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Currently …

So, despite what my posts lately may suggest, life isn’t all baby-toes and baby-snuggles (though, those areView full post »

He Found His Feet

Ahh, he found his feet.  Something about this accomplishment is so exciting and comforting to me.  Like, now that heView full post »

This Love is Legit

I laid him here for a moment and he started to be interested in his toes and I thought he may have been on the verge ofView full post »

Connor at 5 Months

ConMan is now 5 months and full of joy, sweetness, and personality.  Currently he … saysView full post »

How I … (or we) Get Around

It took him awhile …  mostly it took him being turned outward … but he now enjoys the front pack quite aView full post »

How I … Get Computer Work Done with a Baby

Perhaps a new series … we’ll see … of “How I” do certain things with a baby.  It alwaysView full post »

The Best Kind of Pacie

I kept saying, “Connor’s just not a pacie-boys!”  His brothers were … they loved (LOVED!) theirView full post »

To Start off Your Week …

… with a smile!  I didn’t get into the real-deal looking clothes for my big boys until they could walk, andView full post »

Here, I Linger

The soundtrack of my days is basically this … as I’m sure it is for most mamas … the constantView full post »

Too Beautiful to Pass Up …

Anymore, I rarely feel the pull toward taking photos simply for the beautiful scene I’m seeing.  I used toView full post »

I Have a Confession to Make…

Shh… I don’t want my boys to know … Sometimes?  I hide out in Connor’s roomView full post »

Wordless Wednesday

… except, go ahead, and kiss your computer screen.  😉  You kind of wanted, too, right?? Happy Wednesday!  YouView full post »