33 Week Baby Update

When I first set out to do this weekly maternity series I made a little list of image ideas.  On that list was ‘working out’, which is easier said than done since I do my workout before Gage wakes up, and because it feels a little more “hey look at me” than the other maternity shots he’s taken.

But committing to physical fitness during this pregnancy has been super important to me and has definitely proven to be benefitial, so I had to grab at least a few to honor (and remember!) that.


Just made it through our 33rd week … in talking with my mom I learned there may be some confusion regarding that and these posts.  These basically reflect the past week, in this case of having been 33 weeks.  😉


Still, a lot of big kicks and rotations.  Sometimes to the point that it makes me feel woozy!  I can tell he’s still adjusting from head up to head down based on where I can feel his hiccups.  I have got to get his crazy acrobatics on video before he runs out of room because it.is.bonkers!  🙂  I so wish I could get a handle on what it is that I’m feeling when something presses out, completely distorting my belly.  Again, I think another ultrasound is in order.  😉


Happy.  Maybe it is the sun finally shining, the extra progesterone, school finishing up, or just how it should be … likely all of the above … but I just feel happy.  🙂  And really thankful.

Baby’s Size?

Apparently between 4.5 to 5 pounds now and about 17 inches long.


Shorts finally!  Warm, beautiful spring weather has finally broken through so shorts and tank tops it is!

Events this week?

Matt and the boys went on a man-venture over the weekend leaving me here for 2 quiet, peaceful days.  Even though they weren’t exactly roughing it, I was still not invited.  😉  I’m sure it was intended to give me time to relax, but I imagine it was also because I move pretty slow these days and they are all too sweet to leave me behind on walks and hikes … so they just actually left me behind.  Hah!  They had an incredible time and all jokes aside about not being invited, I’m SO thankful for their just boy time.  They get so much mama-time that when they get a chance to be with just Dad, we are all ALL for it.

And I did have a very relaxing, peaceful time, too.  Perhaps the last for quite some time once Little Guy arrives!


It varies.  But the other night I was awake for over an hour because of how boisterously he was moving around.  As soon as I’m up and walking around he stops, but as soon as I stop moving, his activity picks up.  This can make sleeping a challenge.  😉  I just figure it is getting me ready for the real-deal when I’m up throughout the night with him.


The only time I’d say I feel discomfort is still just when I first stand up after sitting or laying for a while.  If we go for longer walks I do have to help hold up the bottom of my belly so the pressure doesn’t get uncomfortable but that is certainly no big deal.


As I’ve mentioned before, the nursery is all set except for window treatments.  Normally this wouldn’t seem like a big deal but sweet boy’s room gets the most intense morning light streaming in all summer long, so I’m feeling like this is really something I need to figure out.  The room is so small though, that I don’t really want normal curtains, and the windows are so small that I have to special order any roller-shades or the like … so, I just keep not doing it.  Maybe he’ll just be sleeping in the Rock-n-Play in our bedroom for a while if I can’t get my act together!

One more week down!  Thank you for continuing on this journey with us! ♥

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