I Have a Confession to Make…

        Shh… I don’t want my boys to know …

        Sometimes?  I hide out in Connor’s room ‘feeding’ him.  But really, I feed him, and let him fall asleep, and then I read… and read and read … because when I’m ‘feeding’ the baby, the boys all know to be hushy and keep the crazy at least 2 rooms away.  For an extra dose of goodness, I’ll even have the space heater going and a cup of coffee along side.

        If I could put a ‘sneaky giggle’ emoticon in here, I totally would.  😉 

        This room is my sanctuary and this quiet time, feeding and rocking my sleeping babe, is my sanity.  ♥

        Have a fabulous day, and thanks for visiting!

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        • Mom - LOL! I’ll never tell 🙂
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