Charlie Just Couldn’t Get Enough …

I’m fairly certain Charlie thought that the snow was created as one big play thing, just for him.  Even when it was coming down heavily, if he wasn’t jumping for the flakes or running around the yard at full speed, he was just laying in it.  His polar bear fur obviously was doing the trick for keeping him warm because he didn’t seem to mind it one bit!

He enjoyed playing in the snow so much, he didn’t want the fun to end after we called it a day …

I heard a rumbling sound outside, looked out the window and saw Charlie dragging the sled out of the carport, across the walkway, onto the lawn, where he proceeded to pull it back and forth across the lawn over and over again.  🙂

As much as he would act like he wanted to come inside and snuggle and be warm, this dog really just wanted to be in the snow… as soon as I’d let him in, he’d stare out the window, obviously longing to jump, and leap, and roll in the snow.   So I’d let him back out, and that’s exactly what he’d do.

I continue to think he’s the goofiest pup there ever was.  🙂

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  • Eve - He is seriously such a sweet dog! Loved the pictures…and his goofiness. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Mom - Oh, Charlie-Barley! He’s a cross between a polar bear and a sled dog! Too funny. Now do you think he’ll understand when you’re out on the patio having a picnic this summer that he won’t be able to sit on top of the table?? 🙂 and what a face!!
    Hugs to my grandpuppy
    XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

  • Amanda - This doggy never seems to fail to make me laugh! Oh hes a hoot! Love the ones of him sitting on the table haha 🙂ReplyCancel

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