Container Gardening

        One of my favorite aspects of gardening each year is creating my container gardens.  I use the same containers each year, most being 1/2 whiskey barrels and a few in galvanized barrels.  This, plus only changing out the top 1/3 or so of soil and also using a few perennials in each pot year after year, really helps save money!

        I love heading to our local nursery that specializes in hanging baskets and annuals and picking out the ‘thrillers’, ‘fillers’ and ‘spillers’ for each container …

        Some of the perenialls I use in the containers that get some water over the winter are, sedum, hosta, grass, mums, small ferns and coral bells.  And then pack in annuals such as Calibrachoas, Creeping Jenny, Bacopa, Geraniums, grasses, Creeping Charlie, and trailing Sweet Potato Vine.

        In this one on our back patio, we’re having a go at our first cherry tomato plant!  I took this image weeks ago, and now the plant is well over, and out of, the tomato cage!

        If you’re in my area, and are seeking gorgeous, full, hanging baskets, you have to check out Stoller Farms.  I go there every year and consider my hanging basket investment as my Mother’s Day gift to myself. 😀  Last year, my baskets lasted all the way to the end of October and I finally took them down when I got tired of watering.  😉

        In my front porch containers, I found great deals on a few perennials at Safeway and since I was ready to plant my containers, but most annuals weren’t doing anything yet, I went ahead and planted them.

        Since they have a shorter bloom-time than annuals, I just swapped them out with some new trailing plants (Bacopa and Calibrachoas) and a filler (Coleus) once the perennials lost their wow-factor.  It’s a win-win because now the perennials have a home in my garden!


        I love the punch of color and freshness that containers give to a hardscape in the garden, as well as the long lasting appeal of the annuals that just bloom and bloom and bloom.  This is the only place I plant annuals in my gardens, so the investment is small yet the reward is great!  ♥

        Happy Monday!

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        • Mom - Just beautiful, sweetgirl.
          XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

        • Haley - Beautiful, Lacey! I love the pops of color the yellow, pink, and purple flowers add!ReplyCancel

        • Jaque - Lacey, these are the most adorable container gardens! Walking around your house seems peaceful.
          I am a huge fan of your blog!
          Every time I read your posts full of text, I learn something from your story.
          Every time I see your terrific photos, I feel delighted.

          Your kids are adorable!
          Your life is inspiring.

          Thank you for sharing your story here.ReplyCancel

          • Lacey - Jaque, thank you!! What a wonderful comment to receive. I am so glad you find joy in visiting my blog … that is incredibly encouraging. <3ReplyCancel

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