They Bring the Wonder Back

I love how my boys, or children in general, bring the wonder back to things that we grow out of appreciating.  Like the wonder of a frozen pond.  We’d had weeks of sub-freezing temperatures, then snow, then more freezing temps so they were delighted to find that the pond was not only frozen to about 3 inches deep, but also had a layer of slushy snow on the top.  After our scare with Charlie a few years ago, I was super weary of letting them walk on it at all, but we compromised and they stayed were I knew the water was only about shin deep.  And bless Charlie’s heart, he minded my commands and stayed close to the edge as well (as much as he wanted to repeatedly run across!).

There is nothing quite like watching children enjoy something so simple yet really extraordinary … it pulled my mind out of the fog of anxiety of the what-ifs and back into the present of what is, here and now.  This was a fantastic, be-it-COLD, adventure.  ♥

Thank you for visiting and I hope your week gets off to a great start!  Photography friends, these were all taken with the Nikon 70-200.  This lens always wows me, which is perfect for when I’m trying to reconnect with photography.  😉 

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  • Mom - Ahhhhhh and Brrrrrrr 🙂
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  • Carol - Simply beautiful! So happy you share your God-given talent of photography with us!! He says not to hide your light!ReplyCancel

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