Kaden, Even Briefer

        Is “briefer” a word?

        Anyway, this sums up why I’m not blogging as much lately.  Or as interestingly.

        That’s all.  🙂

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        • Michelle - Hahha! That is so funny! What a little spit-fire! 🙂ReplyCancel

        • Mom - Very cute play on words 🙂 Too funny and too precious!!
          XO to little Tado from “MiMi”
          XOXO to G&C from GrammieReplyCancel

        • Marcia - Brings back memories.ReplyCancel

        • megan - Haha! This is totally my son each night before his bath 🙂ReplyCancel

        • Megan Cieloha - So darn cute. The comp is really interesting and makes the image feel so unexpected and playful!ReplyCancel

        • Colleen - i’m thinking its “lack of briefs”! Hahahaha! What a great picture. Love it!ReplyCancel

        • Gretchen Willis - So stinkin’ cute. Are you potty training? I need to do that with my youngest…ReplyCancel

        • Stacey Haslem - Love. It speaks to me as a mommy!ReplyCancel

        • Ashley Spaulding - This is awesome, Lacey…love it! I love how he’s such a small part in the frame, but he’s still such the focus of the image.ReplyCancel

        • heidi - Lol! :)I think Jude is ready, but I need to tidy up the house before chasing the nakey!ReplyCancel

        • Amy Lucy - Oh my goodness, this is so adorable! What a happy moment you captured.ReplyCancel

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