It is so fun for me to watch how much of a do-it-yourselfer my husband is.  He’s handy, and creative, and doesn’t like to be bored.  Which leads him to always need a project going on.  Sounds like someone else I’ve recently posted about, huh?  😉  One of his creative endeavors is home-brewing.  Even  though I’m not a fan of beer, it’s still a pretty fascinating process to watch, from start to end.

Rather than bottling his last batch, he put it in a keg … I came upon him checking on his set-up and had to capture him.  😉

Then for the taste testing … and, foam observing?? I don’t know the technical terms of beer stuff.  😉

While he did that, I found G being creative with his time, playing with a quarter.  I think all of you mama’s can understand my joy whenever my kids quietly, cleanly, and creatively occupy their time, without any assistance or guidance from me.  😉

Back to the beer …

I may not love it (or even like it) but I sure love it’s brewer.  And I really enjoy his appreciation for the craft and the focus and dedication he gives to anything he sets his mind to.  He’s never just about the finished product … each step of anything he is doing has value and reward.  Whether he’s stirring the concoction for an hour over the hot stove or taking the first cold sip of the brew, he’s in the moment, and I admire him so much for that.


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  • Mom - No, I’ve never been a beer fan, but I’m a fan of Matt’s 🙂
    …and of sweet Doot! Have a great day, sweetpea.
    XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

  • Michelle C. - Hahah! Matt looks so determined with that keg! What a fun memory to capture! 🙂ReplyCancel

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