Their Last Swim Lesson {And Soaking Up the Sun}

        It is crazy to me how even though the days are getting longer, I feel like I get so much less done.  The sun is actually out and that means only one thing to me.  Being out.side.  And wanting to be outside from sunup to sundown really challenges my self-discipline when it comes to getting anything done inside.  Like schooling, editing, blogging, bathing, cleaning, cooking, anything computer related, sleeping, resting, eating … etc.   Even right now, at 7:23am, my house is still sleeping, I’m blogging, but the sun is calling and I am itching to get outside and start watering, weeding, planning, breathing, listening, enjoying.  As soon as the dry weather sets in, the outdoor projects explode and once I (we) get these projects going, the energizer bunny in me has a one track mind.   I’m trading in my space-heater and screen-time for my gardening gloves and sun-screen.

        My boys (every last one of them) share my sentiment, which further enables me to lighten our indoor load and just be outside.  This is great, but still, responsibilities of the indoors still call.  Anyway, I’ll get it worked out but I do hope you’ll stick with me if I don’t post every day.  😉  It’ll just mean I’ve been outside.  <3

        Thankfully, our weeknight evenings have freed up just in time for this weather to come.  We’ve finished up with swim lessons and even while we were there, Kaden soaked up what sun he could.

        Since it was their last lesson, it was mostly just fun and games…

        They’ll be putting these lessons to good use in our pond before we know it!  And when that time comes, I may only be coming inside to sleep!  😉

        Thanks for visiting!  <3  I hope your weekend was great and that your week has gotten off to a wonderful start!

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        • Mom - It’s great to see G&C so comfortable in the water 🙂 What fun for the summer! Sweet photos 🙂 I’ll be okay that you’re not posting every day…knowing you’re outside enjoying your home and sweet boys. I’ll just “enjoy” past posts.
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