Savoring It (32 Week Update)

When I was in this moment, enjoying my coffee and Bible reading on the front porch before the boys woke up I couldn’t help but think, “I’m going to miss this.”  My mind drifted to everything that I will miss once the baby is born.  Sleeping until rested.  Feeling rested.  Rising early to work-out.  Chunks of uninterrupted Mama-time.  Consistency.  Predictability.  Going to and fro without the necessary arsenal of stuff.  Bedtime actually being, bedtime.  You know, all the things that a mother gets to begin to enjoy when she’s in “Phase Two” of parenting.  It is by God’s grace that I’ve not become consumed by thoughts of what I will miss when we’re catapulted out of Phase Two, back to Phase One.

But then, thoughts of what I will miss from pregnancy came into my mind too, and though this hasn’t been the easiest in terms of anxiety and emotions, there are certainly parts I will miss.  The anticipation.  The belly.  The boys loving to watch him move and be in awe that that’s their little brother in there.  The built in coffee ledge.  The in-between.  The time to dream and imagine.

When I set up to take these photos, then, I figured I’d title this post “I’m going to miss this.”

But.   I figured a mindset shift is in order.  Instead of focusing on how much I’ll miss all of these things, I’ll focus on savoring them instead.  As much as us photographer-folk like to think we can, we cannot freeze time with our images.  As much as us mother-folk wish we could, we can not remain in the same season when all seems ‘good’ and a bit easier.  The best we can do is appreciate the amazing while we’re in it, learn equally from it and the struggles … savoring it all … and then take those lessons right along with us into the next season, or phase, that we’re transitioning into.

So that’s what I’m trying to do.  To be in the moment, savoring it rather than thinking about missing what’s still right in front of me.  But imagining all the while that, quite possibly, what is to come may actually be even better than what we’re savoring right now!



Baby’s size?

About 3 3/4 pounds and 16.7 inches long … and gaining about .5 a pound a week at this point.  Comparable to the size of a large jicama, in case that’s a familiar veggie to you!  I find it hard to grasp that he’s actually that small.  Baby Boy feels like he is mammoth already for how strong he is and how huge I look!

Weight gain?

2 pounds in 2 weeks, up to 143.  I guess I’m over not knowing my weight!


I had my regular OB appointment this week and all was well.  Blood pressure was 110/60, fine weight gain, measurements were right on, and my Dr told me that Little Dude’s hiccups are not a reliable indication that he may be pressing on his cord (as I mentioned last week).  She’s also happy with his movement, though it still amazes me!   He was moving all over the place while she measured and took his heart-rate, even kicking right into the doppler several times.  🙂

I tried to talk my way out of having the progesterone shot beyond 35 weeks but she wants to go to 36.  I have this fear that that will push me to 39-40 weeks, at which time she said I’d be induced because of my age.  As much as a quake at the thought of induction, I’m going to bite my tongue on that one and just go with whatever way gets my boy here safely.

Next appointment is at 34 weeks, and then I’ll start going in weekly!


As I said last week, I did go ahead and get some maternity jeans … I didn’t want to spend the money but with our ongoing rainy season it was that or leggings 100% of the time.  That being said, one of the pairs is going back and the other probably would be too, had I not already had them hemmed.  Darned things just don’t stay up, even with the belly band.  I think I ordered them too big, but still …  all I have to say is, ‘C’mon sun!  Let me wear shorts already!’

Events this week?

My sister-in-law and nephews came to visit, we hit up OMSI for the day, and had baseball practice in the glorious sun and then a rather pooy baseball game in the rain a few days later.  During our little stint of sunshine, I got some planting done (even though I said I wouldn’t be planting in my gardens this year!) and stayed outside as long as we possibly could.

Working out?

Yes, still each morning, though I sure did enjoy sleeping in while we had house-guests!

Aches and pains?

It is to be expected, I suppose, that some would be arising right about now?  Flipping over in bed is getting tougher, which I have to do often since the main ache I feel is from laying on one hip for too long.  I do also get fairly uncomfortable from the occasional contractions I have but knowing what they will feel like when labor hits makes it impossible to really complain about what they are now.  😉

Baby Purchases?

I ordered and received his carseat!  That feels mighty official, and responsible, considering we didn’t even have one yet when Kaden was born.

I also put together a little baby registry on Amazon for an upcoming baby shower and was amazed at how simple that was!  I remember spending hours in Babies R Us 12.5 years ago, actually getting to the point of crying I was so overwhelmed.  This time, SO.Much.Easier.

Other prepping?

I’ve been working on getting caught up on our family Blurb book and a maternity one, scheduling a hair appointment for early June,  getting Charlie groomed and talking over my mom’s comings and goings for the month of June (including how we’ll work out our yearly trip to the Beach House for the 4th of July).

Amazed by?

The fact that I still can’t wrap my head around there being a little bitty human growing in me.  Have I said that yet?  I’ve been here 4 times now, and yet, I cannot picture for the life of me that he’s a full-on-little-dude.  I think I’m in need of another ultrasound!

I’m also amazed by how responsive he is … even to just my thoughts.  I know it sounds bonkers, but there have been so many times that I just think, “How are you Little Guy?” and he immediately pushes something out or flips over.  He’s super responsive to any pressure put on my belly, too … tickling, rubbing, tapping, you name it.  So, consequently, the boys are pretty much constantly communicating with him.  😉

Happy Monday, Friends!  I hope you’re off to a fabulous week!

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  • Mom - Love your “savoring it” mindset….good for all of us to remember in all phases of life, and remembering that God is in control and He loves us.
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