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Their Favorite Brother

“Can I hold Connor?” I hear this more in the day than I do, “I’m hungry”.  That’sView full post »

It’s So Much More Than Just Kicking a Ball

And oh, I’m trying to enjoy it.  I’m trying.  But what once was so relaxing (relaxing because I got to sitView full post »

How To Homeschool Boys Who’d Rather Be Building Forts All Day

As I geared up for our home school year to start, I listened to many lectures online to get me inspired and my mind inView full post »

The Many Faces of Connor (Part 2)

With as many sets of images I take of just Connor’s sweet little face and the expressions he makes, I think IView full post »

Goat Lovin’ (Just A Normal Part of Their Day)

I genuinely love that playing with goats is a normal part of my boys’ everyday… But I’m sure whoView full post »

Brief Snippets of Life

Just a little glimpse of the here and now. Of firewood… these are boys who jump at the chance to help their dadView full post »

The Many Faces of Connor

At soccer the other night … … I couldn’t help but notice how cute Connor’s outfit went withView full post »

One Infant Essential I’ve Never Done Without

Oh, baby gear … I tried very hard this time around to be super choosy when it came to which baby items IView full post »

How I’m (Still) Using Spiral Notebooks in our Home School

I find inspiration in a lot of places and for a lot of things, from recipes to photography to parenting to organizationView full post »

Our 2017-2018 Home School Curriculum (7th, 5th, and 2nd Grades)

I decided it was time to mix things up a little bit with our Home School curriculum.  Nothing too drastic … weView full post »

Wordless Wednesday

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My Favorite Sight (Breastfeeding Success!)

Nursing did not start out easy for us.  I thought it did, but I was wrong and we ended up with jaundice and no gainingView full post »