I Keep Asking Him to Stay Little

        I keep asking Kaden, to please stop growing up so fast.  But he tells me he can’t … that Jesus just keeps making him get bigger and bigger.

        I’m sure it is just because he’s my littlest.  With his big brothers, there was obviously a little one coming up behind them so the big guy things they were doing were really appreciated and exciting!  But with Tado … sigh … I just want to hold onto his littleness for a little bit longer because being little is so simple and pure and so many challenges come up as they get older.  I’m already seeing that with his brothers.  So I just want to linger, and hold onto him being little.

        He’s naturally moving into more independence, which I know is great and a lot of the time I do get excited about it.  But when I find him getting his own milk (granted, still in a sippy cup!) …

        … or picking out his own before-bed snack ….

        … or getting the vacuum cleaner on his own and vacuuming the laundry room without being asked …

        … I smile, but my heart aches a little.  Or a lot.

        He does still climb into my bed almost every morning for snuggles, and prefers to sit on my lap while I work on the computer.  He cries for me when he’s hurt or scared, and often reaches up his arms for me to carry him around during the day.   All the while giving me chances to kiss his little neck, smell his sweet little-guy smell, rub my cheek on his corn-silk hair, and feel the tickle on my back while his still-chunky hannies dangle around my shoulders.   And that is when I always ask him to stop growing up so fast.  And that is always when he tells me that he can’t.

        And that is always when we both hold onto each other a little bit tighter.

        I hope you have an amazing weekend … xoxo

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        • Mom - Oh, sweet, precious, little Tado. When he says Grammie instead of Gammie, I’ll know he’s growing up!
          XO to Tado from Gammie
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