36 Week Baby Update

It got real now, here during our 36th week.  Appointments are picking up, contractions, baby’s growth … all increasing!

I’d feel excited about these images if they came from a professional photographer, so I feel really excited about them since they came from my 12-year-old.  ♥ 



Has It Gone Fast?

I feel like each week speeds by, but that all the emotional drama of the beginning of this pregnancy feels like forever ago.  If I take myself back there though, in my mind, those emotions are easy to revisit.


I had my regular OB appointment where she determined I was not dilated yet and that he has not dropped (despite everyone’s comments on how low he is).  I wasn’t able to have my last progestrone shot because the specialty pharmacy did not send it before my insurance’s preapproval expired … not that I was complaining, because they’ve been a pain in my rear week after week, but I hadn’t realized how much I was trusting those shots as my safety net.  Once I didn’t have that last one, a bit more panic set in that ‘any day now’ I could go into labor.  I don’t know how much truth there is to that but at any rate, it made the end even more in sight.  And I don’t know how I feel about that.

Right after that check-up, I headed over to the hospital across the street for a non-stress test.  This is where I will deliver, so it was great to get pre-registered and see the space when not in labor.  Then a nurse took me to my room, which I knew right away was the same room I’d delivered Kaden in and all sorts of emotions came rushing back and I was thankful to hold it together!  Even though she got a great heartbeat reading on Little Dude right away, he kept moving away from the sensor causing an unsatisfactory reading.  She figured he was OP (facing forward) making it a bit more challenging, too, to pick up a solid heartbeat for a longer stretch of time when he moves.  Like I’ve told you, he IS a mover, so I had to be there for an hour just to get 20 minutes of a consistent heart beat.  All the while, I was having contractions every 5 minutes.  For whatever reason, those contractions didn’t warrant more monitoring or sticking around longer and thankfully they spaced out and calmed down once I got home.

Other Events?

Our kitty Gus got a few gashes on his back left thigh this week that required a trip to the vet, 9 stitches and a 10 day round of antibiotics.  Poor dude!  It looks like maybe some talons got him?  We can’t be sure but we’re all so thankful he’s okay and that his recovery has been so much easier than I thought.  No cone of shame necessary and who knew it could be so simple to give a cat meds?

Also, we’re still plugging away with baseball!  The game on Friday was cancelled because of rain which I was just fine with … laying on the couch, watching Beauty and the Beast while it rained outside was much more appealing on that particular night!

Baby Purchases?

This week my MIL added the Diaper Champ to our checked off list and I purchased a cute and functional diaper bag/weekend tote on Amazon, and a little changing pad to go in it.  I feel pretty confident that I can say no more purchases are necessary for this little guy for now!


Nervous for labor.  Nervous for when it will happen and if our photographer will get there in time.  Nervous for if I’ll go all the way to 39 weeks and mess up my mom and boys’ plans for their 4th of July trip… nervous for all things that are totally out of my control.

I’m also feeling like I really want to stop being nervous and just enjoy this last stretch of pregnancy.  I still feel in awe of this process and by how into it the boys are and how excited Matt is.


Well, other than not procrastinating on getting little tasks done here and there, I’ve just been going about our day to day as if nothing is different.  Focusing on the boys, enjoying my time with them and Matt.  I have started researching how to encourage Little Dude to flip around to the anterior position vs the posterior position but I feel like he is still doing that periodically during the day.


Other than the immediate need for a banana and water right when I get up in the morning, my eating habits and needs feel the same as when I’m not pregnant.  Maybe even a bit lessened because I have less room in my stomach to store food.


Not much any more.  Sleeping in feels necessary and my hips are getting pretty achy so I’ve put my workouts aside.  I’m trying to stay upright and moving though!

Swelling? Stretch Marks? High Blood Pressure?

No and no and no, not yet.  ♥

Thank you for visiting and keeping up with our Baby Updates!  ♥

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  • Mom - Beautiful photos, Lacey. Congratulations, photographer Doot! And Lacey, don’t be nervous that you’ll mess up our 4th of July plans. Littlest Dude is the most important event of the summer. We are all flexible in our plans. No Worries! When I read you were researching about baby’s position, I wondered if Auntie Dianne would reply…and she did! 🙂
    XOXOXOXO to GCKC from GrammieReplyCancel

  • Nancy - Wow….beautiful photos! I always look forward to reading your posts and looking at your pictures…even they are ones you don’t take. 🙂 You are so blessed to be able to add to your family. What a wonderful gift. I hope you continue to feel well and that little guy hangs out a bit longer for you. Rest, rest and rest! Sending you good thoughts.

    • Lacey - Thank you very much, Nancy. That is really a wonderful compliment and I’m so glad you enjoy my posts! It is so hard to rest … as soon as I settle down I think of one more thing I should get up and do to make sure I get it done before he arrives! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Gretchen Willis - Hi Lacy! I had no idea you were having another baby. I’m not sure why this popped up in my facebook feed but I’m glad it did! You look so beautiful. Congratulations to you all. I look forward to reading more updates once your baby arrives!!ReplyCancel

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