At the Park in the Rain (and Loving It!)

I had to run to town for my weekly progesterone shot, with no other need to make the trip.  That doesn’t sit well when it is a 40 minute trip just for the drive, so I asked the boys if they’d like to come along and stop at the park on the way home.  It was overcast … had been for days (weeks?) and they were seriously lacking on outdoor crazy-time.  They jumped on it.  And it helped that they hadn’t played at this park for … maybe … a few years??

But once we got to town and got my shot, it was rainy.  Drizzly … not bad for Oregon. Instead of tucking our tails between our legs and scurrying home, we got hot chocolate and hit the park anyway.  We were the only ones there and I tell you what; our moods were high.  In the rain?  Yes, and this is not like me.  The boys’ energy didn’t surprise me, but their sheer joy and enthusiasm did a little bit.  And it was contagious because I got such a kick out of hanging out under the play structure when the rain really came down, watching them and being in awe of how big boys play so differently than bitty ones.

I remember having to help them up the slides, push them endlessly on the swings, hold their hand as they toddled through the wood chips and attempted to climb the ladders.

Then I remember watching  anxiously while they did it all on their own.

And now, on this trip, I laughed as they jumped off the highest peeks and swung upside down off the monkeybars and zipped down the wet poles and climbed the wrong way up the slide tube and swung so high on the sings that they were nearly parallel to the ground.  They had free reign to do whatever they wanted to do … no one else was there and no one was stopping them.  Their mama’s trusting eyes just watched on.

I suppose it is only natural for kids to grow up, though I don’t it isn’t quite as natural for mamas to appreciate that they do so I’m trying to soak it in in all its exhilarating glory.

Other than the presence of the yo-yos, so much about their play was the same as it has ever been.  Adventurous, fast, climbing and jumping.  But, just really amped up.  And with a lot less hand-holding.  ♥

Thank you for visiting, as always! 

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  • Megan - “They had free reign to do whatever they wanted to do … no one else was there and no one was stopping them. Their mama’s trusting eyes just watched on.”

    This made me smile! I’m the same way and love seeing my kids do non-traditional things at the playground. They normally only stop of someone else complains or asks them to quit.ReplyCancel

    • Lacey - 🙂 I love it, too, Megan! It is always so fun to see them be creative, and being creative is even possible in how they choose to play on the play structures at the park! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Mom - Oh, how I love to see those happy faces!
    XOXOXOXO to GCK? from GrammieReplyCancel

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