All On His Own

        Kaden and his bike riding seems to be the story that is going on and on!  First I documented him trying to go without training wheels, then of them actually coming off, then of him really enjoying riding without them… but up until recently, he couldn’t get going on his little bike without us steadying him and giving him a push to get started.

        Until I was putsin’ around the yard and he said, “MOM, LOOK!” and there he was riding around the yard, getting going all on his own. 

        This makes me wonder why I ever stress about when some sort of progress will happen with my boys.  Like, “When will he figure out math?” or “When will he love to read?” or “When will he sleep through the night?” or “When will he tie his shoes?” or “When will he learn to hang up his clothes so they don’t slip immediately off of the hangers?” ….

        Our help and encouragement goes a long way, of course, but if I had a dollar for every time my boys took these leaps and just figured it out on their own I could probably treat myself to a pretty nice massage with all the money I’d earned!

        Now he’s even zipping down the gravel driveway.  Which is adding a bit of anxiety to my life and is making that massage sound pretty good!

        The saga of Kaden and his bikes continues, though, as we work on getting him more comfy riding his actual bigger guy bike without training wheels.  I’m sure that at some point, photos of that happening will be shared!  🙂

        Happy Monday!  Photography friends, these were taken with the 70-200mm and with utilizing my continuous tracking mode for focus (AF-C on a Nikon).  I lock focus on him and the focus shifts forward with him as he travels toward me.  Super handy!

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        • Stephanie George - Great pics. I really need to try out the continuous tracking mode!ReplyCancel

        • Mom - Sweet, sweet, sweet. I can’t wait to watch him ride his bike this weekend! What a doll!
          XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

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