Priceless Help {Life with a Newborn}

        I simply can’t imagine having gotten through these past 3 weeks without the priceless help of my mom.  She came down in the middle of the night the night Connor was born, stayed with us for 10 days and then took the big boys up to Washington with her for 10 more.  While she was here she did anything and everything I or the boys needed.  Meal prep, cleaning, emotional help, practicing archery with Gage, bedtime, groceries, driving to baseball, picking up an air conditioning unit, maintaining the boys’ day-to-day life by going along on their adventures, laundry, cuddling Connor, going with me to get Connor’s bilirubin checked… I mean, the list could go on and on.

        Then during their time in Washington, she took them to our family’s 4th of July celebration and camped with them for 5 days.  She took them swimming, spent time with family and took them to a Mariner’s game.  Then drove them all the way back down here in time for them to start Vacation Bible School.

        Saying ‘thank you’ for something like this feels so very inadequate.  I say ‘Thank you’ to the checker at the grocery store or to the guy who held the door open for me at the post office.  But to my mom, for giving up 3 weeks of her life to do everything she possibly could to make this transition into having a newborn again as manageable as possible for me, ‘thank you’ just doesn’t suffice.

        What do you say for such a priceless, cherished, needed and appreciated gift?

        Maybe just, “I couldn’t have done it without you and we miss you already!” …

        Thank you for visiting my blog, friends!  ♥

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        • Mom - Oh, sweet girl….I’d do it all again in a minute. That’s just want loving moms do. I miss you too.
          XO to my precious daughter.ReplyCancel

        • Megan - What an amazing mom you have!ReplyCancel

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