Appreciating What They Do

        As my belly grows and the vague recollection of what it entails to have a newborn again means in our day to day life becomes a bit more clear, I am sure recognizing what a gift it is to have my boys be the awesome ages they are.  Not only that, but also for them to be so willing and able to help and hold their own responsibilities.  And even better yet, when those responsibilities are one’s I don’t particularly want to hold.  😉  Like, putting away laundry (I’m happy to sort, wash and fold it!), putting away the dishes (I’m usually cooking breakfast when this needs to be done), and heading out into the rain or freezing temps to feed the animals.  I can’t say there is never a grumble from one or two brothers, or a need for a reminder, but I’m certainly not grumbling about that because I’m too thankful. 

        And… I dare not say it at any more than a whisper for fear they will hear me and realize what they’ve committed to … they’ve even told me that they will change the baby’s diapers and sleep in its room when it gets a little older to help it sleep all night long.

        One even asked, “Mom, is it okay if I come in to the baby’s room in the morning when it wakes up to play with it, so you can get more sleep?”

        Um, yes, that would be just fine I think!

        Happy Tuesday, Friends!  ♥

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        • Mom - Ahhhh….so precious! Be still my heart. Lovely images, Lacey. 🙂
          XOXOXOXO to GCK? from GrammieReplyCancel

        • Sarah - That light is GORGEOUS!!ReplyCancel

        • Cheryl - I am so excited for you! I had my little number 5 blessing when my older children were 5,7,9 & 11. They were so helpful and so excited! You know when you and your husband laugh at the little things your children do, and the milestones they make? Well, you get to enjoy that on a whole new level; with your older children. I would worry about him getting left behind as the others grew up but he’s now 15 and he has the best relationship with his oldest brother, who is 26 and has been married for 5 years. God is so faithful and we don’t need to worry about any of the details. He is in control. I’m glad you are sharing this journey as I can relive the joys through you. Blessings, CherylReplyCancel

          • Lacey - Thank you for sharing your experience, Cheryl! It is always so great to hear the perspective from those who’ve been through similar experiences. 🙂ReplyCancel

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