The Beach House {Day 3}

What a glorious view to start the day with, right??

After breakfast we headed right down to the beach.  And found a coconut.

And a bald eagle.

And my cousin (and her dog) in a kayak, which Charlie did not like one bit.

And neither did my cousin’s dog, so out she came.

But I thought she looked so peaceful out there, that Matt and I snagged the kayak and went out for a ride (a row?) ourselves.  Well, he rowed, I rode.

And this is the view back toward the little chunk of property.  The log cabin is the original building that my great-grandparents built.  The itty bitty grey-blue house (camera left) was my Grammie’s … the camper up there is my parent’s.  😀  And a few of those kiddos on the beach are mine.  😉

It is a little challenging (and risky) to try to turn around in a kayak, but I had to get a shot of my rower.

After we got back, I sat down to an extensive game of Phase 10.  We started out by the water, but then it started raining and we took it under the tents.  And proceeded to play for several hours.  Until my cousin, Kjersten, won.  😀

But there were many breaks for photo ops …

And for eating my dad’s homemade Chocolate-Coconut Ice-cream.  It would be mean of me to describe how delicious it was.

But I think that this guy’s face says it all.

His legs got too hot from the fire.  😉

Homemade Ice-cream to Homemade Chili, courtesy of my husband.  Almost as good as the ice-cream.  😉

If you can believe it, one of the highlights of this trip was seeing Ginger plunge into the water after Charlie like it was the most natural thing to do.  Except, she doesn’t DO water.  And she bolted back out obviously wondering what in the heck she just did!  And then ran at full speed around the grass like she was a new woman.  😉  I laughed ridiculously hard about it.

The evening ended with the kiddos on body boards …

… and Matt and I taking Kaden out for a ride in the kayak (thanks to my mom for taking some photos with my camera for me!).

And my photo taking ended there.  😉  The next morning (Sunday) we walked the beach, packed up the trailer and said sad goodbyes to everyone.   Matt and I left the boys with my mom and dad for the week that followed and our drive and time together at home may very well have been as peaceful as this last kayak ride looks.   July 3 – 13 will likely be my favorite stretch of the summer!  😀

Thank you, as always, for coming along on our vacation with us by visiting my blog!  Have a wonderful weekend!  xoxo

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  • Jennifer B - As always, BEAUTIFUL images! I love the images shot from out on the water. 🙂 What a great experience!ReplyCancel

    • Lacey - 🙂 Thanks, Jennifer! It was unique to be able to take photos out on the water, and a bit nerve-wracking! 😉ReplyCancel

  • shayla vokey - Hi 🙂
    I was wondering, when you go out on the kayak, do you have your camera in a waterproof case of some type?ReplyCancel

    • Lacey - Hi Shayla! Funny you should ask … 😀 I tried to! I took my camera out in a big ziploc, but the first time I took my camera out of it to take a photo, the bag flew off my lap into the water. We retrieved it, but it was wet, and no longer going to keep my camera dry! So I just felt confident in my husband’s calm rowing skills and was thankful I had insurance and the thought to put in an empty memory card (not the one with days worth of images) before heading out. It was risky and maybe not the smartest move, but thankfully, all was well. 😉ReplyCancel

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