A Snowy Morning Adventure

        Happy first day of spring!  How about some snow photos??  😀

        What a sweet surprise it is for little kiddos to unexpectedly wake up to snow.  Not just the dusting we’d been getting, but a full on dumping!  This happened a few weeks ago, totally to all of our surprise (though the weatherman probably was forecasting it!).  Cooper woke early and was outside in it before the sun even came up and once his brothers woke we put our warm clothes on and joined him.  You all know I don’t love the snow, but more and more that’s just because it makes driving tricky.  My appreciation for it has grown as I’ve seen it through my boys’ eyes and since I didn’t have to drive anywhere and I already knew Matt had gotten to work safely, I was ready to embrace the snow on this day.   Camera in hand, and dressed as warm as I could get, I ventured out into it and savored how incredibly refreshing a morning in the snow can be.

        The boys started out by playing some football …

        … and Charlie rejoiced for the company and the snow by doing somersaults all over the yard. 

        After that happened, we took a walk up to the clear-cut above our house.  I’d never been up there after a heavy snow and the boys were excited I was finally feeling up to venturing up there.

        One got right into being a snow-animal; burrowing and crawling all over the place.

        The other climbed on everything he could and jumped off into the padding of the snow.  Over and over. 

        While this one battled the bright sun reflecting off the snow, waiting patiently to go back down to the house for some sledding. 

        100% pure delight, I tell you.  I couldn’t have pinpointed a time in recent months when I’d been so happy to be outside, watching the boys play.  ♥

        We made our way back to the house and grabbed the sled since the sun was coming out and we noticed a lot of dripping going on… sledding was a must before all the snow disappeared. 

        This guy, by the way, is so hysterical in the snow.  I think with all that fur, he’s finally comfortable when the temperatures dip to this degree.  He comes a live.  Unless the camera’s pointed at him, apparently.  Then he becomes quite the poser. 

        One more time down the hill before they deemed the sled broken … pants too soaked through for enjoyable play … and that it was time to go inside.   

        But, not without a few more tackles.

        Believe it or not, they both came up smiling.  We all came in the house smiling.  It was such a sweet time outside in the snow, and I’m so thankful I felt the draw to bring my camera because I look at these photos and the same refreshing feeling that hit me from the snowy air hits me all over again.  ♥

        I hope you have a wonderful week, friends!  Also,  if you plan on shooting out in the snow (those of you on the East Coast who I know are buried in it!) try out spot metering off of the snow to +2.  I did that throughout the morning, each time the light changed and that really simplified keeping my exposure the same. 🙂

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