It’s Birthday Time … Happy Day to the One Who Made Me a Mama!

        This is birthday week for us here at our house … Gage and Cooper had the same due date but both came early and only 6 days apart.  So the week between is birthday week.  Doot’s 11th birthday kicked it off ….

        … and getting older looks SO good on him.  As he gets older he’s recognizing his responsibilities and all that comes with being older, and enjoys what it means for him.  He enjoys growing in maturity, the extra trust and responsibilities he carries on his shoulders, and rather than it being a burden, it seems  to make him stand a little taller.

        He’d opened a gift first thing and it was a Lego set he’d been hoping for.  He dove right in to building it.  But when the light was beautiful outside and I quietly asked him if he’d be up for a little birthday photo shoot with me, he happily came with me.

        He speaks his Mama’s love language, very well.  ♥  He helps, cooperates, and participates not just because he is told to, not just because he knows it’ll please me and his dad, but because he genuinely wants to.  And that characteristic is one that is truly a gift.

        After we finished with our photos, he ran off to complete his morning chore of feeding the sheep, all the while singing the song he made up for them.  😉

        Happiest Birthday to my Doot.  If he keeps growing in awesomeness at the rate he is going, by the time he’s a young man, watch out.  😉


        Thank you for visiting!  ♥  Have a fabulous weekend!

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        • Carol - Wonderful young man–your good parenting shows. I would have a really hard time with these photos. I’d want to print each and every one and have them made into canvases or huge prints. It’s a good thing (well maybe not, sigh) I can’t take stunningly beautiful photographs like you!!!ReplyCancel

        • Mom - As I’ve viewed this b’day post of Doot for the past week, I smiled just thinking about the love that flows from this sweet boy to his Grammie. And that love flows right back to him. Ahhh… precious Doot – Happy Birthday!
          XO to you from GrammieReplyCancel

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