A ‘Take Your Children to Work’ Day!

Matt’s job takes him all over the place and basically leaves the boys pointing at every substation we drive by saying, “There’s Dad’s work!”.   A few weeks back, though, his crew was setting a 100,000+ pound transformer at a yard pretty close to home so he popped the question and asked if we’d want to come out and watch the process.  Totally.  They see what I do at my “work” every day, day in and day out, so we were all excited for them to get a look at what Dad does in his day.  They don’t do as an extreme of an activity as this every day, but watching the process and seeing him in action made all of us feel more connected to how he spends a typical day.

We arrived when we were told and then waited.  😉  It isn’t a simple process to prep a ginormous crane and position a ginormous transformer with a ginormously long semi-truck + trailer.  Especially in the tight quarters they were working with…  So, we waited and watched and enjoyed the change of pace and scenery. 

That’s Matt through there in the bright yellow/green coat. 

During down moments in the process he’d come over and explain what was going on.  Like the need for them to be putting counterweights on the crane so it didn’t tip when hoisting up the transformer.

And in-between, we passed the time some more…

Finally, they lifted it and placed it down, and I just couldn’t even believe how smoothly and simply the entire process went considering what they were doing.  I’m more clumsy maneuvering my vacuum around the house than they were moving the 50 ton block of metal through a space just wide enough for it to fit and setting it down just perfectly in place! 

After they finished up, one of the guys from the crane company brought the boys hats and encouraged Matt to share the Cinnabons with us that he’d given to their crew.  Um, yes please.  😉

What a good way to mix up the school day by having a little ‘Take Your Children to Work’ day with Dad!

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  • Carol - What an awesome experience!! Matt could try to explain what he does but this was WAY better!! Great photos!ReplyCancel

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