Pet Love is So Simple and So Good

        Just a few images of our critters…

        Each night, Milo tries to go to sleep on Kaden’s bed, but Kaden ushers him right back out.  He says he can’t fall asleep with all of Milo’s purring.  This kitty knows right when Kaden falls asleep though, because back up he goes, to the crook of Kaden’s legs, to claim his spot. 

        Animals seem so predictable, but I love it when they throw us for a loop.  When Charlie runs joyfully at Gus, and Gus just runs right back toward him, ready to play.  Or when Gus lays on the floor with Charlie and Kaden to cuddle, sleep, interact, whatever.  These animals surprise me with their behavior every day.

        One or both of the cats is still always present in the school room while we study.  Not as often in one of their arms at the table, though, now; because of their size.  So usually the boys join them on the floor at some point during their lessons.

        It still sort of amazes me how I look at this cat, or the other, and see such personality.  Such predictability in their weird behaviors.  Or just that it is predictable that they will have weird behaviors that keep us laughing and adoring our critters.

        Ever since G&C started opening the screenless windows to visit with Charlie during school   the windows continue to be opened during school for a number of reasons.  Mostly to drop magnetic things into the garden below and to then fish them back up with a long string of other magnetic things.  But on this day, the window was opened for Gus to get some fresh air so that he wouldn’t want to actually go outside and leave this boy’s side.

        Pet love is so good and so simple.  ♥

        Happy Wednesday, Friends!  Thank you for spending a moment of your day here!

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