Authenticity in Photography (and Life) is Where It Is At.

        In the process of homeschooling and raising my boys, I have taught them many things.  I’ve helped open their eyes and their minds to concepts and methods and truths.  And it has been awesome each and every time.

        But my favorite is when they discover something on their own, be it knowledge or a passion that sparks which they independently pursue.  Like Gage with drawing.  He started out sketching is own ideas and now is working on sketching out photographs that I took. This is nothing that I suggested or put into his lap.   I have my hand on a lot of things in their young lives so it gives me such joy to watch them embrace what is just theirs.



        It is a little like watching an act of God that is so clearly JUST Him.  When no one else can possibly get glory for the success, healing or positive turn of events but God.  I see the pictures Doot is creating and I say, “That is ALL you, Buddy.”  And I see so much of God’s work in my life and I say, “That is ALL you, God.”

        And again, it is a little like coming upon a photo opportunity that is so simply perfect, needing none of my instruction, subject-shifting or lighting adjusting and I can truly say, “That was ALL you, Life.”  Authenticity is where it is at.  And I snap my shutter and in 1 fraction of a second reconfirm for myself why I love photography.

        I love to capture the real life passions and moments in this life that God has gifted me.  My photography has so very little to do with me and everything to do with the blessings, big and small, that fill my everyday.  The more instruction I give for the photos, the more planning and manipulating of the scene… the more the images become a reflection of me as the artist and less of a reflection of life.  I’ve realized this is simply not so much my cup of tea because I’m not a sculptor or a painter, I’m a documenter and an observer.  In response to a photo I’ve taken, I have no interest in saying, “That was ALL you, Lacey” … Yes, times will come when that artistic hand is necessary or fun to exercise, but my heart will never pitter patter for those photos the way it does for the completely authentic, naturally beautiful moment, captured.

        Thank goodness for Documentary Photography.  😉

        Happy Monday, friends. I hope your week has gotten off to a good start and just keeps getting better from here! <3 

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        • Auntie Dianne - I think that’s why I’d have a hard time be a portrait photographer. I took a Photoshop workshop over the weekend and was blown away by all the details most photographers mess with. I’m so glad with birth photography that I am just capturing and documenting a very special moment. Oh, sometimes I do have to edit things out…but we’ll leave that up to your imagination! 🙂ReplyCancel

        • Stephanie@LaDolceVita - Beautiful and so true. of late, I’ve seen some stunning photos, and then you read that the photographer pieced together three different photos and then further adjusted it. It is still beautiful art, but it is not authentic, and no one could truly have captured it. It still has beauty and value, but it isn’t real. Your photos are beautiful and real. Love them.ReplyCancel

        • Mom - Oh, sweet Doot. I just love his concentration. I’ve noticed lately that he’s becoming quite the conversationalist, and likes to describe things “in detail”! What a kick, this Mr. Decade!!
          XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

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