It Can’t Be Pregnancy All the Time …

At nearly 38 weeks pregnant and 3cm dilated, it is a bit hard to think of anything other than when this baby is going to be born.  But my aunt gave me the reminder to soak in this last bit of time as a family of 5, so with a very conscious effort, I’ve been doing just that.  There is still life going on for these boys outside of anticipating a new little brother and though they are going about their day to day pretty regularly, I need to open my eyes to take it in … my thoughts can’t be “pregnancy!!” all the time (as hard as that is!).

Kaden is having a blast being a 7-year-old boy climbing trees, chasing chickens, swinging on his swing, playing fetch with Charlie and playing Monster Legends on my tablet whenever he gets the chance.  😉 

Gage is gearing up for his first experience at the 4-H State Shooting competition, where he’ll be competing in the traditional archery category… and playing baseball, creating science experiments/tricks, mowing the lawns and doing anything and everything he can to help me.  He’s seriously growing up before my eyes…

Cooper has found a love for pitching in baseball!  So practice practice practice it is, and thankfully Matt is up for being his catcher … Like his brothers, he just wants to be outside all the time, and would be in the pond swimming at all times if it were warm enough yet. 

We got out for a fun adventure to a trampoline park with our besties the other day, too.  It would be easy to give in and stay home nesting and getting every.last.thing.done, but dates like this and going out to lunch together can’t be put on the sidelines just yet.  ♥So here we are, trying to slowly and intentionally enjoy and make the most of this time together.  I’d be naive to think that things aren’t about to change soon, but obviously one thing that never will is the commitment and desire I have to make sure these three boys have a fabulous summer (childhood!) and that they always know their mama will see to it that they are cared for, nurtured and given the attention they need.  ♥

Thank you for visiting and I hope you had a fabulous weekend! ♥

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  • Carol - Looks like a good time was had by all! How did you get the shots at the Trampoline Place to look so good? Usually those places have such awful lighting.

    Prayers for your continued happy pregnancy and safe labor and delivery!ReplyCancel

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