A Photo-Op turned Bonding-Op

Several mornings in a row, I had observed how the sun would rise on the hill behind our house and filter through the smoke of the burn-piles creating an absolutely stunning scene.  The peak of the beauty was at 7:25 and only lasted a few minutes until the sun came up too high and became too harsh.  7:25 is early in this house … most mornings 2 out of three boys are still sleeping.  But I was secretly willing one of them to bounce happily out of bed one morning at 7:00, throw on a cute outfit and willingly trek up the hill with me.

That didn’t exactly happen… the one that did wake up early enough wasn’t about to get out of his jammies so soon after rolling out of bed.  The littlest guy {my most often photographed} slept and slept.  My oldest, most photography-compliant child came down the stairs at 7:18 and I reluctantly asked if he wanted to go up the hill to the clear-cut with me.  He glanced outside, saw the light, and agreed.  He quickly {that’s a relative word in our house, though, as nothing really ever happens quickly} put on some clothes and out we went.  Me still in my pj shorts + my Bog boots, Charlie bounding after us.

We go there at 7:30 and the sun was UP.  Too high.

The ‘magic’ was gone and I was reminded of how incredibly fast time really moves.   I apologized to him for making him come out with me when the light was no longer ideal and he said, “It’s okay, Mom.  It got me out here with just you for a little bit and I like that.”

The so-I-thought-failed-photo-op turned out to be something so much more important.  <3  A photo-op turned bonding-op.  Much better!

We dipped out of the clear-cut and back into our trees and I realized the light wasn’t “no longer ideal”.  It was just ideal in a different way, in a different location.  🙂  With different results than I’d set out for, but fun non-the-less.

I continue and continue and continue to remind myself to go with the flow of the circumstances I’m in and to get out of my head that my expectations are the only way to a happy ending.  Photography-wise and day-to-day-life-wise.   And I admit … some days, I feel weary and overwhelmed and I find it hard to smile or feel joy.  So I’m very grateful when God puts in front of me a moment when it is absolutely impossible not to. <3  I’m getting there, and happy, optimistic kiddos like this one definitely help.

Thank you for visiting! 

These were all taken with the 35 1.4 which I love to use for a broader look at the woods.  🙂

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  • Mom - Oh, the love between a boy and his dog. Just look at how happy Charlie is to have you both out there with him 🙂
    XOXOXO to GCK from Grammie
    Hugs to Charlie OscarReplyCancel

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