The Rest {And a Happy Change of Scenery}

        I do enjoy photographing my family in our environment, but nothing pops me out of the ruts I trip into than going someplace different … getting a change of scenery.  I know that’s not original – I know it is a way most of us snap out of clutches of boredom.  If my boys say they’re bored, I’ll find a toy they haven’t played with for awhile.  If I’m bored with our dinners, I pull out a recipe from Pinterest that we loved, but haven’t had in awhile.  If I’m feeling bored with photography, we go away from home to a place we’ve visited before and enjoy.

        That’s what happened here.  I can always sense when my boys (and myself) are getting to our wits ends with being in the same place with the same people (each other!) for a day too long.  We’d hit that point and needed to spend the day away from home.  That’s why I was totally fine not rushing home after our oil change on this ‘Day of Portraits’ (also HERE, HERE, and HERE).  It was rejuvenating for all of us.  And simply photographing my boys on concrete rather than amongst the environment of the country, was just the change I needed to bump me out of the same-ol’-same-ol’ mundane I felt my self slipping into.

        That was a lot {a lot} of portraits.  😉  So, I guess I enjoy taking portraits more than I thought I do.  Hah!  But I know that the only reason my boys are as cooperative with the portrait process as they were is because I rarely put them through this.  And I still feel that nothing beats the image that captures the true relationships and emotion and behavior of our life.

        So, back to some of that soon.  🙂

        Thank you for being here … and thank you, too, if you’re a ‘fan’ on Facebook.  I hit 5000 yesterday and am as equally surprised as I am humbled by that.  ♥


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        • Mom - Oh my! How I adore these little boys! How can you ever choose what photos to print and frame!?! But I do need updated, 5X7, portrait-orientation photos for my frames at work! Can you make a CD for a loving Grammie? 🙂
          XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

        • Sarah - Hello! I absolutely love everything about what you stand for! And I love your photography 🙂 I was wondering what lens you used for these photos?ReplyCancel

          • Lacey - Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for your sweet words! <3 I really appreciate them. And how fun to have a reason to look back on these images ... I can't even believe what a change I see in each of the boys! I shot all of the images from this series with my 70-200mm 2.8. And probably most were at f/2.8. :) Thanks for asking!ReplyCancel

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