal.  He can heal our bodies, He can heal our hearts and our souls.  He may give doctors the means to help, but it is all through Him. 

While I prayed through my boys’ illnesses this past week, I got really caught up in their physical health and how it was effecting our Christmas season.  Missing the fact that, while their health is so very important, I was neglecting to be thankful to God for the ever-lasting healing He has given us by sending Jesus as our Savior.  The whole reason for this season!  It is a healing that should guide our days, support our life choices, encourage us through our desperation, and give us the constant hope and assurance of our salvation.

Physical healing is amazing and so very appreciated.  I’ll never stop praying for it.  But the healing He has already given us through Jesus is infinity more critical and precious.  I need to remember that.  ♥

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  • Amy - lacey,
    This is beautiful and a lovely reminder of Gods work, something I need to remind myself of. I’ve been neglecting God in my worry about our own health struggles when in fact I should be turning to him. So thank you for this.

  • Mom - Precious photos and beautiful thoughts. Amen!
    XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

  • Auntie Dianne - Beautiful Lacey! Lindsay had her post radiation MRI today and we’re happy to report no tumor growth. Her neuro-oncologist was very pleased with how it looked. She’ll begin her double-dose chemo tomorrow night…again, praying it will have its affect without all the bad side effects!ReplyCancel

    • Lacey - Great news, Auntie Dianne! I’ll be watching your Facebook to see updates on how this next stage of her treatment is going. xo I’ll keep her in my prayers!ReplyCancel

  • Jolene - A beautiful post! Hope you are all well again. Have a wonderful Christmas!ReplyCancel

Typically, when the wind starts big-time blowing, we hunker down, search for flashlights and candles, get everyone showered, dishes cleaned, water-bottles filled, blog posts scheduled, images-in-process-of-editing saved, floors cleaned up, easy food options thought out, phones and tablet plugged in to quickly charge, etc.  All the fun stuff you think of when you just figure the power is going to go out.  Usually, these storms terrify me.  We’re surrounded by trees and wind blows trees over …

We don’t typically run outside into the wind.

But that’s what we did this time.  Matt had called earlier in the day to tell me of the storm that was coming (since he knows I never watch the news or have a clue about the impending weather until it strikes), so we went to town, got a few essentials and even new lanterns and batteries.    Shortly after we got home the wind picked up.

I’m not sure if my photos have ever really shown the ‘horseshoe’ position of the trees around our house and the open hayfield in front of it, but that combination makes for some crazy crazy wind when it blows up along the ridge into the foothills.  At any rate, the wind came and since it was warm and not raining, I told  them we’re  taking a break from our schoolwork and out we went.

This wind through the Straight-hairs’ corn-silky locks was a sight to see.

For whatever reason, we then went into the trees and watched the wind push up across the field.

I don’t know what he’s doing here, but sometimes pretty light trumps the story within the image. :D

The wind gusts took our breath away, and once branches started falling in the woods, we moved back out into the open.

The energizing properties of wind were in full effect with these boys.  The harder the wind blew, the more riled up they got. ;)

And when it isn’t exhilarating enough to feel the wind gusts on the ground, climb a tree.

But don’t just sit in the tree, dangle.

And let the wind blow through your hair. :)

The storm was a doozy but we didn’t get the worst of it.  We never even lost power!  But a lot of Portland did and Matt ended up working 36 hours straight to help in the efforts of getting those without power back up and running.  The joys (and excitement) of working for the power company. ;)

Typically, I’m terrified of our windstorms.  Typically, I stay inside and think about the worst that could happen.  But this time, we went out into the wind and let it take our breath away.   Surprisingly, it took our fear of it away, too. <3

7 days until Christmas friends … how are you spending this final week?  We’re spending it with fevers.  Boo!  I pray you and your families are healthy and enjoying this Christmas season!  xo

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  • Mom - That last photo of Tades is CRAZY!! :) Having been at your house during wind storms, I know it’s wild and LOUD! And I know I’d rather be in the field watching the wind blow the trees and NOT dangling from one!! :)
    I’m continually praying that God rests His healing hand upon your dear family.
    XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

Little did this guy know, but on this particular day, he was going to ride his bike without training wheels for the first time.  And his big brother was going to be capturing all of the attempts while it went down.  Doot and Big Curtis came through big time for us in getting these shots. ;)  I thought about trying with the tripod … okay, actually we did try with the tripod, but Kaden drove right toward it as the camera happily snapped away with the interval timer going and nearly plowed the whole set-up over.  Borrowed D810 and all.  Eek.

So, Doot took over and I couldn’t be more grateful.  I think I look ridiculous in these, but I totally don’t care.  It was an honor to be a part of this big moment for Kadey-Kade and these photos will remind me of that when I enviably forget how it all happened for my baby, the first time he rode without training wheels. 

And in case you’re curious, these were all taken in the Focus Tracking Mode (AF-C) and in High Burst mode (CH), which is so fun because when I scrolled quickly through the images in Lightroom it looked like I was watching video footage of his little feet pedaling and his big smiles (or worried expressions) appearing …

The funny thing about this set?  I encouraged him to give it a go on his own and it totally looks like he’s rocking it, but mostly these are just a result of a fast shutter speed capturing him in the split seconds when he was balancing. ;)

So …. more practice with me helping him get going. :)  Gladly.

I think I was excited, and a bit anxious by how close he was getting to Doot, who was crouched down shooting with a zoom, and therefore not really realizing how close Kaden was to him.

Fortunately, the little guy had already figured out how to turn.

I quite love this one…

… and this one.  He may be big enough to ride without training wheels but he’s not too big for me to scoop up whenever I want. ;)

We did try some with the 35mm, too, but they didn’t have the same effect as Big Curtis did.  But, this one shot totally gets me.

And because this brother was there, too, cheering Kaden on, helping keep Charlie out of the images, and having fun shooting at stumps, I had to include this shot, too. :)

This is totally just a side-note to my excitement over Kaden’s accomplishment (and Gage’s with handling Big Curty) …. but, have you been in any photos with your kiddos lately?  Portraits?  Day-to-day photos?  Please do.  They’ll be your favorites, and theirs too. ;)

Happy Monday, friends!  Thank you so much for starting your week with me! ♥

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  • Jolene - These are so good, Lacey! Your son did a great job at taking pictures! I definitely don’t have many photos with me in them. Guess I’ll have to try your advice :)ReplyCancel

  • Courtney - These are great! I’m so glad you handed the camera over b/c seeing your excitement was my favorite part. Way to go Kaden!ReplyCancel

  • Lindsey - Love seeing you in front of the camera! Kaden did an AWESOME job shooting!!ReplyCancel

  • Mom - What a happy boy, and what teamwork! I’m still smiling :)
    XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

  • Alice - So awesome! Loved seeing you in these shots! <3ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca - I LOVE These! He did such a good job! It TOTALY captures all the excitement of first time riding without training wheels… Both the excitement of the boy and mom. I’m so happy for you that you have these images!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy - These photos are true treasures! Not only are they beautiful but they tell a tale. I love that these photos capture the precious moments between the two of you. You look so excited and proud of Kaden and he looks so proud of his accomplishment. Very, very cool!ReplyCancel

  • erica - I love these!!!ReplyCancel

  • Maria - These are so great! I love watching your your expression as your little guy was achieving this wonderful milestone.ReplyCancel

    • Lacey - :) Thank you, Maria! Did you notice his expression as he started to veer off of the driveway?? LOL … he totally scared himself, but managed not to crash! ;)ReplyCancel