Bringing Your Child’s Art to Life (Budsie!)

        Could this idea be any more fun … turning your child’s art into a plush toy that will forever reflect their youthful creativity??  I love that idea, so obviously I was ecstatic when I company that does exactly that contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in having my boys try out their process.  The company is called Budsies, and I hope you know that I’m only sharing about how awesome they are because I truly believe it.

        They offered to let my boys send in two pieces of their hand-drawn art which would be then turned into a plush toy version of that art.  Picture after picture they drew and kept rejecting them as the ones they wanted to send in.  As I looked at what they drew, I saw intricate scenes were favorites of my older two.  But my youngest … his drawings were always primarily the same.  They were of him and his best friend, Ellie.  Standing by a tree, standing under a rainbow, standing by a house.  So, I suggested that the older two let Kaden do both drawings … one of him and one of Ellie.  And then Kaden said, “And I can give Ellie the doll of her!”  Perfect.  Game on.

        So he went to it and drew his version of him and Ellie. 

        Very much in the same way he has drawn the two of them over the past several months, which really drives home what I love about this idea.

        And, I love that he included a sun in the sky of Ellie’s image, and that he let his biggest brother draw a pretty flower in her hair.  🙂

        The ordering process couldn’t have been easier … I simply scanned the drawings and attached them to my online order.  But anyone can set up easy ordering …. the amazing amazing amazing part??  Is how much the plush toys truly look exactly like the drawings.  So fabulous.  The quality is also remarkable … we know this to be true because Charlie has gotten a hold of Kaden’s Budsie, which has also withstood many flips in the air initiated by a fling of his legs or arms.

        Anyway … after the Budsies arrived we surprised Ellie with hers.  Kaden (and Gage and Cooper) couldn’t wait!

        I can’t look at this smile without beaming.  These two kiddos… man, I love um.  And their Budsies … I adore those, too.

        Kaden’s relationship with his Budsie has become a bit ‘Toy Story-ish’.  He loves to bring him with us in the car, sit with him while he watches a show, tie his arms and legs together, and tuck him in to bed at night.  And there’s his little Budsie pal, smilin’ away.

        Honestly, if you have a child or grandchild who loves to draw, I can’t think of a better, more special gift than a chance to create a Budsie.  ♥

        Thank you for visiting!

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        • Lindsey P. - Lacey! These are AWESOME! I wish I had a kid so I had an excuse to order one! I love Kaden’s expressions as he’s drawing his Budsie! So cute! <3ReplyCancel

        • Courtney - These are ADORABLE! I love this idea and definitely need to look into it! Thanks!ReplyCancel

        • Kasey W. - So cute! My kids would love these. Kaden and Ellie remind me so much of my youngest, Kyle, and his best friend, Anna Liz. They even have similar features…Kyle is blond like Kaden and Anna Liz is brown headed like Ellie. Such cute besties!ReplyCancel

        • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita - SO cute! and I love the smile and anticipation on his little face as he waits for her to open – so sweet!!ReplyCancel

        • Jade - Cutest. Post. Ever <3ReplyCancel

        • Mom - SO cute! I love the look on Tade’s face when Ellie was opening her Budsie. The “four” of them look so cute together!
          XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

        • Alice C. - Oh my! That’s pretty much the cutest ever! Love it!ReplyCancel

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