Connor, at 6 Months

        Half a year this little dude has been here.  Half a year!  Bonkers.

        At 6 months he …

        • No longer sleeps swaddled…
        • Sleeps in a Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit
        • Smiles generously!
        • Is still iffy about driving too long in the car.
        • Sits in the seat of the shopping cart!
        • Eats a wide variety of baby food and took to eating from a spoon like a champ.
        • No teeth yet!
        • Nurses about 5 times a day, and several times each night.  Boo.
        • Rolls and rolls, both directions.
        • Turns himself in a circle… then rolls over and over … this is how he gets from here to there.
        • LOVES the cats, but they don’t really give him the time of day.
        • Jumps and jumps and jumps in his jumperoo, but still also loves just hanging out in his bouncy seat.
        • Was in the 20th percentile for weight and 70th for height.
        • Wears 3-6 month clothes.
        • If it goes into his hand, it immediately then goes into his mouth.
        • Is still just the most immense joy to be around. Happy Friday, friends! I sure hope to be back on Monday with a post, and more regularly thereafter!  ♥

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        • Carol - He just couldn’t be any cuter! Love those baby toes!! <3ReplyCancel

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