Too Beautiful to Pass Up …

Anymore, I rarely feel the pull toward taking photos simply for the beautiful scene I’m seeing.  I used to … I used to see the light, the trees, the opportunity and the boys would rush to change their clothes to grant their mama the pleasure of making the shot happen.  Now, the photos are more so of just life, Connor’s ever changing self, and moments as they happen. Its sort of all I can muster, and I’m totally fine with that.

But on this morning, we all couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous sun rays beaming through the trees and the fog and almost as if they’d been trained to do so (hehe) the boys asked if I wanted to take photos.  I must have a specific ‘look’ that says “yes” because without saying a word they got the message and ran upstairs to don more suitable clothing than their pj’s.

It felt good to get outside and shoot for the beauty of the shot, not just for the memory… it felt a little freeing and needed.  I am thankful that this didn’t infect me with the desire to keep searching for the out-of-the box photo ops that I used to get consumed by, though.  Capturing life is where its at for me right now …  however, this was just too beautiful to pass up. 

… but I’m also thankful to know my boys are still happy to cooperate for the photo’s sake when the mood does strike!

Thank you so much for visiting!

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