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Crawling! (7 1/2 Months)

He wasn’t on the ‘verge’ of crawling for long.  His first ‘crawl’ was in Gage’sView full post »

On the Verge of Crawling …

As I type this, I can’t believe it was just so recently that I could say that Connor was on theView full post »

After Almost 8 Years of Blogging …

Happy Valentine’s Day!  ♥ I also wanted to let you know that after almost 8 years of blogging, with a nudge fromView full post »

The Best Playpen

Win-Win-Win, all around so far with this trampoline.  Now the boys have discovered that it is fun to bring Connor intoView full post »

Babies are Overwhelming … How I Deal

Honestly, some days I feel just a tad bit done with the hair pulling.  With the yelling in my ear, neediness, fussing,View full post »

Baby Meets Doggy … How Is He Not Afraid??

Have you seen the Amazon Prime commercial where the baby cries when she sees their Golden Retriever so the dad ordersView full post »

Word-less Wednesday

Maybe I should call these ‘Word-less’ Wednesday posts … I seem to not be able to totally leave outView full post »

I’m A Little Jealous of My Child …

I’m a little jealous of my child … At the time, I hadn’t realized how good it would be for Gage toView full post »

Our Sleep Training Experience (So Far)

Connor started out as a remarkable sleeper.  To the point that I had to wake him up to feed.  And, to the point that IView full post »

Free Your Mind and Body

I’m adoring having this trampoline.  I had a hunch that it would be great for these boys and I’m relievedView full post »

Connor, at 7 Months (And A Little ‘Sit’ Session!)

Connor at 7 months … What a month this has been!  Connor is bursting with development and has been changingView full post »

Wordless Wednesday {Some Black and White}

{And a few color…} You Might Also Like:The MumMum MilestoneWordless WednesdayBaby Meets Doggy ... How Is He NotView full post »