He Found His Feet

Ahh, he found his feet.  Something about this accomplishment is so exciting and comforting to me.  Like, now that he found his toes he’ll never be bored.

Really though, in finding his feet, he’s discovered the means by which he’ll travel the world.  What will carry him through life and explore and experience the vastness of God’s creation … what will lift him up mountains, meander him along beaches, propel him through work days, and stabalize him to stand tall.

These feet, they are a big deal.  Someday they will take him through the day to day and on to enjoy amazing places, conquer big feats and serve where he is needed.  His sweet little feet that have never even touched dirt yet … oh the places they will go.

But today, at 5 months young, they are simply his favorite toy.

I hope you have a wonderful day!  Thank you, as always, for visiting.

Photography friends, the light source for these was a table lamp, laying on its side on my nightstand, pointed through the lamp shade at Connor.  It was about 3 feet from him and provided awesome shadows!  

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