Refreshing for My Soul (Playing in the Snow)

        How about a little break from pregnancy talk?  We had a great bout with snow a few weeks back and the boys ventured out into it as much as they possibly could.  I finally felt the urge to go out with them, even bringing my camera, and it was refreshing for my soul to watch their abundance of carefree joy. 

        Here’s a tip for photography in the snow, friends … spot meter and set your custom white balance right off the snow!  You’ll meter to +2 off of a solid patch of snow and you’ll be good to go unless the sun pops out from behind the clouds … or through the thick overcast layer in our case (which it never did in our case!).   Once you’ve metered, use your custom white balance setting using a solid patch of snow to take your reference photo of.  Easy peasy as it comes in the metering world.  🙂

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        • Mom - Brrrr…I love the photos, but I get chilly just looking at them…but a happy chilly seeing those sweet, happy faces (and a silly GusGus).
          XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

        • Vanessa - what wonderful photos 🙂 can you tell us which lens you have used ?
          Thanks a lot !ReplyCancel

          • Lacey - Hi Vanessa! Thank you! I used the Nikon 70-200 for these. 🙂ReplyCancel

            • Chesha Oliver - Hi Lacey! Is the 70-200 the one you lovingly refer to as Big Curtis? I have the 24-70 on my wish list, but this is making me consider the 70-200. Just beautiful!ReplyCancel

              • Lacey - Awe, YES! This is Big Curtis, Chesha. 😉 It is certainly BIG, so I encourage you to try it out at a camera store before purchasing. I do love it because I can really stand back and shoot as I observe. This works for where we live and the adventuring my boys do. The 24-70 is fabulous for situations where you aren’t quite so spread out, you know? More in tight quarters, but then also want that bit of reach that 70mm can give you. So this is a very well-rounded lens while the 70-200 is a bit more limiting and specific, though AMAZING. It is my sharpest, most dependable lens for sure. 🙂ReplyCancel

                • Chesha Oliver - Thank you so much, Lacey. Your photos of your boys have been an inspiration to me the past few years, and so I truly appreciate your insight.

                  Also, I, too, suffered miscarriage before the birth of my boys and had similar feelings as you’ve had these past few months. Thank you for being so brave to share them, and know there are people out there like me who are praying for you & Matt, your boys, and your tiny babe too. xoxox

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