The Unexpected… poor Charlie.

Poor puppy Charlie.  🙁

On Friday I noticed a bump on his head and thought he either got stung or bonked by one of the sheep.  Fast forward to Monday morning and the entire right side of his face was so huge that he couldn’t open his eye and if you rested your hand on the space between his eye and ear you’d think your hand was resting on a softball.

We zipped him down to the vet and long story shortish, they discovered it was a ginormous abscess.  I’ll spare you the gory details but they took care of it.  Though I imagine he feels a lot better, he is not looking too good.  It took my breath away when I saw him walking out of the back of the vet and had to hold back tears.  All he wanted to do was play with the other dogs in the waiting room and had no idea that he looked as if a bottle of ketchup had a problem on his head.  But once we get the infection under control (and a good head-washing), Charles should be as good as new.

And then we can start his diet and exercise routine because big boy is 110 pounds.  Whoa.


Right now we’re covering him with as much love and compassion as his cone will allow, thankful that this was something “fixable”.

And also thankful that this happened now rather than when we’re gone on our Disneyland trip leaving my dad to have had to deal with.

Sweet, sweet Charlie.  ♥

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  • Mom - Oh, dear sweet Charlie. Sad and then happy tear came to my eyes. Charlie may not like the dieting, but I’m sure he’ll love exercising with his boys.
    Hugs to Charlie
    XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

  • Alice C. - Oh no! Poor Charlie! Hope he is doing all better <3ReplyCancel

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