Week 29 Baby Update

29 Weeks!  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get merge together this week’s belly photos with family photos.  It was totally unintentional that we all coordinated so well on Easter… so unintentional in fact, that I didn’t even notice until we got home from church and finally saw the 5 of us together.   With a happy attitude and promise that it would only take a few minutes, I grabbed my gear and told them to meet me outside.  😉 

My intention was just a family photo, but when a chance is there to get a shot with my favorite guy, I never pass it up.  ♥

Measurement around?

Still about 39 inches, bare skin.  I think I must have measured around my shirt last week because I definitely feel like I’ve grown!

Baby’s size?

Probably about 15.7 inches long or so and about 3 pounds … a little larger than the typical 29 weeker.  We visited OMSI this week and viewed their baby exhibit and got to actually see a baby at 29 weeks gestation.  None of us could quite believe our little guy looks like that but I think it has helped all of us picture him a little more accurately now.


Progesterone Shot and Glucose Testing, which I have yet to hear back the results for.

This week’s activities?

We celebrated Easter and Matt, Gage and Cooper went to the annual 3-D shoot up in Washington that they do each April.  Kaden had the option to go, but opted to stay home with me knowing it would likely be his last chance to have a few days of Mama/Tado time.  It is unreal how quiet the house is with just him, and I wonder if this is what it will be like when Baby Boy is 7 and it is pretty much just him and me?

On that note…

I can’t shake the feeling that Baby Boy will need a sibling close to his age.  Just throwing that out there!


I’m still just loving maternity tanks from Target (Liz Lange) paired with a Lucy cardigan.  After resurrecting a maxi skirt to wear on Easter, though, I’m pretty sure I could live in these for the rest of my pregnancy!  So super comfy!

I did purchase some nursing bras and tanks from Target when Gage and I rolled through there last weekend (on search for jeans for Kaden that didn’t have holes in them).  Can you believe that I never had any actual nursing tops with any of my boys, even though I nursed for an average of about 20 months for each of them??  I guess it didn’t seem quite as necessary to be discrete when they were all so little, but now that they are older I do feel the need to go at it a bit more modestly.

I’m super excited to have a sleeping nursing bra, too, by the way.

I’ll be pairing those tops and bras with these fabulous nursing pads that my sister-in-law designed and created!


Not so well … still lots of flipping and flopping and the middle of the night run to the bathroom has begun.  Putting a little pillow between my knees does definitely help with the hip pain, though.

Belly button in or out?


Yes!  I cleaned out and organized our storage room yesterday and it felt so good!

Totally flat!  Sort of comically so!

Surprised by?

I have YET to have anyone ask me if this pregnancy was planned.  I have a planned response and everything, but no one has given me a chance to use it!  😉

Humored by?

EVERYONE’s reaction when I tell them we’re having another boy.  I love how everyone lets out a laugh … because it is of delight!  Then it is followed up by something really encouraging about what it takes to be a boy-mom or of how they know someone who ended up with 7+ boys or something like that.  These conversations have been really fun for me.  🙂

Thank you for visiting and keeping up with our adventure with this newest Little Guy! ♥

Also, for anyone wondering, Gage, Matt, and the tripod took these images with the 105mm 2.8 Macro.   I’d prefer to use the 70-200 for portraits but am too nervous to put it on my tripod.  So, out of my other long focal length lenses, the 105 is my sharpest which led me to go with it!

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  • Mom - Absolutely beautiful photos! Have you ever thought of becoming a maternity photographer?? I bet you’d be great! Just teasing 🙂 …..and then there’s always newborn photography too 🙂 🙂
    XOXOXOXO to GCKC from GrammieReplyCancel

  • Erica - Thanks for the fun update! We are all delighted here.
    Thank you for the honorable mention also! And…. maybe a 5th? Oh this is a fun post. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Carol - Stunning photos! I wondered what lens you used because the background almost looks like a painting. I shoot Canon and have the 100mm but have never used it for shots like yours. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your photos and knowledge!!ReplyCancel

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