He’s Growing On Me…

        Charlie has been a long time to grow on me.  About 6 months to be exact.  We went through the peeing in the house, digging in my gardens, biting/nibbling on the boys, wrestling too hard, putting holes in their clothes, and so on and so on…

        He’s still pooping in the yard, running off to the barn and not coming back until I hike down there and drag him back by the collar, trying to get into the chicken coop to get the scraps we give them, chasing the occasional chicken (grr… he just did this this morning and my heart is still racing!), wrestling the boys, chewing on toys that aren’t his, standing up on the patio door begging to come in, wanting to play with our not-so-social 14-year-old cat, and eating the tops off of all of our pumpkins.  Every night, he tries to sleep under the boys’ beds and I literally have to drag him out.  And carry him down the stairs because he refuses to be away from his boys.

        *sigh*  He’s just a tad exhausting.

        We’re not totally there yet with this puppy, but I remind myself of that everyday … he’s still a puppy.  And despite the shenanigans he gets into everyday, he is growing on me.  Enough to where I’m willing to bathe him once a week so he can keep coming inside.  😉


        With the way he loves my boys, it is hard to not love him.   He completely thinks that he is one of them… or that they are one of him, I’m not sure.

        That crazy polar bear mut is ours, and these boys are unmistakably his.  I suppose we all are… even though he pees on Matt every time he touches him.  Ha!

        Never a dull moment with all these boys, and Charlie is no exception!


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        • Michelle C. - Oh my gosh, so adorable!! He looks so soft. I want to come up there and wrestle with him myself!ReplyCancel

          • Lacey - Haha! You’re welcome to, Michelle! 🙂 He would love it … he is just a big ball of love. 🙂ReplyCancel

        • Mom - Oh, Charlie Oscar Meyers! What a puppy!! Your photos are beautiful with the sun shining through the maple leaves. Nice 🙂
          XOXOXO to GCK from Grammie
          Hugs to CharlieReplyCancel

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