Our Last Snow-day … Making it Count

Matt was out of town for work during most of our snow-days, and came back with a nasty cold … so “playing” in the snow for him was out of the question.  Er … so I thought!  Leave it to him to think of something to take ‘playing’ to the next level.  😉

The weather was warming up fast, and the snow wasn’t going to stick around, so I’m really glad these guys made our last snow-day count.

*Before you look … know that he was going pretty slow, they were pretty far back from the truck, I trust Matt with my life, and there was no traffic in the hayfield to contend with.  😀

This is sledding, country-boy-style…

I’m not sure who had more fun, the boys sledding or the boy throwing snowballs at his brothers while they sledded…

The biggest threat in all this sledding was the dog chasing the sled and trying to jump on for a ride of his own …

… so he was put on restrictions by means of Matt’s snow-tire-chain.  No worries … he was totally fine and I hung out by him so he wasn’t too sad.  😉

Evidently, I like the look of the fog and clouds filtering through these trees, because I just realized that I posted one very similar 2 days ago!  🙂

After the truck-fun was done, they tried sledding down one of Matt’s bike jumps, but the snow was just not cooperating anymore …

So they settled for a little snow-ball fight …

And the littlest guy won.  😉

When I type this, the snow is now completely gone …. replaced with rain, saturated ground, wind, and loads of mud.  Boo.  And our fun has been replaced with colds, coughs, and fevers.  Double Boo.   The combination of the snow-days and our sick-days kept me home for 12 days straight (the boys are currently going on 13 days).  I will not Boo to that … that I don’t mind being stuck at home one bit!   😉

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Weekend!  We’ll just be here, trying to get well!  

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  • Mom - Oh, that Matt!!! What fun for EVERYONE 🙂 I pray that God’s healing hand rests on your dear family.
    XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

  • Ashley - We use to do this when I was younger with four wheelers! A friend’s dad had one and we would sled down the hill, then he would come get us and pull us back up the (really steep and awesome for sledding) hill 🙂 Wish we would have actually gotten snow here instead of the ice that shut everything down!

    I also just bought your BO session 🙂 So excited to get into it!!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Ross - Every time I see your boys doing something really “boyish” i think of my own little boy who i know would LOVED to be sledding on the back of daddys truck! These pics are amazing! I love how happy the boys look and i really love the trees and fog pic – just beautiful!
    I hope your all feeling better soon and im with you! I love being “stuck at home” 😉ReplyCancel

    • Lacey - Thank you, Amanda! I think we’re slowly on the mend. 🙂ReplyCancel

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