Monthly Archives: June 2017

Our Tiny Nursery

I’m so excited to finally show you Connor’s nursery!  The space has, for the most part, been finished forView full post »

Week 37 Baby Update!

As you may have guessed by my absence this week here on the blog, Littlest Dude is no longer in this big-ol belly ofView full post »

It Can’t Be Pregnancy All the Time …

At nearly 38 weeks pregnant and 3cm dilated, it is a bit hard to think of anything other than when this baby is goingView full post »

One Last Hurrah (Take 3)

Here are some final shots from our Memorial Day camping trip/archery 3-D shoot… The event went through MondayView full post »

One Last Hurrah (Part 2)

More from our Memorial Day Camping/Traditional Archery weekend … I’m not sure what it is about waking up inView full post »

36 Week Baby Update

It got real now, here during our 36th week.  Appointments are picking up, contractions, baby’s growth … allView full post »

One Last Hurrah (A Memorial Day Camping Trip)

Okay, I know I probably shouldn’t refer to this little weekend get-away as ‘one last hurrah’ but itView full post »

Their Morning, Their Way

The other morning, I was on the back patio reading about boys.  I figure if I’m having another one I shouldView full post »

Week 35 Baby Update

35 Weeks … last week, when we hit 34, I had this feeling that we were nearing the end of this pregnancy.  AlmostView full post »

Taking My Thoughts Captive (Despite the Mouse in My House)

A mouse got into our house yesterday morning.  That’s what happens when a door doesn’t get latched and itView full post »

Alone Time. We All Need It.

Alone time.  We all need it.  Matt needs it generally right when he gets home from work.  I needed it for sure, atView full post »